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This new day is filled with limitless possibility. “We’re all just walking each other home.” ~Ram Dass~  Honor the sacredness of the present moment through gratitude. When we stop and recognize the beauty of creation, we become loving witnesses to life itself. Everything is a reflection of your own state of consciousness. So when a […]

The Human Experience

You are an infinite source of light engaged in a temporary human experience. “The Tao gives you birth through a great outpouring of love. The love becomes light, light becomes energy, and energy becomes matter.” ~Jose Luis Stevens~  Here we dance in human form. We engage with one another in the play of consciousness, exploring […]


Beyond the mechanisms of the mind lies a vast source of wisdom and peace. “Can miles truly separate you from friends… If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you already there?” ~Richard Bach~  Time and space are mental constructs. In reality, we are all deeply connected to one another… and yet, the […]

Loving Awareness

Honor this place, this moment, this experience as sacred. “Wherever you are and whatever you do, be in love.” ~Rumi~ Learn to look beyond the physical roles that people play in this life. Awakening calls upon us to see and respond to one another with open hearts and this cannot be done from a space […]

Growth Through Intensity

Your purpose is to awaken and all of life supports you in this endeavor. “For most people, their spiritual teacher is their suffering. Because eventually the suffering brings about awakening.” ~Eckhart Tolle~  Suffering, whether self-inflicted or the result of outside events, brings hidden aspects of our shadow self to the surface of our consciousness. Often […]


Awakening changes how we interact with the world. “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” ~Maya Angelou~ No matter where one resides on the path of transformation, keep in mind that everyone is doing the best they can based upon their soul age, childhood imprinting, history […]

Facing Challenges Consciously

We never stop learning. When faced with a challenge, consciously turn toward it. “The spiritual practice of relationships is about working on ourselves only, freeing ourselves from the constricting grip of our own unhappiness. It is not the other person’s job to take our unhappiness away; our discomfort is our own responsibility. Attending to our […]


Wisdom arises when we allow the soul to experience what is without judgment. “The path to love requires open-hearted attention to the very things that seem to block our way to it.”      ~Ezra Bayda~  The richness of various ideas, textures, perceptions and soul expression creates a vast tapestry of exquisite beauty. Contrasts allow […]

Transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs

Every situation has something vital to teach us. “Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You only have to come to it, to know it, to realize it.”      ~Osho~    In moments when blockages seem to keep you locked in old patterns and you […]

Turning Inward

Stillness is a state of no-mind. “No matter how you may be feeling, simply sit down, experience the texture of what is happening in your body and mind – and then just let it be.”      ~Ezra Bayda~    Once you develop an awareness of the ego, it becomes easier to observe its antics. […]