Expanding Into Love

Your soul is in a constant state of expansion. “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”      ~Rumi~   Something good is coming your way. Weave your future by recognizing the talents, lessons, synchronicities and opportunities that […]

The Journey

Courage is not about fearlessness. It is the willingness to move forward in spite of any fear that may arise. “Fear tells us to stop, to stay within the boundary of our protected cocoon-world. Yet when we feel fear, if we take even one small step toward it rather than yielding to our habitual pulling […]

Peaceful Joy

Observe the sacredness in yourself and in the world around you. “The moment you enter the Now with your attention, you realize that life is sacred. There is a sacredness to everything you perceive when you are present. The more you live in the Now, the more you sense the simple yet profound joy of […]

Be The Light

Be the light you wish to see in the world. “I would like my life to be a statement of love and compassion – and where it isn’t, that is where my work lies.”      ~Ram Dass~  Each of us must demonstrate personal responsibility by observing the energy we bring into our life situations. […]


The greater the challenge, the greater the breakthrough. “Change, freedom, invention and liberation are all attributes of [disruption]. The inner strength you have funded until now in your life is your support and guide at a time when everything you’ve taken for granted is being challenged.”      ~Ralph Blum~    When challenges feel intense […]

Healing Tears

There are times when we must go inward, feel deeply and allow healing to begin. “Experiencing our emotions fully, without wallowing in them or turning away, allows us to break through the layers of protective armor and connect with the heart. Fully felt, our emotions can clear the path to the deep well of compassionate […]

Destiny vs Free Will

Life will always present the perfect situation for your souls growth. “Karmas do not have to be initiated. If you see yourself heading towards a karmic situation, you can stop and decide not to pick up that karmic thread – whether it is a creation or a clean up. Once you begin a karma, however, […]


It is time to rediscover your innocence. “See the world through the eyes of your inner child. The eyes that sparkle in awe and amazement as they see love, magic and mystery in the most ordinary things.”      ~Henna Sohail~  After years of adding layers of knowledge and experience the spiritual seeker comes to […]


Act with integrity, do your best, accept what is. “The only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment. That’s all there ever is.”      ~Eckhart Tolle~    We live in a world of limitless possibility; however as humans, our vision is often very […]

Love, Light and Laughter

Each of us is a unique expression of the Divine in human form. “A world full of Love, Light & Laughter. Its time has come. Let’s make it happen.”      ~Sadghuru~    Kindness is never wasted. Pausing to smile or sharing a kind word increases your own store of happiness. When you’re fully immersed […]