Seek the Lesson

Every experience, without exception, plays an active role in your awakening. “The more we practice with our own struggles and relate to them as our vehicle to awakening, the less we will judge our struggles as defects. Likewise in relationships: the more we can remember that others also have the wish to learn from their […]

New Vision

Choose to recognize the sacredness in all that you see. “Spirituality is not the practicing of any virtue; spirituality is the gaining of a new vision. Virtue follows that vision; it comes on its own accord. It is a natural by-product.”  ~Osho~ This moment is filled with limitless possibility. It offers a new beginning and […]

The Beauty of Contrast

Your awareness and attention bring deeper meaning to all you experience. “There is a rhythm in life, a certain beauty which operates by a variation of lights and shadows, happiness alternating with sorrow, content with discontent, distilling in this process of contrast a sense of satisfaction, of richness that can be captured and pinned down […]


Challenges spark exploration into places we would not normally venture. “As much as we deny it, we still believe we’re supposed to be perfect. Our ongoing anxiety and sense of inadequacy testify eloquently to this unexamined truth. In spiritual practice, this trap takes the form of making one attempt after another to measure up to […]

Awakened Living

Life is a pilgrimage and the goal is to awaken. “True happiness comes not when we get rid of all of our problems, but when we change our relationship to them, when we see our problems as a potential source of awakening, opportunities to practice, and to learn.”  ~Richard Carlson~ Everything you experience offers an […]

Peace through Self-Acceptance

You are perfect in your imperfection. “Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”  ~e.e. cummings~ There is great joy in self-acceptance. When we no longer need to seek outside validation for how we present ourselves to the world, we begin the process […]

Sadhana in Relationships

Our relationships are the playground of spiritual awakening. “Whenever your relationship is not working, whenever it brings out the ‘madness’ in your and in your partner, be glad. What was unconscious is being brought up to the light. It is an opportunity for salvation.” ~Eckhart Tolle~ Relationships, whether with lovers, family, co-workers, friends or the […]

Share Your Gifts

There has never been, nor will there ever be, someone with your unique way of being in the world. This is the moment to let yourself shine. “Giving connects two people, the giver and the receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging.”     ~Deepak Chopra~  Sharing increases the energetic […]

Honoring Your Feelings

Taoists teach that tears are the “first sign of ice melting” and that they can be a powerful movement of Qi energy. “Across the planes of consciousness we have to live with the paradox that opposite things can simultaneously be true.”     ~Ram Dass~  As we awaken to our exquisite beauty and divinity, there […]


Acceptance, at its highest level of expression, is unconditional love. “Accept, then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it not against it… This will miraculously transform your whole life.”     ~Eckhart Tolle~  When you operate from a space of acceptance, ego involvement in […]