The healing angels of our lives

When we are ready to heal a particular aspect of our lives, we send out an energetic vibration asking for assistance. A soul contract is completed on the higher levels of existence which draws in someone who will behave in a way that will trigger an old issue. As it rises to the surface, the ego begins its story, emotions flow, feelings get hurt and we become aware of the imbalance. This is the moment that the conscious soul seeker will turn inward, observe, heal and release using whatever tools they have discovered. Those who have yet to awaken to this concept will feel victimized, blame the other and likely create another layer of pain around the old belief.

These contracts are acts of love. Someone is willing to behave in a manner that will create an upset and risk losing your affection in order to help you heal a wound that you have carried, sometimes for lifetimes. This is why we say that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Every situation comes into your life for the sole purpose of healing. Patterns repeat until we recognize them and work to shift the original belief that created the conditions for the upset.

Those who challenge you the most on the physical level, love you the most on the spiritual level. As humans, it can be difficult to see beyond the role that someone is playing; however, the willingness to do so opens your perception and creates the space in which a transformation can occur. When we drop identification with victimhood, it helps us to look within for answers.

The good news is that you can measure the process as it is occurring by first recognizing when you are being triggered. Notice how quickly you come back into balance (over time, balance is recovered more quickly) and finally, you’ll consciously witness an interaction and remain neutral. That neutrality is an indicator that healing has occurred and you will no longer need to have that repeating pattern in your life.

Bless those who have been healing angels in your life. Without them, old wounds would remain buried in the subconscious, blindingly guiding your life while creating drama and emotional pain. And if you have ever acted as a healing angel for someone else, forgive yourself and realize that your soul was engaged in contract. We are here to assist one another on the journey.

Today my intention is to remember that everything works to our highest good – always.


One of the most loving gifts that we can give those who grace our lives is attentiveness. All too often people race from one moment to the next, always a step ahead, lost in their own mind and distracted during their encounters. We forget that every interaction has the capability to transform our journey in unimagined ways.

Many people feel unheard and misunderstood. Therapists often fulfill a role that is missing in their lives… others find strangers, hair dressers, or weary travelers and quickly drop into their stories without hesitation. For those who only wish to stay caught in their story and desire to feed it with repetition, I find that conscious attentiveness (along with compassionate detachment and healthy boundaries) actually repels them. The ego wants to be agreed with, supported and strengthened; however, conscious attention and holding a space of love doesn’t meet the egos needs.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. If you want to be heard, slow down and listen. If you desire acceptance, practice honoring every path as sacred, no matter how it appears on the physical plane. Should you feel misunderstood, make sure that you have an authentic understanding of yourself. Life will reflect your state of mind back to you. The strength of your intention is a powerful thing, joy will meet you in the road.

Today my intention is to teach others that they hold the key to their own happiness.

Be willing to let go

When we have spent many years (or in some cases, lifetimes) carrying a particular belief or pain, it becomes part of our ego-identity. The mind cannot fathom what it would be like to be clear of that energy and creates resistance, even when it’s apparent to us from a logical perspective that we would be healthier and more joyous without that weight in our energetic field.

Nurture the willingness within you to let go of things which no longer serve your growth. Part of this process is observing and controlling the mind and being open to forgive (understanding the situation from a higher perception).

It can sometimes take a while to work out all the layers of old energy. If you are kind to yourself and gently persistent, you will eventually align your inner truth with an entirely new paradigm.

The limitless abundance of the Universe is available for all of us. There is an old exercise from Emmet Fox that is wonderful for dissolving old resentments:

Sit quietly, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a darkened theater. In front of you is a small stage. On that stage see the person you resent the most (either living or dead) and visualize good things happening to that person. See them happy and smiling and experiencing joy. Louise Hay suggests that we take this process a step further and then visualize ourselves on the stage, happy, smiling and abundant. It’s time to lighten the load that you carry.

Today my intention is to be willing to release outmoded and limiting patterns from my consciousness. The pathway to love is forgiveness.

Love without limits

And still, after all this time, the sun has never said to the earth,

“You owe me.”

Look what happens with a love like that.

It lights up the sky.

~ Rumi ~

The voice of Rumi filled my dreams last night… it’s wonderful to experience the love which still emanates from this amazing teacher of the 13th century. Just the thought of giving without attachment fills me with quiet expectation and the knowledge that it’s possible for each of us to discover within ourselves.

Nature is a wonderful teacher. All around me I see the dance of transformation as each aspect plays its role to perfection. Love lingers in each blade of grass, in each falling leaf, through the eyes of deer and the calling of crows, and is offered to us again and again in infinite form.

There are times when it seems the world only offers us the opposite. We struggle with feelings of separation, desire or disappointment and linger in the stories created within the mind… and yet, we can choose differently. The joy of conscious awareness is that it brings about limitless opportunities to reflect and be love.

Seek joy first within yourself. It must come from within in order to be authentic, unceasing and when it does, you’ll discover that it shines through you without any fear. The stories that seem the most true, the loudest and most insistent are the one that are the most suspect. The moments when we feel trapped are an illusion and the truth waits in the silence of the heart.

Celebrate your growth and allow it to expand throughout your experience. Recognize the aspects which bring pain as our teachers and know that there will come a time when they will be equally celebrated… for they have brought us here now and we are together.

Today my intention is to love what is.

All life celebrates your awakening

The wellspring of energy from which we drink is infinite and we are consistently supported in love. The Universe never desires to punish or trick you – that type of thought is merely a mechanism of the ego used to distract you from the knowledge of what you can create.

Our ability to understand the nuances of spiritual awareness has evolved right along with us throughout the ages. Now we know that we can create while in lesson, we can have knowledge of the Divine while in lesson and are learning to trust the process of our awakening no matter where we are in that process.

Once you begin to step away from life’s drama, clarity comes more easily. As the observer, you will cultivate the ability to understand the patterns that repeat and with that understanding comes the freedom to choose differently.

However, remember that those who have yet to awaken to their divinity will not be able to see truth in the same way that you do – be understanding of their limitation. Much like the way our scientists and thinkers who had no way to measure energetic waves in the 1700’s simply could not imagine the possibilities that we currently take for granted still had the same truths swirling around them that we do, know that all will awaken in the perfect way at the perfect time.

The entire Universe honors and celebrates the work we are doing here. In spite of the limited perceptions inherent on the earth plane, many are beginning to rise above, and with the help of their angels, spirit guides, healing masters and helpers, are creating a new paradigm. You are instrumental in raising the consciousness of the planet and have chosen to be here now for a specific purpose. Allow love to lead you.

Today my intention is to honor the truth of my process and receive all the sparkles of joy, peace, healing and hope the Universe has to offer.

Put down your burdens

Every disagreement, every challenge that we encounter is an opportunity for spiritual enlightenment for all of those involved. All that is required is that one person be open to a new paradigm. The resulting shift in energy creates a space in which a transformation can occur.

Think of how important that makes your personal path of awakening. Your choices and actions set something powerful in motion – choose well.

It’s time to put down the burdens that you have carried. The load of “should and shouldn’ts” creates stress and struggle within one’s existence where none is required. Each of us has our own lessons, karmas and purpose, and in order to accomplish our dreams we must utilize our energy consciously.

Many times these burdens exist only within the mind… but that doesn’t mean they don’t slow us down or distract us. Today is the day to love yourself enough to set yourself free. Let your choices be led by joy (never by fear) and choose to play and enjoy your journey toward healing, empowerment and radiance.

Beauty can be found in the simple ordinary things of life. Gratitude opens your energy to receive. We can seek wholeness within the natural movement of this wonderful day. There it waits, waiting to bless you with peace.

Today my intention is to take things easily and simply, one step at a time.

The path from conflict to communion

The path from conflict to communion is this… When the ego is in control, we relate to the ego in another; however, when we approach a situation from a state of quiet consciousness, our Higher Self relates to the highest part of the other. The next time emotions get triggered in a situation, do your best to keep quiet and observe. This is important and keeps you from entering into the drama or someone else’s dysfunction and certainly will help you to see more clearly.

Remember, all those who grace our lives are here to help us see what we need to see for our soul’s growth. Any type of tripper is an indicator that something is rising to the surface and ready to be healed. Don’t get distracted by the story or behavior or allow judgment to cloud your vision. Typically, the thing we need to see the most is the one that eludes us. This is where another soul lovingly steps in to reflect our shadow self and provides us with an opportunity to heal.

When we approach life from this viewpoint, obstacles become opportunities, delays work to our highest good and the fear dissipates. How wonderful it is to be an active partner in our own awakening, for truly, there are no enemies.

There is nothing special you have to do and nothing to become. Rather, the goal of your journey is only to remember the truth regarding your divinity. Love lies within you.

Today my intention is to open my consciousness to the expansion of life. I am in a constant state of growth and change.

Detached compassion

When you step into the role of observer, simply watching the antics of the mind, it becomes easier to see more clearly. Your sense of peace and inner balance is like a calm, beautiful lake and the voice of ego no more important than ripples that move across the surface. In the role of observer, things seem more amusing…

Stillness is an important quality to develop. It allows us to find ways to rise above thought and create distance from the drama and intensity of life. There is freedom to be found by turning inward whenever you can, and this is freedom that you can experience Now.

Conscious is rooted in the deep stillness of your being. It expands your energy to touch the Divine, provides clarity and brings understanding, not through the mechanisms of the mind, but through harmony with the pulse of life itself. See yourself as the observer who acts and loves and holds space while cultivating the art of detached compassion – for yourself, for those who grace your life with their presence and for the world.

When we see beyond the illusion, we are looking inward to that which is eternal. Externals often lead to judgment and preferences that keep us trapped in old patterns and behaviour. Relax into your deepest truth and know that all you need is already within you.

Today my intention is to be one with the light, love and laughter of the Universe.

The garden of enlightenment

This moment is filled with unlimited potential. It is time to allow seeds of possibility to be scattered throughout your life in celebration and love. Who knows where they may fall? This flowering of energy desires only to be shared. Invite joy into your experience by living in harmony with the present moment.

This recognition of the abundance already flowing to you may prompt you to reach out to others. The seeds you sow with your kindness and compassion will create a garden of enlightenment. So, nurture the growth, remove any weeds that pop up and rejoice in the miracle of change.

You are the creator of your experience. This is the time to consciously choose your thoughts, words, intentions and actions well, knowing that the seeds you sow today will become the gifts of tomorrow.

Today my intention is to nurture and share the gifts of my life.

Judgment and joy cannot coexist

There is a way to live in the world and still be happy. Spiritual awakening calls upon us to immerse ourselves deeper within life instead of separating ourselves from it. Since life responds to you, all that is needed for your awakening will present itself to you at the perfect time. The only prerequisite is that you be fully present and conscious within the Now so that mental preoccupation doesn’t distract from the beauty and opportunity that is available.

Times of great sorrow have the potential to be times of great transformation. When it arises, don’t run from the pain, go deeper within it without any blame or self-pity. The resulting insight and awareness will awaken the soul to new possibility. When we release all judgment and attachment, we open ourselves to receive the gifts of spirit.

Judgment and joy cannot coexist. One cannot say, “I just want my life to be peaceful!” while seeking out irritation. Complains, getting lost in the story or blaming others are distractions. Fortunately, we are the creators of our experience… drop your questions, the worry, the story and be here Now. Love what is regardless of how it appears with the knowledge that you are supported and guided each step of the way.

It can sometimes be challenging to change a lifetime of habit. Spiritual awakening is a process and to be certain, there will be times when you shine and others when you miss the mark a bit. Should that occur, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, find the humor and take one more step forward. Your path is sacred. You are sacred. Do not block yourself with limiting thoughts regarding your worthiness, for the Divine (in all it’s perfection) seeks to experience life through you.

Today my intention is to share my gifts in a way that is expansive and fulfilling. My desire is to be an open channel for love, light and laughter.