Relationships as spritual practice

Spiritual practice is about entering into love – not personal love or meeting the one, but being love. Our relationships play a powerful part in our spiritual awakening. They show us the unhealed aspects of the personality and motivate us in our search for joy.

Karmic agreements are typically set up as opposing forces – the outgoing personality with an introvert, fiscally responsible with a shopaholic, promiscuous with sexually repressed, etc. This Yin and Yang duality allows us to learn from one another, to expand points of view and try new experiences until we find balance or run in the other direction.

We are each responsible for our own joy. Relationships are not about raking away someone else’s unhappiness or expecting another to fill some void within us. Rather, they allow us to see our fears, expectations and judgments more clearly. Should a challenge arise within any relationship – family, friends, lovers, co-workers, even a brief interlude with a stranger – see how quickly you can find the lesson or the gift within it. Silently bless the person for bringing unhealed pain to the surface and then consciously enter into the realm of spiritual practice. Everything is an opportunity to awaken.

Live in love. Do your work. Make an end of your sorrows. ~ Buddha ~

What we seek most from others is the very thing they find hardest to give. Acceptance creates a space in which transformation can occur and in order to move into acceptance, we must first love and accept ourselves. Then it becomes easy to allow those we love the space in experience their own awakening.

Today my intention is to bless those who have graced my life with their presence. I am honored to receive the gifts of love and awakening that have unfolded each step of the way.

Take responsibility for your own joy

Blaming is a defense mechanism. When we allow the ego to replay a particular story, it becomes our perception of truth and distracts us from addressing the core of our pain where it truly resides – within us.

The spiritual seeker takes full responsibility for their own consciousness and when we release the need for blame, it becomes much easier to create transformation in our lives. It’s very empowering to discover that the ability to heal comes from within, and that it can never be taken from you.

Every moment offers a choice. We can cling to the stories of the past or embrace a new way of being. We can fight against what is or accept what is. Periodically take a moment to observe how you feel – are you at ease with where you are and what you are choosing to do, or is there something keeping you from your natural state of joy? If you find that you are out of balance, first recognize that you can choose differently, notice the timbre of your thoughts and ensure that they support what you wish to create. Then, take one powerful and conscious step forward. The change will come.

Be committed at attaining wisdom. Knowledge is a by-product of the ego – understanding the whys and how and forming theories about the truth; however, wisdom is the spontaneous awakening of your heart and the discovery of truth itself.

Today my intention is to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity.

Nurture the seeds of awakening

It’s time to think big. What do you want to create in your life? Many times we set ourselves up with limitation from the onset when implementing new plans and desires. We say that we seek Wholeness and then simultaneously sabotage our awakening by thinking that freedom and peace are something that will be attained at some future point, rather than be experienced Now.

The future is a thought form only and yet we waste much of our precious energy worrying, planning and preparing for contingencies instead of creating a flow of powerful, positive, vibrant energy in the Now. Consider yourself a magnet. You will draw in experiences, people and energy that resonates with your vibration. If you spot it, you got it! Fortunately, that applies whether you bring in beauty or dysfunction. The beauty that you appreciate in others is the same beauty that wishes to express itself through you. Whenever we manifest challenges in our lives, it’s only to provide a demonstration of where you soul requires healing in order to move forward on your life’s path, or to aid you in discovering strengths heretofore untapped.

Honoring the process of your awakening is an important aspect of your journey in this lifetime. Nurture the seeds that you wish to see grow. Forgive yourself and others for past perceived mistakes, knowing that we all do the best we can with what we have – always.

Today my intention is to remember that there is much more to life than meets the eye. I am on a journey of discovery.

How we weave the future golden

The Divine wishes to support you in living your heart’s truth. Unseen angels, spirit guides, healing masters and helpers celebrate your awakening and conspire to bring you everything that you need in order to live a life of joy.

Worthiness, or the lack of it, determines whether or not we will accept these gifts or even recognize them when they come our way. No matter what the situation, you can choose to create peace within your experience. If you find that you are immersed in pain, observe the energy you are weaving with your thoughts and actions and do your best to consciously shift yourself into a space of acceptance.

In each moment we are weaving the tapestry of tomorrow. Can you picture a life filled with a constant flow of joyous celebration? When we practice gratitude, we develop the ability to seek beauty within all things. This perception and loving energy then becomes the foundation for all our subsequent experiences.

Your joy acts like a magnet, dear one, drawing in the circumstances, knowledge, opportunities and people who increase your store of happiness. Too many forget that we create our perception of reality and therefore, have the ability to change it when necessary. Be joyous first – don’t wait for the circumstances of a particular situation to fall into place before you can feel peaceful. This is the moment hat you can reclaim your power… the power of mastering oneself in the Now.

Today my intention is to remember that life unfolds in the most surprising and beautiful ways. I am willing to accept a miracle.

Sharing without expectation

Authentic communication helps us to be more open-minded, tolerant and compassionate. It’s important to share our wisdom and experience without expectation. Within the concept that all paths are sacred, we can turn to one another for new perceptions and seek to expand our own experience by discovering true Wholeness within the contrasts of our life journeys.

There is no need to defend your point of view when attacked. Defense is a product of the ego and directs all the energy within the conversation to a determination of right vs wrong rather than sharing. The “agree to disagree” approach still doesn’t quite reach the concept of knowing that all paths are sacred and everyone walks their own Path of Transformation in the process of their souls awakening, but it’s closer than demanding someone adopt our point of view.

Eventually, we discover that it doesn’t matter what road one chooses. The culmination of many lifetimes of experience will always end in enlightenment and we may be better served by honoring others as our teachers, instead of standing in judgment.

True compassion comes only through higher consciousness. Understanding and love transcend all levels of existence, and that is the greatest gift that you can offer those who grace your life with their presence.

Today my intention is to remember to create a space in which transformation can occur – both in myself and others.

Honor the journey as sacred

The journey is a sacred place and by honoring the present moment,we consciously move through the beautiful landscape of our souls awakening. Whenever you enter periods of movement and change, allow yourself to feel a sense of adventure and growth. This is your pilgrimage.

Be willing to accept and embrace the new. This attitude of openness and acceptance invites new opportunities, friends and experiences into our lives.

Let yourself be more receptive now for joy is waiting to be experienced. There is no way to force meditation or healing of the heart chakra – it is the natural flow of your energy as you mature and learn to rest in your inner silence.

It has been said that one must lose all to learn how to be simple. We choose to fill our lives with people, stuff, ambitions and desires in order to stay busy and distracted. The Universe will often create a space for us to discover the joys of simplicity; however, one doesn’t have to wait for all to be lost – we can simply lose our attachment.

There is guidance available for you when you choose to listen to the whispers of your heart. The more you move into love and balance, the more receptive you’ll be… and your life will become radiant with blessings. This is your birthright, a gift that has awaited you since the moment you first set foot on this planet. Will you choose to embrace the journey?

Today my intention is to honor the journey as sacred. There are always new levels and experiences to discover.

The light of awareness

Everything that you encounter is meant to increase your spiritual awareness. All too often we get caught up in the tapestry of our existence; the weaving of emotion, experience, colors and textures, and forget our true purpose… to awaken. Yet, whether we are conscious of it or not, our higher Self guides us along the Path of Transformation from one interaction to the next seeking out those things that spark the light of awareness from within.

The knowledge you have received so far on your journey is something which will never leave you. These beautiful facets of understanding are now encoded within your energy, your DNA and the blueprint of your soul, accessible for the lifetimes to come.

Joyousness accompanies new energy as light emerges from within. There is new clarity which may call upon you to change old patterns, goals or ambitions… for that which you seek can only be found within. Gladly give up the old way of being knowing that you have outgrown it and allow yourself a moment to be still, empty and ready to receive.

The more Light you have, the better you can see what is trivial and outmoded in your conditioning.

~ Ralph Blum, The Book of Runes ~

Today my intention is to remember that all things work toward my highest good. I am on a journey of awakening.

Listen to the messages from your body

True healing requires acknowledging and experiencing the very distress that arises when we hold to cherished outcomes or give away our energy to others. Clinging creates pain and tension in the body, which in turn is an indicator of the pain or imbalance carried in the energetic field.

Your physical body is always in communication with you and every cell is filled with Divine Intelligence. It is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs and responds to what we say and do.

I once allowed a client to drain my energy. This person called me on a daily basis (sometimes paying, sometimes not) and I failed to clearly define boundaries in our communication and interactions. This went on for a few months until I found myself dreading each time the phone rang (sign number one and I was blind to it). Then, while walking, I hurt of right knee and began to experience a great deal of pain. Next, I hurt my right shoulder working out and still tried to “hide” it as pain now radiated all down the right side of the body (sign number two, and my ego was still unwilling to let me see the truth). I continued to function day by day, off-balance, uncomfortable and now ego-driven since “spiritual healers don’t let themselves get so far off-balance”.

Finally, the Universe found a way to get my to acknowledge what my body was attempting to bring to my attention. Uncharacteristically, my husband decided to have me help him stretch prior to a workout. He asked me to squat down and placed his outstretched leg out, with his foot on my right shoulder and said, “Now, stand up really slowly.” Of course, I was too weak to move at all. Finally I had to admit out loud that I had hurt myself and couldn’t do what he wanted.

All at once the realization hit – the right side of the body represent the energy that we give out to others and also can represent the men in our lives. In my case, it was a combination of the two. Immediately, I began to set things right in the physical world. I took the time to write a fact-based email to the person in question outlining how much we had spoken, how much he had been charged, and explained that we needed to change how we interact going forward in order for me to assist him in the healthiest way possible. I took full responsiblity for creating the situation, and I also took full responsiblity for correcting it.

My pain was gone within three days. That particular person chose another psychic (I hope!), and now I see him as the amazing teacher that he was. Learning how to define boundaries is a very important lesson – one that we continue to practice. Often we give away our energy, seemingly for altruistic reasons, but the body will let us know when we aren’t seeing clearly.

Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” is a great resource for deciphering the messages of the body. Like any other resource, it can point you in the right direction and ultimately, you can find your own truth and create healing where needed.

Today my intention is to be grateful for the constant flow of communication and love from the Universe. Everyone and everything is my teacher.

Your unique Path of Transformation

Ultimately, each of walks our own unique Path of Transformation alone. While we interact with one another, seek knowledge and new perceptions and learn from the valuable reflection that show us the way, its important to allow your path to be yours – not one that you’ve read about and are emulating and certainly not one built from societal or parental expectations.

Once you become aware of this, you might be surprised at the freedom of it. The life experience is a blank slate that is really very simple. We need to learn to live in accordance with the unknown and become conscious in each and every moment of what we are choosing to create.

Awareness enhances the beauty, passion and intensity within you. It releases you from the entrapment of the ego – possessiveness, jealously, greed and fear – and each moment strengthens your knowledge of the connection between you and the Divine. This movement toward wholeness is the natural state of your being. Though we may feel lost at times, there it waits within the stillness of your heart.

Be kind to one another. Find ways to show love, to serve and be compassionate. You cannot walk in the light of love and remain unchanged. But if you wait… the ego will find reasons to put off these acts of kindness, postponing the inevitable outpouring of love (and the resulting self-transformation) that wants to flow through you. Authentic acts of kindness, without attachment to outcomes, raise the energy of all those involved. Don’t wait! Be love.

Today my intention is to be quick to do good.

Awareness and the freedom of joy

Awareness transforms everything. Just go into total openness and see… become the watcher and observe without judgment. Once we become aware of the habitual way that unconsciousness works, we begin to see that we have alternatives. Think of the terms we use to describe the advancement of the soul – enlightenment, awareness, awakening, mindfulness, consciousness – we are simply waking from the dream, and seeing clearly, dissolve it completely.

Conversely, we describe those who have yet to awaken as being asleep, unconscious, ignorant or unevolved. The only difference between the two is the level of awareness.

Seek to teach those around you through your example. More powerful than any words, a life of peace and empowerment cuts through the darkness like a beacon that lights the night.

Our world is a dream, ever-changing, fluctuating, every moment completely new. Clinging brings pain. Enjoy the transformation in which you are immersed and all that surprises it brings.

Realize that consciousness has little to do with belief. It is the very personal awareness that comes from knowing and living your truth. Many seek to cover their ignorance with specific beliefs, and hide in the safety of repeating what they have been taught without truly learning the freedom of empowerment.

The spiritual seeker is often seen as a rebel. We remain constantly engaged in the art of observation, acceptance, and broadening perception. This is the gift you share with the world. Should you experience pain along your journey, observe what you are clinging to and realize that you can consciously choose the joy that acceptance brings.

Today my intention is to hold no cherished outcome. I am not subject to disappointment.