Be Patient


The highs and lows of life teach us compassion and acceptance.

“Be patient towards all that is unsolved in your heart, and learn to love the questions themselves.” 
~Rainer Maria Rilke~

We are constantly learning how to navigate the contrasts of life and the only way to cultivate this ability is through practice. Take a moment to breathe in a sense of peacefulness while visualizing that you are releasing any stress or tension as you exhale.

From this space of stillness, go inward. Notice your emotions and your thoughts, and simply be present with them. How are they impacting your physical body? Do you feel stress or tightness or are you at ease? Should you become consciously aware of any distress, will you allow yourself to choose to be at peace?

When we can transcend the darkness within ourselves and transform it into valuable lessons and insights, we can more easily hold space for another while they do they same. Our shared humanness is a great reminder that we are all travelers on the path of awakening. Loosen your grip on treasured outcomes and seek instead to learn from the highs and lows of experience.

Your grace and compassion are blessings to those around you. Be patient with the process of your awakening and remember that the challenges of life have something to teach us, as do the moments of blissfulness and joy.


Whatever unfolds in your experience is exactly what your soul requires to grow.
“Whatever comes, let it come, what stays, let stay, what goes let go.” 

Our relationship to the world around us reflects our true relationship to ourselves; and through that, our connection to the Oneness of all life. When we allow the present moment to be as it is without expectation, we begin to experience the world in all it’s beauty.

If you encounter conflict in any area of your life – relationships, body image, traffic jams, drama, etc. – remember that it’s only purpose is to alert you to the fact that you are out of alignment with your true nature.

Empowerment is the realization of the need to self-adjust and bring yourself back to balance. There are many ways back to balance; however, they are all deeply rooted in the silence underneath the chatter of the mind.

Peacefulness in the present moment is needed in order to become aware of the beauty, the majesty and the sacredness of life. When we become engaged in the discovery of our true nature, lessons present themselves everywhere we look. Our world is set up to provide constant reminders of the joy of life that are exquisite and simple… a flower, a tree or a cloud could do it.

The art of stillness connects us to love and each day I am grateful for the reminders I encounter. As I walk and watch the sun lighten the sky, I am greeted by love. As the birds awaken and sing in the stillness, I am serenaded by love. In the flow of my breath, I am connected to love.


Open Your Heart

Look for opportunities to practice love.

“Love is the goal – life is the journey.” 
If you are a healer, send light, compassion and kindness today to someone with whom you disagree. If you are a server, extend a hand in love to someone who frustrates you. If you are a teacher, work more intimately with your most challenging student. Giving love transforms us.
Giving love to those with whom we don’t identify or particularly care for transforms the world.
Adversity – especially inner conflict generated by blame, resentment or anger – is a fertile playground for spiritual growth. If there is even one person in the world who triggers you, you have an opportunity to utilize the alchemical forces of love and positive intention.
Basic kindness is the essence of your Being. Choose to open your heart and let your light transform all that you see

Seeking the Next Level of Consciousness

There are infinite levels of experience and consciousness to explore.

“Rare is it to be born a human being, rarer still to have heard of Enlightenment, and even rarer still to pursue it.”  

Consistency, will and devotion are the most important aspects of inner transformation. Like water which slowly erodes rock, purposeful spiritual work eventually transforms one’s life situation and perception, opening the way to new levels of consciousness.

While moments of clarity and ecstasy often pivot our direction or awaken us from the sleep of illusion, it is the daily application of spiritual truths that creates a permanent foundation from which to work.

You are more powerful than you realize. Your words, thoughts and beliefs create your reality; therefore, observe them to ensure that the energy you add to your experience supports your growth rather than reinforcing any situation which appears to be blocking your joy.

At first, nothing may appear to change and indeed, things may seem to get worse. This often happens when we place our attention upon an aspect of our life experience or personality that we would like to shift. Resistance to change is an indicator that something profound is getting ready to unfold. Since all transformation begins within, find the tools that work for you and make them a priority in your life. Change will naturally unfold.

Dissolving Ego

Give up all desire, demands and expectation and what remains? The joy of being.
“If the only teacher you have is your suffering, you will need a substantial dose of it for the ego to dissolve. But if the power of spiritual teaching is already at work, then a minor event can dissolve the ego.”  
~Eckhart Tolle~

Anything can be the impetus for dramatic change. The evolution of your soul is in progress and all that is required is to immerse oneself deeply within the present moment. There is nothing to learn, nothing to attain… just be.

Who would you be without the dramas of your life? What lies beneath thought generated fear? Peace resides just beyond the illusions of the mind. Without distraction, you can begin to access the limitless possibilities of being and live as a unique expression of the Divine.

The source of all joy and peace resides within you. Set an intention today to allow the ego to dissolve. Do not try to remove it, just allow. Observe what arises. You are not the thoughts nor the content of your experience. You are the awareness. You are expanding. You are love.

The Road Less Traveled

The moment you choose to live for yourself instead of conforming to society’s expectations and demands, you set yourself free.
Follow your joy.
“Be fearless. Have the courage to take risks. Go where there are no guarantees. Get out of your comfort zone even if it means being uncomfortable. The road less traveled is sometimes fraught with barricades, bumps and uncharted terrain. But it is on that road where your character is truly tested. And have the courage to accept that you’re not perfect – nothing is and no one is – and that’s OK.”  
~Katy Couric~

Your journey is unique. There is no roadmap and ultimately there are no guarantees. Every situation offers an opportunity to succeed or to learn; therefore, there is no way that you can fail, for even the most daunting of challenges will leave you transformed.

The unexpected delights instigated by meeting new friends or rediscovering soulmates combined with the excitement of cultivating the less used facets of the Self make everyday an adventure. People you meet may walk with you for a moment or for a lifetime. Enjoy the moments of love, support and connection.

Choose to bring a sense of acceptance, wonder, humor and trust to your exploration. Be grateful for the adventure – you may never pass this way again.

Facing Challenges

Honor your challenges. They will bring out the best in you.

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.”  

Our collective purpose is to awaken by consciously facing our challenges. Together we create paradoxes, engage in karmic contracts and learn to rise above perceived limitation. The threads that bind us together create a beautiful tapestry – messy on one side, artistry on the other.

No matter what you face, know that it works toward your highest good and the highest good for all involved. Each of us must play our part according to the role chosen for this lifetime, current level of consciousness and the prompting of the heart. There are no mistakes and everything serves a higher purpose.

You are perfect in your imperfection. Bring presence to your interactions and allow them to teach you something new. Honor your path as sacred, for it is ultimately leading you home.

Lead Gently

Be receptive and allow others to find their own path.

“Imagine yourself as the great ocean that allows and encourages the smaller streams to come to you.”  
~Wayne Dyer~

In your interactions, even when you may feel that you know best because of your experience, beliefs, state of consciousness or knowledge, choose to lead with humility. The Tao te Ching teaches that we should be like the ocean – remaining low, receptive and accepting.

The consistent use of these energies encourages others to come toward us. Rather than operating from ego or impatience, we can cultivate the ability to lead gently. This allows those who grace our lives to learn at their own pace and work through their unique interpretations of their life experience. Ultimately there is no right way to awaken. Each much carve his or her own path back to the Source.

Practice receptivity. Without thoughts of when or how, await what flows to you with an open heart.

Awakened Living

Be willing to explore the hidden facets of yourself.

“When the energy is dancing in you, in unison, in a deep harmony, in rhythm and flow, you become a blessing to the world.”  

The more you share, the more you have. Sharing becomes a vibrant, life-affirming energy that creates expansion in your own experience. This celebration of life brings a loving playfulness to your life situations.

Give without attachment. Awakened living calls upon us to see life as an adventure, allowing the energy of the Divine to flow unimpeded through us as we open to a higher consciousness.

You are an infinite being filled with unlimited potential and possibility. The next moment can bring an insight that changes everything. Drop predictability, risk all and know that everything in your experience is leading you to greater understanding and compassion.

Release all desire

Release all desire and what remains? Pure joy in the present moment.

“When the grace of love is revealed, be a mirror to reflect it.”  

The mind craves. It plans, regrets, projects and desires. The thoughts that play in the background of our lives distract us from experiencing all that the present moment has to offer.

When we choose to experience life as it is, the mundane is seen as extraordinary. The worldly becomes sacred. Challenges transform into inner wisdom and grace. You can create this in your life. Begin now, with what you have from where you are. By residing fully in whatever unfolds without the desire that it be any different, you enter a space in which transformation can occur.

Practice simple joy in this moment. Find something which soothes your soul. Give it your full attention. Express gratitude. Your true nature is joy.