Stillness speaks

Inner stillness is the true essence of your Being. “When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.” ~Eckhart Tolle~ Practice being in stillness. When things are quiet, stop and take a moment to actively listen to the silence. It […]

Collective love

See everyone you meet as a spiritual work in progress. We are One. “As far as inner transformation is concerned, there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot transform yourself, and you certainly cannot transform your partner or anybody else. All you can do is create a space for transformation to happen, for […]

You are never alone

The entire universe supports your journey. “Accept yourself, allow your unconscious to be revealed to you. This is how each human being is. By knowing it, you become a different kind of human being. By accepting it, cherishing it, you bring a revolution to your life. And when you look at others with that understanding, […]


Be led by joy. “We unnecessarily go on seeking advice from the outside when existence is ready to speak to us from the innermost core of our being. It is already there, but we never listen to that still, small voice.” ~Osho~ We experience harmony when we live authentically. With no one to please and […]

Humility and grace

As spiritual beings having a human experience, our purpose is to discover the delicate balance of grace while living in a paradox. “Humor and paradox are often the only ways to respond to life’s sorrow with grace.” ~Matthew Fox~ Seek to break free from the limiting belief that life “should” be a certain way and […]

Heartfelt gratitude

Heartfelt gratitude and joy draws in even more for which you can be grateful, creating an infinite cycle of abundance. “Celebration is a thankfulness; it is a prayer out of gratitude. It is a recognition of the gift that has been given to us…” ~Osho~ It seems that many people forget that life is sacred. […]

A shift in perception

Help others to shift their perception to a higher level of consciousness by living at a higher level of consciousness. “We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become.” ~David R. Hawkins~ Trust. All that unfolds in your experience is simply an opportunity to […]

The celtic vows of friendship

Love is simply discovering who you are in the presence of another. “You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh~ Relationships offer a fertile ground for spiritual practice. When in doubt as to the appropriate action or response, utilize the Celtic vows of friendship. Ask yourself, […]

Using relationships as spiritual growth

Those who enter your life are responding to a call from your soul. “We often look to our relationships to mask an anxious quiver of being that cries out for relief. Yet another person can never heal our anxiety; we can only do that for ourselves. But that doesn’t keep us from asking others to […]

The practice of love

The who are the hardest to love need it most of all. “If you follow awareness, witnessing, you will attain to a hidden harmony. Then you are not bothered by the opposite, you can use it. And once you can use the opposite, you have a secret key.” ~Osho~ When someone is struggling with self-hatred, […]