Embrace the Now

The present moment is filled with countless miracles.

“The small things of life have to be transformed by your inner transformation. This I call the religious quality; everything becomes sacred. Taking a bath, making love, eating food, going to sleep – everything becomes sacred.”

When you truly immerse yourself within the Now, life becomes sacred. Everything is a reflection of the light of the Divine, adding to the mystery and the perfection of your experience. With each breath, you become one with life.

The mental patterns and frustration of the human condition are nothing more than outmoded conditioning. The spiritual seeker breaks free from societal imprinting and chooses to live at a higher level of consciousness. This is the light that awakens the light in others.

Be the change you wish to see. Participate in joy. Your thoughts have power – purposely utilize them to make your experience one of connection, compassion and breakthrough.

Today my intention is to honor this moment as sacred.
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