Mastery and balance

The beauty of your unique gifts lies in the way that they blend together. Like an exotic spice or a new twist on familiar ingredients, the wonderment resides in the unexpected. Those who grace your life seek this energy and information to add to their experience – this is why it’s so important to be true to yourself.

Imagine that you are focused solely on the journey rather than the destination. See yourself as a traveler who is only in search of new experiences. Imagine that you are long past being defined by others’ criticism or flattery, knowing who you are and enjoying your experience. Imagine that you can see yourself reflected in everyone you meet, dropping all judgment, stories or expectation – honoring each interaction only as an opportunity to shine in the present moment. Imagine that you bring such an energy of peace to situations that others calm down merely by being in your presence. Imagine that you feel comfortable with each decision you make and enjoy where you are. This is mastery.

Today my intention is to create a space of freedom and peacefulness in my experience.



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