Transformative Moments

Change is constantly in motion. Flow with the current. “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”    ~Dalai Lama~  We are engaged in a journey of awakening. Every moment leads us ever onward and though there may be times of struggle or doubt, the most important […]


You can create magnificent changes in your experience. “Expecting an epiphany – some single moment of insight that will  forever banish the experience of fear, anger, neediness – may prevent us from noticing the slow and almost imperceptible ways spiritual practice subtly transforms us. With patience and perseverance, our habitual patterns slowly erode, until one […]


The light of awareness transforms all that it shines upon. “The path to love requires open-hearted attention to the very things that seem to block our way to it.”  ~Ezra Bayda~    Transformation – whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – often takes us into uncharted territory. The chaos of upheaval is intended to shake […]

Inner wisdom

The energy of the vast, infinite universe lives within you. “You have to create your own path to your own temple. No help is possible, and it is the grandeur of humanity, a tremendous dignity, that you can follow only your own path.”  ~Osho~  Christ suggested that we be in the world, but not of […]

You are a masterpiece

Within you, there are infinite treasures that await discovery. “You don’t have to try so hard… you don’t have to change a thing.”  ~Colbie Caillat~    Every soul is precious and unique. When you recognize and respond to positive characteristics in others, realize that you have those same qualities within you. Everything you experience is […]

Be an inspiration

Your presence is transformative. “It is always worth considering, ‘Am I blissful the way I am living?’ If one is not then one must take risks. New paths, new lifestyles, a new search will have to be undertaken. This much is certain: you have nothing to lose.”  ~Osho~  Love, joy and enthusiasm are contagious. They […]

Everything is energy

Awareness is the first step of transformation. “The ability to [consciously] respond is one of the greatest principles of growth. You are not following any order, any commandment; you are simply following your awareness.”  ~Osho~ Spirituality is not about adhering to rules and following “shoulds” that someone else has created. The awakening spirit learns to […]


Love allows you to discover who you are in the presence of another. “Contrary to the romantic fantasies we have about relationships, in actuality they often push us directly into our blind longings, our dark fears, and our unhealed pain.” ~Ezra Bayda~ Being at peace in the present moment comes from being One with what […]

Exploring the limitless

All that you seek is within you. “When we bring a gentle awareness to the layers of our conditioning, and to the struggles that arise out of our conditioning, the power of that conditioning slowly dissolves. Life then moves toward the unconditioned – where the vastness, or love, just flows through. ~Ezra Bayda~  Once we […]

Peace begins within

The greatest gift that you can give is non-reactivity. “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”   ~Rumi~    It has been said that we must be the change we wish to see. Each of us is a microcosm of our collective […]