We are one

The more you develop a greater understanding of yourself, the more you feel connected to the whole of which we are all a part. This connection allows us to see that we are involved in the same process of awakening, that we are brothers and sisters and ultimately, related in infinite ways that we are just beginning to understand.

The human condition is to believe in boundaries. We create them within our heart as a form of protection. We create them in our homes, cities and countries thinking somehow that this blocks out the “bad” and they exists within the mind as forms of judgment. In awareness, we learn to approach ourselves and one another with open hearts. One by one boundaries begin to disappear and we merge with infinite possibility.

With each breath we come together. Breathing the same atmosphere, sharing the same energy… have you noticed that certain people’s sense of purpose and vitality uplifts you while others bring you down? We are constantly affecting one another. The conscious spiritual seeker uses this awareness and can transform situations with their authenticity and intention.

Accept yourself. With clarity and acceptance you can create a space in which transformation can occur. Then fear disappears, boundaries diminish and we can once again greet one another as friends.

Today my intention is to rejoice and celebrate in gratitude.

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