Michael Channeling – Understand Your Spiritual Path

candles-MarieDiscover your soul age, how many lifetimes you've had thus far, your role, purpose and what karmic lessons or agreements are in place with the various people in your life.

This channeled reading adds new levels of understanding and a broader perspective to your life situation. The purpose of this information is to help you navigate your journey in a way that is empowered and unconditionally loving.

As an example, Krystina's overleaves are:

  • 80th Lifetime
  • Soul Age - 5th level Old Soul
  • Role - Priest
  • Goal - Growth
  • Attitude - Spiritualist
  • Mode - Passion
  • Chief Feature - Arrogance (this indicates the self-karma chosen to work on in this life)

Learn more about your Soul Group, your Support Circle, what karmas you have yet to complete, and how you can teach those around you. As written at the Oracle at Delphi - and Know Thyself. Understanding one’s Self is the first step to acceptance and enlightenment.

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