Focus on the lesson

Whatever you dwell upon becomes stronger in your life.

“Whenever we make efforts, the ego will find ways to trick us and divert us from the path. Over time, as this predictable pattern of effort and resistance becomes apparent, we are no longer so easily blindsided by the maneuvers of the ego. Nonetheless, the force of resistance can be strong. The countermeasure is always to persevere in face of the inevitable hindrances and discouragements.”
~Ezra Bayda

Any inner resistance that you encounter is an indicator that profound change is imminent. If you weren’t on the verge of a breakthrough, the ego would simply allow you to tool along unhindered; therefore, resistance should be viewed as a wonderful confirmation that you are making authentic progress.

The human experience is the continual process of attempting to avoid our innermost fears. Because we are afraid to face them, they become hidden baggage that we carry. When the soul is ready to address an imbalance, it is often projected onto someone else so that we can become aware of it. This is the moment to stop and look for the lesson. If you notice yourself dwelling on a problem, laying blame or feel stuck in a negative situation, take a moment to ask, “What am I trying to see?”

Keep it simple. If you are triggered by someones negativity, seek to eradicate all negativity within yourself. Begin by noticing when stress arises and simply own your own stuff. This may look like, “Mary gossips all the time!”…. “Do I ever gossip?”… then “How can I be more accepting and stop participating in gossip?” In this instance, the answer is to be mindful when you speak and choose only words that are kind and supportive.

Your spiritual journey is one of noticing and practicing without getting lost in self-criticism. Focusing on the lesson ensures that you will eventually have a breakthrough.

Today my intention is to channel insight and energy into my love, work and creativity.
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