Conscious living

Your primary purpose is to live consciously, to awaken. “What happens when we slow down and pay attention? Everything! Innumerable delights are right at hand.” ~Ezra Bayda~ We are masters in the process of awakening – all of us. The only difference is where one resides on that journey. It can be hard for some […]

Purposeful neutrality

What you fight, you strengthen. “Only when we abandon blame, can we transform the energy of anger into compassionate service.” ~Ezra Bayda~ When people become angry, the aura turns red and expands, typically colliding with the enraged aura of the other. The two egos do battle until one “wins” by taking the others’ life force. […]

Creating change

Believe in something beautiful… “When contemplating what our life’s work might be, we are often driven by our attachment to security. Perhaps the one question we don’t ask often enough is “What do I have to offer?” ~Ezra Bayda~ No matter what you wish to create in your experience, it begins with a shift in […]

Dream more

Worry is a waste of your precious energy. “Mind always thinks in terms of purpose, profit, utility. When the mind disappears, action does not disappear, activity disappears – and there is a great difference between the two. Activity has utility; action is pure joy, pure beauty. You act not because something has to be achieved; […]

I Am…

“I Am”… the two most powerful words in the universe. “Change your view of the world to one of awe and bewilderment. Rather than looking for miracles, shift to seeing everything as miraculous… Live the mystery by beginning to perceive what average eyes fail to notice.” ~Wayne Dyer~ Know that your words are powerful. Whether […]

Love who you are

Live as if you had purposely chosen every aspect of your life. “The secret of attraction is to love yourself. Attractive people judge neither themselves nor others. They are open to gestures of love. They think about love and express love in every action. They know that love is not a mere sentiment, but the […]

Living with clarity and passion

Choose to live a harmonious, passionate life. “Equivocal or vague principles, as a rule, will make of your life an undirected, uninspired, meaningless act. Know what you want, know what makes you feel good about your Self, know what brings you into harmony with others. These are your guidelines and principles.” ~R.L.Wing, from the I […]


Hold yourself to a higher standard. “When somebody insults you, that is the moment to keep alert. When your wife looks at somebody else and you feel hurt, that is the moment to keep alert. When you are feeling sad, gloomy, depressed, when you feel the whole world is against you, that is the moment […]

Choose to be inspired

Be the change you wish to see. “You are complete already, a product of universal abundance, so relax and enjoy life… what you desire will show up with less effort and anxiety.” ~Wayne Dyer~ Conscious awareness is the key to addressing the daily bombardment of negative energy we face. There are lower vibrations that seek […]

Live gently

Your experience is unique. “There are three words that convey the secret of the art of living, the secret of all success and happiness: One With Life. Being one with life is being one with the Now. You then realize that you don’t live your life, but life lives you. Life is the dancer and […]