Live Gently

Choose to be an authentic example of gentleness, kindness and compassion. “Shamans the world over strive to live in complete harmony with nature, the environment, the cycles of the seasons, the weather, and the varying patterns of the stars, moon and sun. To accomplish this, they cultivate the intelligence of the heart.”   ~Jose Stevens~  […]

The Process of Enlightenment

The paradoxes of human experience make transformation possible. “Spiritual practice is a mixture of struggle and integration, of confusion and clarity, of discouragement and aspiration, of feeling failure and going deeper.”   ~Ezra Bayda~  Experiencing the contrasts of life allows us to reach a place of neutrality that is healthy and empowering. Joy cannot exist […]

Self Work

The journey of awakening is a life long learning experience. “As we relentlessly observe ourselves, the images we have of who we are and who we need to be – which at one time seemed so real – begin to peel away like layers of an onion. Pleasant self-images may give way to uglier ones, […]

The Path of Love

The connections that bind us to one another have existed for eternity. “Imagine a love that flows from a source that is nothing but compassion and truth. Imagine being in love in a way that consumes your existence, and renders everything else, your ego, your identity, your material attachments meaningless.”   ~Runjhun Noopur~  Our spiritual […]

True Beauty

Cultivate the ability to see the limitless potential in those who grace your life and then treat them as if that’s all you can see. “Spirituality is not the practicing of any virtue; spirituality is the gaining of a new vision. Virtue follows that vision; it comes on its own accord. It is a natural […]

Honor This Moment as Sacred

Cultivate the ability to be at ease with the unknown. “When difficulties arise, one of our first reactions is to ask “Why?” We want knowledge, logic, simple causality. We think this kind of knowing is necessary to alleviate our discomfort. Yet, most often, the reasons we come up with to explain why we think and […]

Hold no cherished outcome

Awakening teaches detachment and detachment leads to freedom. “A burning passion coupled with detachment is the key to all success.” ~Mahatma Gandhi~ The human experience is filled with preferences, desires, goals and dreams. They propel us forward, spark changes in perception and open us to new experiences. Many get trapped when their preferences develop into […]

Verbal Chakra Balance

Make energetic and spiritual balance a part of your daily routine. “When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.” ~Louise Hay~ Throughout our daily experience we can often absorb energies from other people, places or stressful situations. Spiritual seekers are typically very open and it’s […]

Divine Potential

You are ready to shine. “The Orchid Priestess of your highest spiritual destiny calls to you now, beloved. She calls you to your purpose, path and Soul passion. You are called to rise again and again to live up into your potential, with all its uniqueness and beauty.” ~Alana Fairchild~  The path of awakening is […]

Live in Communion

Everything is energy. “Looking with a mind that’s awake reveals the shimmering pulse of life. Looking with a mind full of thoughts reveals only your thoughts.” ~Ezra Bayda~  When you really pay attention, you’ll discover that there is beauty everywhere. Internal commentary must cease in order for us to recognize the perfection of the present […]