Releasing old patterns

Sometimes when we are in the midst of transformation, the situations in which we find ourselves immersed seem to worsen for a while. This is an indicator that the energy is getting ready to move. The ego will use this as an opportunity to “scare” you back into the old pattern because of it’s resistance to change, but it’s important to press forward. For example, if you are focused on changing your patterns around money, you may lose your wallet, manifest breakdowns that cost additional funds to repair or get a ticket. When you work on improving relationships, you may have a fight with your significant other or create a misunderstanding. When learning unconditional love, you may encounter sometime truly difficult to love and accept. When focusing on becoming healthy, you might get sick or have an accident. Should anything like this occur, know that you are on the right track and practice handling the challenges as consciously as you can.

The patterns of our lives give us the opportunity to recognize limiting beliefs. They also provide the opportunity to utilize new skills that you are learning or allow you to see how differently you respond compared to where you were earlier on the Path of Transformation.

When you begin to focus your attention on a particular issue, other aspects of you life may become more uncomfortable. Be aware that we are the creators of all of our experiences and everything serves a purpose. As you look inward without resistance, you may have new insights regarding the energy around the pattern, understand how it weaves throughout your life and see the beauty that awaits you when you break free from it.

The only thing that you can control is your response to the present moment. Change your thinking and everything else will flow from that.

Today my intention is to choose joy knowing that all things work to my highest good.

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