Part of our early imprinting is to be politic. We are taught how one should behave, what is expected and hypocrisy becomes embedded in our way of being. Judgment of those who are found wanting then becomes the norm and a righteous indignant response seems justifiable in various situations. This is a mechanism of the ego. Until you delve deeply into your own integrity, you may never discover the ways that hypocrisy has invaded your experience.

Become the observer so that you can understand the layers of energy that blind you to your own truths. How often do you do what is expected because of a desired outcome? An empowered person is filled with personal integrity, humility and kindness – reflections of his or her inner integrity. They are fearless because they can simply be themselves, knowing their strengths and foibles, accepting them all, hiding nothing.

In your strength you will discover the joys of walking through life without needing to prove yourself. There will be no need to explain or justify your actions or beliefs and serenity will flow through you into whatever you do. Each action becomes a gift of truth.

Today my intention is to remember that my world is a reflection of my thoughts and beliefs. My life is filled with love and kindness and wonderful experiences.

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