Purposeful kindness

The dance of kindness is eternal
That’s Right! I can choose to be the change I wish to see in the world
It’s easy to get lost in the complexity of everyday life. There’s always one more bill to pay, another role to play, challenges to overcome and dreams to fulfill.
In the midst of all this, we can take a moment to slow down and purposefully share kindness with another. The waves of energy that emit from authentic, empowered, conscious choices flow outward, only to return in unexpected and wonderful ways.
 The human condition causes people to withdraw as a form of protection. The decision to expand helps to alleviate fear. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, take risks and get out of our comfort zones, we create a space in which a transformation can occur.
Many people live lost in the dark. Those who are awakened have the ability (and responsibility) to share the light of consciousness. The smallest act can have the greatest impact.
Today my intention is project the aura of kindness and compassion.

Life as a sacred temple

This moment is sacred
That’s Right! Every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who I am
The awakened spirit takes the energy and vitality of
consciousness into each and every moment. When we approach life with a intention of honoring the sacred, the Divine is able to make itself known in miraculous ways.
Our lives are a combination of what we have learned, our gifts and passions and the exploration of the unknown. Practice generosity, sharing mind, body and spirit without reservation or expectation and you will open portals of new experience.
Bring a sense of inner awareness to all that you do. Each task becomes a gift, every interaction becomes an opportunity to bring kindness into your experience. We are all connected and there are limitless ways to connect with one another.
Today my intention is to radiate warmth and love.

Seek love within

Love is not about possession…
That’s Right! I open my heart and sing the joys of love and gratitude
For so many, love is about fear. Fear of loss, fear of disappointment, fear of rejection… in the spectrum of energy, fear and love are about as far apart as one can get. Should you discover any thoughts of fear where there you desire love in your life, consider that you may be approaching it all wrong.
Authentic love is about honoring one another. It is the joy of giving without attachment and flowing freely within this moment. When we are One With Love, the ego is absent.
To live a fulfilled and loving life, begin by loving yourself. Let every thought, dream and action be nurturing in it’s entirety. Treat yourself with affection and kindness and watch it quickly flow outward to all those with whom you interact. Even those who present a challenge will be affected by your shift in consciousness. What empowerment!
Know that you are right where you need to be. Love the present moment. Seek joy wherever you are and you’ll discover that love is there.
Today my intention is to remember that every person, place and thing on this planet is interconnected with love. I am at home in the Universe.

Limitless possibility

The world is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs
That’s Right! Everything I touch is a success. All my relationships are harmonious. Every decision I make is the right one for me…
Life will always mirror your thoughts and beliefs to you. Whether enhancing or limiting, the perception of our experience is a gateway to our deepest held truths. Know this… there are more levels to explore. No matter where you are on the journey, something new awaits. Greater joy, wisdom, experience and enlightenment are there for the discovery.
Never stop learning. In this infinite Universe, the possibilities are limitless. Ultimately, the journey leads us to Oneness and the doorway to awakening resides in the present moment. See through the limiting stories of the mind and recognize yourself as an infinite, loving being who is finding a unique way of walking in the world.
Today my intention is to live my authentic truth while walking in joy


Living your truth

Your role is to discover your unique path and live it to the best of your ability.
That’s Right! I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing
Nothing is more fulfilling than living in one’s truth. When we stop trying to comply with other’s beliefs or expectations, and seek authentic joy in the sacred space of daily life, a space opens… and in this space, miracles are possible.
If you have found your passion, live it to the best of your ability from where you are with what you have (thank you Mike Dooley!). If your search continues, trust that your soul’s mission will make itself known to you at the perfect time.
Everyone has something  beautiful to offer – a moment of compassion or empathy can be life-changing for those who are touched by your energy. Sharing new insights, artistic vision, passion or laughter can open new avenues of experience. Never doubt the power of your positive choices and interactions. This is the moment of transformation.
Today my intention is to remember that every experience in my life is an opportunity for growth

Loving through the veil of illusion

Spiritual vision allows us to see through the veneer of illusion to the heart within
That’s Right! My heart is open. I open my consciousness to the wonderful possibilities of life
The Divine seeks to experience life in it’s many forms through each of us. When we choose to embrace one another as an expression of the Infinite, we begin to witness our interactions from a higher perspective. All that is required is the willingness to see through the chosen roles to the inner spirit.
Once we embrace the potential within, it begins to shine, not only within ourselves but also within all those with whom we interact. Allow love to speak to you in any that it can.

Today my intention is to be willing to see clearly. I am willing to love through the veil of illusion

Giving to others…

There is no greater joy than sharing your gifts, insights, wisdom, vision, passion, compassion and kindness. The wellspring of love is limitless…
That’s Right! Sharing brings me freedom
Everyone who has drawn you into their life has done so to experience your unique energy. There has never been, nor will there ever be, someone with your gifts and point of view. As you live aligned with your soul’s purpose, it becomes easy to share… your energy fills the room with peacefulness, your smile lights the darkness, your compassion heals the wounded and your passion ignites a spark of movement in those around you.
When we interact with others with an authentic desire to share, unattached to outcomes, and accepting of what is, miracles can happen. Honor yourself and honor those you meet by sharing your gifts. Joy will follow.

Today my intention is to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity. Let me be an authentic example of kindness, unconditional love and acceptance.

The beauty in the contrast

Experiencing the contrasts of life teaches us compassion
That’s Right! Everything works toward my highest good
As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are here to discover the beauty in contrast. Rain teaches us to appreciate the sunshine, one cannot know light without darkness and compassion occurs when experience has brought us to new levels of understanding.
Judgment, opinion and expectation seal in one kind of experience as preferable and another as a disappointment. The spiritual seeker learns to dance on the terminator between light and dark, knowing that both are part of the same equation and equally important in the process of transformation.
See if you can embrace all that is without judgment knowing that distance and perception can shift everything into the healing energy of love. Together we play the roles necessary for one another’s growth… and there is no greater gift.

Today my intention is to honor all paths as sacred

The power of thought

Your experience of the world is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. 
That’s Right! I take full responsibility for every aspect of my life
Each of us experiences life through the filter of our own perceptions. As a Divine being in the process of awakening, it’s important to understand the power of your words, thoughts and beliefs. How often have you witnessed self-fulfilling prophecy in motion?
We consistently project our beliefs and expectations (sometimes in detrimental ways) and then watch them unfold not realizing that the seeds were planted earlier… the words “I can’t” or “this will never work” come to mind as being powerful, limitation inducing seeds that spring into bloom with the least provocation.
As we begin to awaken, one of the first aspects of consciousness is to purposefully shift our way of thinking and speaking. It can take time to create new momentum, but once you see the power of your words, it’s a joy to create a new reality.
Open your consciousness to all the wonderful possibilities of life. Try saying, “I can” more. Know that you are safe. Joyful thoughts will create a joyful experience of the and loving yourself creates miracles in your life.

Today my intention is to remember that every experience is an opportunity for growth

Living in love

Love allows me to discover the pathways to eternity
That’s Right! I am willing to love unconditionally, beginning with myself
The idea of beginning each day with a gratitude walk is two-fold: it states your intention of taking responsibility for your own joy and it raises your vibration into the level of love.
In gratitude, love begins to flow. The energy swirls around you and creates more for which you can be grateful. Waves of joy flow out into the Universe, and it’s always interesting to see how they transform your experiences.
You have the ability to show love without attachment. Each and every day provides myriad opportunities to practice this amazing gift. Just for today, consciously make every choice from a space of love, hold no cherished outcome, say “Yes” to life and step into the space of empowerment.

Today my intention is to let every interaction be one of love and acceptance