Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts

A Celtic Vow of Friendship
I honor your path
I bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place
I drink from your well
I hold no cherished outcome
I will not negotiate by withholding
I am not subject to disappointment

Your life is an occasion - rise to it!
-- Mr. Magorium

If you pray for courage, is a magic wand waived, suddenly making you brave, or are you provided an opportunity to be courageous?
-- paraphrased from Evan Almighty




Gratitude Walks

Every morning (Yes, I said 'every') take at least five minutes and get outside to breathe the air, greet the day and spend some time in gratitude. Initially, this is easy - being thankful for your home, the beauty of the day, your pets, loved ones… the sound of the birds, etc. Soon though, you'll find yourself being thankful for the challenges you've encountered or the contrast you find in your closest family ties - these things all demonstrate what you've learned in your life and perhaps even how far you've come. I once had a client say to me, "So, is the whole point of the Gratitude Walk to be thankful for everything?" Answer: Yes! When you begin the day with a positive attitude, it's that much more difficult to be thrown off your stride by a difficult moment. Then, you'll be able to see objectively and accelerate the lesson.

Chakra Mantra

Each morning prior to leaving the house, a good exercise is this simple chakra balance. As you briefly touch each energy center say the following:

(Crown Chakra) “Today I am willing to accept a miracle…"

(3rd Eye Chakra) “To see Clearly”

(Throat Chakra) “Communicate Effectively”

(Heart Chakra) “Love Unconditionally”

(Solar Plexus Chakra) “Project the aura of ____________ (Peace/Presence, etc) outward to everyone I meet”

(Belly Chakra) “Embrace my creativity and sensuality and the joy of being a woman/man”

(Root Chakra) “As I walk my talk and speak my truth”

“Let each person with whom I speak this day see their own Presence reflected through me, so that they may create peace, growth and transformation in their lives”

I believe that each of us should walk in the world holding the conscious thought that we are all connected and help one another.