My life has made a complete turnaround since meeting Krystina. Thank you! I now do things I was unable to do before, achieving things that were out of reach before, whether through self-sabotage or a lack of confidence. I am living a more rewarding, fulfilling life that is no longer overrun by fear/anxiety, guilt, anger, resentment, loneliness, etc. The traumas of my life have healed and been transformed. They no longer hold me hostage! And I have skills to keep it that way and continue to grow in consciousness!

It is rare to meet someone that walks her talk. Krystina greets everyone on her path with light, love and peace. The moment you enter her office, you can feel you are in a Sacred Space. It's like your soul is getting a breath of fresh air…an atmosphere of acceptance. Krystina has a unique ability to help you discover your truth and begin your walk of positive growth and transformation. She demonstrates an unwavering commitment to help all those who desire to discover their potential within.

amethyst-lgThis has been a year of challenges. Your guidance has been so key in helping me understand and take great leaps forward. I am forever grateful.
- Judy

Everything in the reading you gave me the other day has happened, even on the dates you gave me. People can even email me if they want. You have the gift.

I have had many card readings throughout the years, but none as practical and accurate as the one you did for me today. Your work is so quick and natural that the subtle parts do not come to the forefront of the mind for several hours. The work that is accomplished has very little to do with the actual time spent with you. Just the right touch is given to allow one to progress without causing distress. This is indeed a high accomplishment. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful healing gifts.
-Betty Malicoat owner: www.thelotuspath.org

I am 36 years old and I had been struggling my entire life trying to deal with past abuse. Being sexually and physically abused throughout my childhood left an adult with a lot of emotional scars, a lot of issues and a lot of emotional baggage. After just one session with Krystina last February, I have felt a huge weight has been lifted off of me. Krystina gave me the tools to discover the strength and potential within myself. Things that would "trigger" past memories and feelings, thus sending me into an emotional downward spiral, no longer affect me. I am able to focus on the important things in life and let go of the negativity of my childhood. It's a life changing experience to go under hypnosis with Krystina - with nothing but positive results.
- Name Withheld by Request

My otherwise healthy and happy fourteen year old son became alarmingly ill. He suffered from extreme anxiety,insecurity and fear. For six months this went on. He wouldn't leave home, he wouln't eat and his weight dropped by over 20 terrifying pounds. As a worried mom, this consumed every moment of my life. I took him to Doctors and counselors who were at a loss. These visits only created more fear for him, that he would never get back to normal. The thought of therapuetic hypnosis terrified him. It was so"unknown" and "foreign" to him. I had been seeing Krystina for months and she offered to do some long distance energy work. The results were ASTOUNDING! After the first session - I noticed a lively boy who came out of his shell. After the second session - there was no need for any more. He is a healthy, secure, growing teenager. I am amazed and so relieved and grateful for all that Krystina did for him. He has truly come full circle.
- Name Withheld by Request

After suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for years, I just could not get over the severe insomnia and pyramid-contrastother emotional issues that kept me home and on disability. From the first session with Krystina, I felt as though she was put into my life to help me make these final steps out of mental illness. She gently guided me through problem areas I did not know existed but held the key to my wellness with superior intuition and natural hypnosis ability. Long story short, over 20 Medical Doctors said I would be on disability for the rest of my life, and I would never return to work again. As of the day I am writing this, I am employed full time, sleeping well and enjoying life. Thank You Krystina.
- G.S.

"Since it's extremely difficult to gain my trust, I sincerely doubted Krystina would be able to hypnotize me. I can remember the moment where I could have refused her guidance (under hypnosis), but she was skilled and caring enough to walk me through that issue. Under hypnosis, I was able to discover a negative opinion I still held deep inside of myself that was holding me back. After a few sessions, I decided to go it alone. I'm happy to say that, (with Krystina's help) my life has grown into a much more productive and happy state."
-Judy S. Risley

fireplace1I have lived with migraine headaches or neck-aches stemming from stress for about 20 years now. I have been to doctors that prescribed pills that knocked me off my feet. They did rid me of the headaches, but I could not function. I have also been through Physical Therapy which pretty much worked until I forgot to do my neck exercises six times a day. I have also had arthritis pain (mostly in my thumb joints) for the last few years.

Since I went to Krystina for help, the improvement is staggering. She hypnotized me a couple of months ago and I have not had a headache since. That is totally unusual for me. My hands are much better as well. Before the hypnotism, my grandkids could barely touch my hands and now they can grab them and I don't flinch with pain.

She also helped me to be more patient and more tolerant to situations that I had no tolerance with before. I am very grateful everyday that I went to her. Thank you, Krystina.
- Dana B. Miller

An angel crossed my path, just in time. At the end of last year I found myself not only an empty nester, but also coping with grief plus the stress of a new management position with a Fortune 500 company. After my first session with Krystina, I felt calm, peaceful and back in control. The weight on my chest was gone by the next morning. Krystina helped me come to terms with my loss, accept the NOW, and shared how to live in the WOW. Her guidance had an instant effect, and it was so simple. I am now open to new paths and alternative routes to finding continued peace and the joy I wish for in my life.
– Sally Smalldon

Negative and painful things have been happening in my life, even now, but I look at it through totally different eyes. dowsingI can honestly say I am ready to live in the wow!
– Gwen Anderson

Reading Living in the WOW provided a method to release the negativity I had been holding, consciously or subconsciously, against individuals in my past. I can see them now as angels who helped me along my path. I am stronger and happier for it.
– Julie Elstner

"Sunday night I was feeling depressed and lost. When I awoke Monday morning, my energy had changed and I felt an immediate difference. I know it was the Illuminating Energy Transmission at work in me. Thank you!" -Sandford Hunt

How much I have enjoyed and learned from your recent writings. I am reading them and sharing them more on a daily basis with my spouse and friend - in our quiet place in comfortable chairs in the early hours of the morning. So often they are so in sync with our other readings and where we are at in that moment. How awesome and healing! Thank you so much.

Each day your Wow Moments speak to me, but today's hit me deeply. I love your paragraph about uniqueness. I have done too much comparing myself to other people in the past. and I always put myself on the short end. I know today, that I am unique and am on the path I am supposed to be on. I know there are still good things waiting for me in life.

Your Wow Moments are absolutely so poignant for me. Ahh what a blessing we are for each other. Namaste. I nod and acknowledge. This is truly such a delightful journey. The times when I just want to run away are diminishing. I truly knew, today, that this is where I was supposed to be. You are such a Treasure.

WOW! Thank you for the phenomenal insights. All of a sudden, his 'image' in my mind changed - because on a higher level, maybe I need to learn my way out of this feeling. What if this is why he's in my life? I'm speechless.
Sending you blessings and gratitude,

Kuan-Yin-WebThe healing began for me when you released some kind of energy blockage that allowed the healing to begin, and me to start going to the emergency room. It was an energy buried deep under many layers. You literally started the release of stored toxins in my body, so I could began to heal. Thank you.

Thank you.
You planted a seed, I watered and nurtured it. I just found JOY in making my bed.
Stripping, putting in the washer, add the soap, do something else, hang in on the clothesline, it’s dry, smell the fragrance and energy from the sun and wind, place it on the bed with Angel Energy along with mine, fluff the pillows just so and turn the covers down invitingly…… how much better can it get from this?
I smile when I see you in my mind and heart.
My Gratitude is immense.
Loving you.

I have just received a call from the neurologist at the Phoenix VA medical Center.
They had done cat scans and mri's and mrv's.
The blood clot in my brain has actually begun to open and there is blood flow
starting where there was none before.
I am sitting here in some kind of state of shock.
All the work is paying off, and I am indebted to you for your major part in this healing.
My deepest gratitude.

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you something I'm sure you already know. Not getting mad really works! I have always been either a total non-believer about this, or, at least a skeptic. But I tried it (don't ask me how I got to that point) and the benefits have been incredible.
My "Get Mad Opportunity" happened on Monday, and all I know is that I had time to think about what I was going to say, and then this voice told me it didn't matter what I said because it had all been said before and it would lead to more fighting. So I just kept my mouth shut. Three days later, it feels so good. I feel really empowered! I also have saved myself the physical and mental stress of getting mad. If someone had told me there were so many fantastic side effects, I doubt I would have believed them, so I'm glad I had the chance to find out for myself.
Thank you for always coming back to this point with me. As usual, you were right.
Love you lots!

path of light

I am finding myself, since our meeting in February, really trying to transform. It is a slow process of 2 steps forward and 1 step back but, it truly is life changing. I have also found myself sharing my new thinking and learnings with others. Pretty powerful. I think the karma I need to address in my soul stage is consistency of peace and patience. I believe these are the two biggest hurdles in my path of transformation.
So, in my gratitude walk today, I am thankful for our meeting and your daily emails.

Dearest Krystina, I am noticing an overall heightened sense of gratitude and love for all things, body, mind and spirit as well as increased energy.
Lovelove, M

Thank you for your loving energy and attention to me last night. I am grateful for your presence in my life and the growth that I am experiencing.

I wanted to say Thank You for the energy transmission on Sunday. Being that I am two hours in front of you I was fast asleep. I set my intention to wake so I could enjoy the sensation of the flow of energy. I woke up a half hour before the session was to begin with several pains in my body and a deep feeling of dread. I then began to feel and see, in my minds eye, the energy swirling above me and entering my solar plexus. It was a very pleasant and joyful experience and the words that came to me...I DEEPLY AND COMPLETELY LOVE MYSELF, I AM SAFE, I AM NOT ALONE, I TRUST. In gratitude and appreciation....Love, Leila

Thank you for opening this past Sunday's session to us (the non-paying). Here is my experience. At 9 PM, I was sitting up straight with my feet on the floor and praying. I was saying something along the lines of Where there is chaos, let there be calm and so on. As I was sitting, I was noticing my upper back was hurting and my stomach was bothering me so I included Where there is pain, let there be healing...instantly, the pain in both my back and my stomach abated and has not been back since. I've felt happy for the past two days and less attached to the chaos and stress that seems pervasive all around me.
Thank you again for this lovely healing experience. I truly appreciate your daily messages. Bless you for and in all that you do.
with love and kindness,

This morning I danced outside with my new tools -- released what wasn't mine and brought in from the Universe what IS mine. Delightful! My leg loves to dance -- no problems, and I don't remember waking up in the night with any pain. 🙂 I enjoy being on the right track!


I thought (until I read a little about what you teach) that there must be something wrong with me because my normal "Success Principals" motivation was going away -- the Principals that guided me to success in Business & Finances... I now look for how I can help and pass on the love and lessons that have been my guiding force to living a fulfilled life...You are doing a great & wonderful healing and rejuvenating "therapy" for all people everywhere!!...Thank you for doing your work. I will continue to read about what you have written. We need more people like you in this World!


My life has made a complete turnaround since meeting Krystina. Thank you! I now do things I was unable to do before, achieving things that were out of reach before, whether through self-sabotage or a lack of confidence. I am living a more rewarding, fulfilling life that is no longer overrun by fear/anxiety, guilt, anger, resentment, loneliness, etc. The traumas of my life have healed and been transformed. They no longer hold me hostage! And I have skills to keep it that way and continue to grow in consciousness!