Spiritual practice

Facing your own darkness is the only way to transform it into light.

“When we can willingly stay with the experience of fear, without suppressing it. wallowing in it, or judging it, our awareness becomes a wider container, the stillness, within which the energy of fear – its thoughts and sensations – can move through us and transform.”  
~Ezra Bayda~ 

Realize that everything you experience is part of your spiritual practice. More than mindfulness, meditation or spiritual studies, your life contains a richness that exceeds imagination. Our interactions often bring neglected energy to the surface of our awareness. From there, we can choose to see more deeply while utilizing the human experience as a powerful aspect of personal growth and evolution.

The awakened heart transforms challenging situations into wisdom. This alchemy of the spirit is powerful. It teaches us to take personal responsibility for our own journey and all that it entails. This moment contains the opportunity for a breakthrough. Embrace what is and the drive for awareness will lead you on an amazing journey.

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