Enjoy the Little Things

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”
~Robert Breault~

Our love, our consciousness and attention transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. This recognition of Oneness comes through mindfulness and appreciation. When you choose to create moments of beauty in your experience, you are communing with the Divine.

The small ways in which we touch one another creates a cumulative energy which transforms the mundane into the magical. This alchemy of spirit has a delightful impact on the world around you.

So, pick up trash when you notice it and make your corner of the world a more beautiful place. Stop and help someone who appears to be struggling. Smile at the antics of a bird. Get on the wavelength of a child who sparks the imagination of your own inner child. Everything is sacred.

Awaken to Wonder

“Now is the time to free the heart,
Let all the intentions and worries stop,
Free the joy inside the self,
Awaken to the wonder of your life.”
~John O’Donohue~

Your life is filled with beauty. Align yourself fully within the present moment and honor it as sacred. Close your eyes and accept the embrace of the Beloved. This is the dance of awakening.

When you look through the eyes of love, only appreciation remains. With gratitude, we celebrate our friendships, experience the birth of a brand new day, seek enlightenment and ultimately discover peace. No matter what unfolds within your life circumstances, you can choose to bring a conscious, empowered, joyful attitude to your journey.

One suggestion is to approach each situation as if you have purposely written the script that you see playing out before you. Every circumstance in your experience has something of intrinsic value within it meant to assist in your soul’s awakening. Your job is to step into the energetic field of discovery with an open heart.

Being Peace

“The true task of a spiritual life is not found in faraway places or unusual states of consciousness. It is here in the present.”
~Jack Kornfield~
When we go inward, we discover of a limitless dimension of silence and peace. More than the absence of noise, the mind itself is quiet and we can commune with the infinite. Rather than seeking to experience this stillness far away from the intensity of busyness of the world, seek to find it within yourself and purposely bring it into your life experience.
The awakening soul learns how to access this sense of stillness and peace, even in the midst of chaotic situations. Yes, this takes practice but is well worth the exploration. Make a conscious choice not to allow another person or circumstance to dictate the level of your joy. Outside factors ebb and flow; however, inner grace is permanent, infinite and complete.

From a quieted mind comes thoughtful expectation and the ability to respond to life from a higher frequency. Take time periodically to breathe deeply and experience the moment as it is. When you are able to connect with the stillness of the heart, a playful and transformative intelligence emerges.

Infinite Possibility

“Day by day become more and more intimate with the inner stillness, joy and love, which is the fragrance of your own pure heart.”

You are here to discover your true nature as a divine, infinite spirit of pure potential.

We dream a new world into being by opening to possibility, being willing to accept a miracle and encouraging growth – both in ourselves and in those around us. Practice living beyond expectation and limitation and allow the source of all life to flow through you. Keep things simple. Miracles happen when we get out of our own way.

Take the time to breathe. Create balance often throughout the day using the tools that you have acquired. Since nothing is static, it’s empowering to look at a situation with the realization that there are still many facets waiting to be explored.

Life will always present the ideal situation for your growth. The spiritual student will look at a challenge and ask themselves what there is to be learned. A master will look at the ease and joys of life asking the very same question…

Nothing is More Important Than Your State of Consciousness

“Joy is spiritual. It is different, totally different from pleasure or happiness. It has nothing to do with the outside, with the other, it is an inner phenomenon.”
Challenges arise to assist us in our spiritual growth. They originate from limiting thought patterns, judgment, fear or anger – often growing larger due to others who are willing to participate in the drama. It is often from this space of confusion and dysfunction that we attempt to correct the situation… and therein lies the mental trap. We must first focus on creating inner balance and shifting our awareness to a higher level. From there, perceptions change, new solutions are discovered and the power of love enters.
There is a purpose behind every circumstance. Sometimes clear, sometimes murky, but always, ultimately a beautiful coordinated movement of consciousness which is attempting to manifest in the present moment. Seek to bring the best aspects of yourself to every situation. When you are willing to slow down, become aware and approach the present moment with compassion, everything changes.

Accept What Is

“Surrender is not a weakness, it is a strength. It takes tremendous strength to surrender life to the supreme – to the cosmic unfolding.”

Of all the aspects we discover on the Path of Transformation, one of the most powerful is surrender. The spiritual knowledge of surrender as power flies directly in the face of the logic of the ego which cries out for action.

The initial reaction to any obstacle is the desire to find a way around it or through it. Looking for solutions and finding none, it’s easy to become stressed and lose vital energy in frustration. Moving into acceptance does not mean throwing up your hands in despair or apathy or giving up the moment you are thwarted. Instead, surrender can be consciously utilized as a moment to put your spiritual knowledge into practice knowing that all things happen for you… not to you. This moment is one that you can use to accelerate your soul’s evolution.

The movement from frustration to empowerment is the path. Instead of experiencing ongoing ego-related reactivity or repeating old stories and patterns, we can choose to observe what arises and begin to look inward for the purpose behind the challenge.

A new way to move forward may present itself or assistance may arrive in forms that you had never imagined. See any challenges that arise as an opportunity to discover the power of surrender and allow the mysteries of the Universe to unfold all around you.

Vision Quest

“What is my purpose in the world? There is still a great journey ahead. My vision quest may reveal the answers, or perhaps I will only learn how to ask the right questions.”
~Dianne Bishop Carey~
It’s time to awaken to the inner mystery of who you are. The quest inward may take you through the hidden recesses of your soul, only to find the light, uniqueness and beauty you may have glimpsed within yourself as a child. If you can remember the stories that first inspired you, go back and revisit them. Enter into the land of imagination and seek that which once instilled excitement within you.
Our souls resonate with certain ideas and stories for a reason. That recognition and inspiration often sets the stage for how we choose to move through the world. Dancing within the joys of your true nature nurtures the inner child and allows your creativity free expression. As a seeker awakening to wisdom, you’ll add an element of magic into your daily experience.
Each journey is unique and you will come to find doorways that may lead you to new ways of being. See your life as a journey of adventure and discovery.


“Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.”

Sometimes we meet others and feel an instant connection. From the moment of ‘hello’ there is a feeling of safety and warmth and this person brings something special to your life experience. These are typically reunions of two souls who have played together in many lifetimes. The ease you feel is the natural result of the many interactions and karmic agreements you two have shared.

Often it seems there are an amazing number of synchronistic occurrences that have to fall into place in order for two souls to cross paths. Then, recognizing a kindred spirit – or perhaps a karmic contract – they choose to embark upon a segment of the journey together.
As an older soul, you may have this feeling often. Your long history on the planet has likely included many members of your soul group. This is why we must be accepting and grateful for those who grace our lives. Whether you share the journey for a moment or for a lifetime, the feeling is always one of coming home.
The extent to which you are willing to be supported is an indication of the love you have for yourself. The supporting characters of your life provide a springboard for the discovery of new experiences, thoughts, opportunities and perceptions. Friendship is the highest form of love.

Live Higher

“Spirituality is not the practicing of any virtue; spirituality is the gaining of a new vision. Virtue follows that vision; it comes on its own accord. It is a natural by-product. When you start seeing, things start changing.”

Consciousness is the journey of expansion into all dimensions, the discovery of broader perspectives and the integration of all that we have learned. It seeks to express itself through our interactions and provides an opportunity to see life differently.

The human condition is one of forgetfulness – separation, drama, ego, desire. The spiritual seeker begins to drop the veils of illusion and opens to the infinite, only to experience the bliss of discovering that the truth lies within. This is transcendence.

Life is a tapestry of dark and light, a blending of dimensions from the depths of lower consciousness to the heights of love and communion. They exist together and when we cultivate the understanding that all levels of consciousness are required in this dance of awakening, we begin to have a very different perspective of the world.

One With Everything

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
~Albert Einstein~

We are on a collective journey of awakening. There are many roads to explore throughout the process of enlightenment; however, the one most worthy of your attention is compassion.

Judgment, no matter how it is expressed, simply shows where your own thinking is limited. Practice setting aside your opinions and simply have your own present moment experience. Look deeply into the Now with your heart rather than with the mind.

Let nature show you the secrets of the universe. When we learn to slow down and pay attention, life becomes a teacher. We must expand our vision to encompass the whole world. When you honor all things as sacred, are you not transformed?