Living in love

Love allows me to discover the pathways to eternity
That’s Right! I am willing to love unconditionally, beginning with myself
The idea of beginning each day with a gratitude walk is two-fold: it states your intention of taking responsibility for your own joy and it raises your vibration into the level of love.
In gratitude, love begins to flow. The energy swirls around you and creates more for which you can be grateful. Waves of joy flow out into the Universe, and it’s always interesting to see how they transform your experiences.
You have the ability to show love without attachment. Each and every day provides myriad opportunities to practice this amazing gift. Just for today, consciously make every choice from a space of love, hold no cherished outcome, say “Yes” to life and step into the space of empowerment.

Today my intention is to let every interaction be one of love and acceptance

You are responsible for your own joy

Peace comes from within
That’s Right! I am responsible for my own joy
It is said that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it. The only thing over which we have any control is our own state of consciousness in the present moment. There will always be others who are still in the early processes of awakening. They often bring heightened drama and distraction to their interactions and provide others with the wonderful opportunity to practice balance in the face of dysfunction.
When we remember that all of us walk the same journey, it becomes easier to maintain one’s own sense of inner peace while cultivating the art of compassion and acceptance. You are responsible only for your own state of consciousness. Blame and judgment give away all your power to the subject of your distress. When you notice that someone has triggered angst in your experience, go within, consciously utilize the tools you have perfected and bring yourself back into a state of inner peace.
Know that there will come a time when you are easily able to remain consistently loving and balanced, no matter what the circumstance. In the meantime, consider those who challenge you as your healing angels who provide the opportunity for you to cultivate a higher state of consciousness.

Today my intention is to honor everyone and everything as my teacher.

Living aligned with your soul’s purpose

Everyone comes to the planet with a specific mission in mind… what’s yours?

That’s Right! The gateways to knowledge and wisdom are always open to me
There is no one like you. There has never been, nor will there ever be, someone with your unique outlook and talents. You have wisdom to share and love to give. Your soul seeks to thrive, to teach and to learn and this beautiful life has purpose beyond your wildest dreams.
We are here to help one another in the playground of awakening. Every circumstance is aligned to aid you in the discovery of your life’s mission. Seek only to live in the states of joy, enthusiasm and acceptance rather than doing something you feel that you “should” do. You are a spiritual being seeking the human experience in order to know the Divine more intimately and the thrill is in the discovery.
Honor the process of your awakening. The rewards are rich and the journey has just begun.

Today my intention is to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity.

Live joyfully

Live joyfully

That’s Right! My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy
Life offers us many choices. The lighter you become, the higher your vibration and the more easily you’ll align yourself with the Divine. We can choose to bring a sense of love, light and laughter to our experience.
Granted, there will certainly be moments that awaken compassion and empathy, frustration that (hopefully) leads to a shift in perception, and the sadness which comes from losing a loved one… that’s part of the human experience. But through it all, our ability to realign with joy is a powerful way to shine the light of consciousness in times of darkness.
Misery, struggle, hard work without appreciation and drudgery are all aspects of perceptions we inherited along the journey of awakening. They have no value except as teachers. Feel what needs to be felt, own your response to the present moment, but do remember to look beyond it to the truth of existence, which is to live vibrantly, filled with gratitude, empowered, passionate and joyful.

Today my intention is to look forward with enthusiasm to the adventures of the day


You have always done the best that you can… and the same is true for all of those around you

That’s Right! Every change in my life lifts me to a new level of understanding
Suffering occurs when we are unhappy with our own choices and behavior. When one begins to second-guess past decisions, all the vital life force energy begins to drain out of the present moment.
You have always done the best that you can. Based upon your life-path, soul age, imprinting, experience and interpretation of the world around you, you responded in the way you thought best at the time. Awareness creates a space in which transformation can occur and every situation has something to teach. Is it any wonder that you have greater knowledge after the fact? You are absolutely on the right path and your perception should grow and change with you.
The art of self-forgiveness allows you to release the past. This is the moment of transformation; however, transformation can only occur when we put down the burdens of the heart. Should past situations repeat, notice any new responses that you have. Be a loving witness of your own evolution and let the gentle movement of awareness expand each and every day.

Today my intention is to feel safe in the rhythm and flow of my ever-changing life.

Relationships as spiritual growth

Everyone and everything participates in your dance of awakening…

That’s Right! Today is a stepping stone to new awareness and greater joy
Every relationship, no matter how fleeting, brings something vital and important to your experience. When you realize that everyone has a specific role to play in your awakening, it changes how you choose to interpret and respond to the present moment.
Challenges transform into opportunities to shine. Frustrations allow you to explore new facets of your strength. Love and support provide a safe foundation for experimentation and discovery… and sometimes others participate only to give us situations where we can put our new-found strengths and ideas into practice.
The world is a mirror of your thoughts and beliefs, and there is nothing more beautiful than smiling at the reflection and seeing that smile returned.

Today my intention is to be an authentic example of unconditional love and acceptance.

The light of consciousness

You can transform the darkness by allowing the light of consciousness to work through you

That’s Right! Love flows through me. It touches everyone I meet and leads me to greater compassion
This morning I watched the moon as it crossed the sky. It lit up the night and I considered the power of gentleness and reflection. We all seem to find magic in moonlight, romance, inspiration… We feel safer walking in the darkness and perhaps this is why we seek to witness the reflection of the Divine which flows through each and every one of us in varying degrees.
Whether you are someone who presently shows only a tiny sliver of light or someone who blazes with the fullness of possibility, remember that we all carry the same potential, and cyclically, will have our moment of reflecting the light of consciousness.
It is said, “You can be the light or the mirror that reflects it.” Either is beautiful. Both have purpose, and any light (no matter how subtle) transforms the darkness.

Today my intention is to purposefully be a loving reflection of the peace and presence in others

The transformation of suffering into awareness

The past has no power over you
That’s Right! This is the moment of transformation 
Sometimes, in our darkest moments, all that we’ve learned from our spiritual practice seems irrelevant. In moment like these we have a tendency to judge ourselves harshly. Seeing this clearly allows the opportunity to consciously shift the energy and begin anew.Use conscious breathwork to pull the energy of pain into the heart chakra. Doing so opens us to the universal pain of humanness but it also connects us to the Divine. Honoring the pain of transformation is an act of compassion for ourselves. Platitudes, mantras and beliefs cannot move the energy as powerfully as bringing conscious awareness to the present moment.

Awareness heals. Once you shine the light of consciousness on the source of your discomfort, it begins to transform. Then you’ll have a greater ability to step back into the realm of empowerment and growth. This is the moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to honor the process of my awakening. All things work toward my highest good.

Follow your bliss

Find your bliss. Love what you choose to do.
That’s Right! Each step I take is guided by love
How often do we witness people living day to day in a state of unhappiness or exhaustion, doing what they feel they need to do instead of what they want to do? From the outside it’s easy to see that different choices will bring a different experience; however, we are often blinded by our own programming and expectations.
A friend shared a story recently: He was speaking to his teenage daughter, giving advice about work and purpose and sharing his belief that she should love what she does if she wants to be happy. When she innocently asked why he works in a profession that he dislikes, he realized that he had set his dreams aside. In that moment, she became the teacher. He decided to change his life, live his passion and expressed gratitude to his kind and insightful daughter for leading him back to happiness.
We all have innate knowledge of spiritual truths. It’s important to periodically observe our choices and the flow of our experiences to see if we are living them authentically.
If you’re not in a position to drop all and do what you love, choose to love what you do. Life will respond to the energy you bring to each moment – often in ways that are unexpected.

Today my intention is to remember that nothing is more important than my state of consciousness.

Discover your own truths

Every path is unique.

That’s Right! I am a master in the process of awakening
Our infinite Universe provides limitless ways to experience the Divine. As we progress along the journey of awakening, we discover what inspires and motivates us as we clear away misconceptions and blockages. Find your own way by reading, listening and experiencing. Absorb what resonates with your spirit and feel free to discard the rest.
Each teacher provides insights and inspiration, but their teachings are still based upon their own unique journey and delivered through the filter of their vibration and perception. The more advanced souls speak in a broader language that has the ability to spark inspiration in many people; however, you may discover yet another way to awaken.
See every experience as an opportunity to learn something new. Go within and listen to the whispers of your heart and walk the Path of Transformation with openness and joy. There are always new levels to explore. You will discover empowerment, peace and miracles along the way.

Today my intention is to listen to the voice of the Divine which speaks to me through each person, experience and observation. Guidance comes from everywhere.