The gifts of adversity

What gifts await discovery? Four years ago I had no idea that I would write and while I’m still in the process of learning, it has become an important part of my spiritual growth and work. The temporary loss of a friendship prompted me to delve into that previously unknown aspect of myself and showed, once again, how everything works to the highest good of all involved regardless of how it appears. When I think of how many people’s lives have changed as a result of that original misunderstanding, I smile, appreciating the brilliance of the soul contract that was in play at the time.

From a spiritual viewpoint, things are often the opposite of how they appear on the physical plane. I’ve seen people lose jobs and security only to discover that they were meant to be entrepreneurs. Others encounter betrayal from lovers or family and discover relationships of authentic love and connection in the space that was created by the apparent loss. Rejection only means that something better awaits us down the road. Chance encounters become life-changing adventures.

I rarely have clients come trying to gain spiritual understanding when things are going well in their lives. It’s the bumps and bruises that capture our attention and send us on an inward journey searching for answers. Bless the challenges that arise within your experience for they are the gifts of your growth and have only appeared because you are ready to discover something new.

Today my intention is to remember that (in the words of Louise Hay) “In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete.”

Our purpose is to awaken

Everything you learn about yourself adds another piece to the puzzle of who you are and each facet shimmers with beauty as it reflects the light within you. The interesting thing about this process of discovery is that we initially don’t recognize our talents and potential until we go through some sort of challenge. The burdens created by the mind are transformed into gifts which guide us as we walk the journey of awakening.

There will come a time when you no longer need to manifest hardship in order to grow. As you drop the layers that block you from seeing yourself clearly, it will become easier to explore and discover the truth of your infinite nature when things are going well. This process of unveiling frees you from the mechanisms of the mind. The ego will still be there, chattering away; however, it will no longer have the ability to trap you in perceived limitation for extended amounts of time.

Make your joy in this moment your top priority. Allow your choices to be based in love rather than fear and seek wholeness within every situation. Joy, of course, is not the egoic definition of happiness resulting from things going the way you believe they should, but an authentic connection with the peace and silence of the Presence within you.

You have come to this planet with a specific purpose in mind – to awaken and contribute your unique perception and experiences to the whole of collective consciousness. When you step back to view completed tapestry we are weaving, you will discover that you are a gift of exquisite design.

Today my intention is to celebrate the journey. Every event has led me to this moment of perfection and I am grateful.

Our thoughts create our reality

When you shine the light of consciousness into the darkness something miraculous occurs. Instead of shame, you discover compassion. What once seemed to create limitation now sets you free. Embracing life’s opportunities and circumstances allows us to take back our power, realize our dreams and live with passion.

As a child, I was terrified of the dark. Shadows on the wall seemed to dance in maniacal glee, I was always expecting a hand to reach out and grab my ankle as I got into bed (so much, in fact, that I eventually chose to remove the bed frame and keep the mattress safely on the floor….) and yet, I lived for horror stories, scary movies, ice cream and childhood crushes, somehow finding my center in the perilous childhood balance between light and dark.

As a young woman, I decided to overcome my fear. I would camp alone in Yosemite (my place of healing); listening to the sounds of the forest in the dark, afraid of each snap, unknown possibility and the life and death dance of the nocturnal creatures. Eventually my fear transformed into delight. I learned to love the moon and the otherworldly shadows created by her soft radiance. I learned to breathe slower and see all the beauty that I had been missing during those long years of shaking fearfully in the face of the unknown. Somewhere along the line, I learned that I could walk forward in spite of the fear.

The ego loses its power when we are no longer divided internally. After you walk through the fire and step through to the other side, you are forever changed, awakened and empowered. The steps:

  • Stop projecting and blaming
  • Honor your feelings
  • Act with integrity, do your best, accept what is
  • Love yourself – release all judgment
  • Step into the present moment with gratitude

Today my intention is to dance with the joy of life.

Releasing limitation

Limitation is nothing more than outmoded conditioning. Somewhere down the line, one accepts an idea that blocks them from seeing their true nature. Over time, they manage to that idea, create self-fulfilling prophesies and reinforce the belief with myriad examples that become their perception of truth… “That’s the way I’ve always been.”

The teacher’s purpose is to hold up a mirror so that you may see your own divinity. Even then, the filters of belief are initially so strong that many have trouble believing the image which is shown… and yet, there is a resonating response from the deepest part of the soul which propels each of us down the path of healing.

Spiritual awakening is a process. Celebrate the moments of connection, insight, authenticity and breakthrough. Periodically look at your life and compare where you are now to where you were a year ago, or five or ten. There will come a day when old patterns shatter and you realize that you’re no longer reactive to the same issues.

Once you’ve released a limiting belief, you’ll never fall prey to its mechanisms again. Old layers of energy surrounding the core issue may surface, but instead of falling back into old behavior, you’ll simply be conscious that another aspect has come to your attention because it’s ready to be released.

This is how you create the life of your dreams. Imagine it, accept it, and live it in this moment to the best of your ability. Find ways to explore that bring fulfillment and know that your unique journey of awakening has just begun.

Today my intention is to bless and release the things which no longer serve me.

The tapestry of our creation

Things have a way of falling into place perfectly when we get ourselves out of the way. With our intention and actions, we set energy in motion and it can sometimes be amazing to witness what unfolds. You have many gifts to share, and that sharing (done with an open heart) should happen effortlessly.

Everything is a doorway to the Divine. Gather your inner courage and trust in the process of your awakening. You’ll find that the light of consciousness transforms all that is within or around you.

When we recognize the common source of our humanity and experiences, it allows us to join together in a synchronistic dance of gratitude. There are wonderful things to discover when we drop our fear and combine the knowledge and riches that each of us contribute to the whole.

Today my intention is to remember that we are one… all linked together in the exquisite tapestry of our creation. In celebration we meet infinite possibility.

Harm none, know thyself

Harm none, know thyself… Taught in various spiritual and philosophical systems throughout history, these simple premises have been handed down throughout the generations. All cultures share similar teachings wrapped in the flavor of their experience and yet, for anyone who has observed history, the one thing that replays is the harm that mankind does to itself, one another and the environment. Harm is always based in a lack of understanding, imbalance or fear.

The evolution of our species began with the mysticism of the ancients who lived and walked in harmony (and at time, at the mercy of) the natural flow of the planet. These ancient peoples are sometimes referred to as Wisdom Keepers and they pass down and continue to share their memories with those who are ready to receive.

As we collectively matured, we went through a phase of first creating and then breaking free from old laws and structure, rebellion and discovering our power. In the process, we forgot that early Divine connection as new information and experience took over.

Then began the journey of healing, the struggle with self-expression and finding our personal integrity. During this process we strove to get back to basic, simplify and realign with our true natures. As we continue to evolve, it’s important to integrate the knowledge and experience we have gleaned along the way. Every experience becomes a beautiful facet of who you are and who you are becoming. The acceptance of it all brings about internal balance and harmony which will sustain you through each and every moment. Honor your past and the teachings of those who walked before, but ultimately consider that nothing is more important than your unique connection to the Divine and your joy in this moment.

Today my intention is to honor all paths as sacred.

Conscious Presence

Everything emits its own energetic vibration. The lower the frequency, the heavier the energy and the more limitation one encounters. The ego loves to feed our fears – creating “what if” stories around possible personal loss, world events, frightening future scenarios, etc. This energy then becomes a heavy weight that one carries and all of life is then experienced through the filter of fear.

The way to detach from the cultural providence of the egoic mind-set is to remain fully present. Instead of focusing your precious energy on past choices, perceived mistakes or missed opportunities, it’s important to take responsibility for your own state of consciousness in the Now. Nothing is more important for one’s health and balance and peace of mind.

Likewise, fears about the future equally destroy the happiness available within the present moment. Our thoughts create our reality, so when you notice the voice of the ego (and this can be generated internally or come through other people, the news, etc.) it’s empowering to observe it and shine the light of consciousness upon it.

Whenever you become aware of suffering that is going on in the world, rather than tuning out or enthusiastically joining in, notice what personal stories arise within you. All of life provides the opportunity to learn more about compassion, faith, love and acceptance. We must be the change that we wish to see in the world and this begins by doing our own inner work. Old pain or fear that has been suppressed will often resurface when we witness challenges that others are going through. These moments of awareness are the moments of transformation, both personally and collectively.

Knowing that all things work to our highest good, the greatest gift that you can give those who grace your life is conscious Presence. Often, spiritual seekers are called upon to be frequency holders who carry a field of peacefulness that can transform others’ energetic fields. From this place of balance we can share healing energy, light and prayers while holding the space of love for those who need it the most.

Today my intention is to walk in the light of love.

Love, light and laughter

Love lies at the core of everything. It awakens joy in the present moment and allow us to walk in gratitude, even during times of great challenge and transformation. Love shines the light of consciousness onto situations that the uninitiated deem “wrong” and cultivates compassion for those who need it the most.

Considered in this manner, you are love. There is nothing to seek, only layers of false belief to release. Moment by moment we draw closer to the truth of who we are and what we have come here to do. Nothing matters more than your state of consciousness. When you can find your way back to love, your decisions will resonate with powerful energy and intention. If you stumble along the way, take a moment to laugh, dust yourself off and take another step forward.

In those moments when the voice of doubt creeps in, know that you’re not alone. This is the illusion of the human condition. We have created a playground so vast and so all-encompassing that it takes over our senses on occasion, causing us to forget our true Divine and infinite nature.

Be observant of your thoughts today, perhaps keeping track of how many are kind and supportive and many are trapped in limitation. Even if you only balance the scales in favor of love at 51%, it’s enough to overcome the negativity and shift the world around you.

Today my intention is to live in the vibration of love or above.

Honor all paths as sacred

Be proud of your unique gifts. There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone who brings your perception and talents to the planet. No matter where you reside on the Path of Transformation, you are right where you need to be. It’s empowering to realize that in every moment, you are doing the best you can… and so is everyone around you.

Judgment blocks us from the ability to love. When we become tangled within the egos stories regarding others’ behavior, it distracts us from doing our inner work. Even more debilitating are the blockages we create when we judge ourselves. Personal responsibility calls upon us to see ourselves clearly, but that does not include directing judgment inward. All too often the spiritual seeker gets lost in the “shoulds” and forgets that patience and compassion are the greatest gifts we can offer – both to ourselves and to others.

Embrace the aspects of yourself that might have once made you feel insecure and integrate them into the Wholeness of your spiritual expression in this lifetime. As your confidence increases, so will your ability to participate fully in whatever life has to offer. Spiritual awakening is not meant to detach us from life, but allow us to delve more fully into it. Mastery calls upon us to share ourselves with the world.

Remember, different soul ages are here to experience different things:

  • Infant souls – here to learn about physical survival, primal fears, still connected to the mystical
  • Baby souls – developing and maintaining civilization and order, structure, rigid beliefs
  • Young souls – learning authority, power, greed, heavily identified with the body and ego, success
  • Mature souls – oriented toward group consciousness such as family, community or healing, often have lives filled with emotional drama
  • Old souls – do not fit in with “mainstream” society, engaged in balancing karmic agreements, aligning inner purpose with outer expression

The final lessons of an old soul are based in self-forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and unconditional love toward the self and others. When we understand where others reside on the journey of awakening, it becomes easier to honor their path and accept them where they are. It would be a waste of energy to expect a young soul to understand the perception or actions of a mature or old soul… they haven’t yet reached that stage in their development.

All of us are walking the same road. Be true to yourself, seek spiritual fulfillment, detach from the intensity and recognize your connection to something greater. The best is yet to come.

Today my intention is to honor all paths as sacred.


The art of surrender

The ego will tell you that you must win at all costs because it equates loss with death… and it a way, it’s true. Losing the ego results in the death of its control over your life and actions. The art of surrender is a way to empowerment. We recognize and acknowledge the ego’s desire to engage in a power struggle and consciously choose the opposite approach.

When we release that which no longer serves us, we create the space in which something new can emerge. From this perception, surrender and acceptance ultimately lead the way to greater strength, self-control and joy within our experience.

Surrender is nothing more than releasing the fear we have around a particular issue. We discover peace and renewed faith in the process of our awakening, and trust the Universe to support us on the journey.

In the same manner that magnets of the same polarity will repel one another, ego-based desire actually pushes away that which you seek. Acceptance immediately shifts the energy and you become a magnet that attracts. When we move into this receptive mindset, life flows more easily, struggle dissolves and grace emerges.

Choose to accept whatever comes today. Say yes to life and pay attention to how the energy flows around you. You can choose to cultivate the art of surrender and may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of beautiful, vibrant energy that is available for you when it isn’t being wasted in complaining, blaming or struggle. You can create the life of your dreams by living it today with what you have, from where you are.

Today my intention is to accept what is. The miracle of life is all around me.