Attention sets energy in motion

Notice what repeats in your experience.

“There is a great value in doing new things, not just for diversion or escape, but in order to help us awaken. When we put ourselves in a new or foreign situation, that very act awakens our senses, our awareness, our presence. Sometimes we have to take a leap in order to experience and heal the fear that holds us ever at the edge of familiar safety. Our task in awakening is to go against the grain of our mechanical tendencies.”
~Ezra Bayda

Consciously choose to break free of repetitive patterns. If you have a morning routine, slip something new into the mix.  Take the scenic route on your next drive. Leave room for mindful exploration and honor the present moment as sacred.

Sacredness inspires us to be more aware. We begin to view life with awe and gratitude, sending our energy outward with joy and passion while observing the holistic movement of transformation.

Many walk through life without realizing their potential. Let your grace be so inspiring that it awakens grace in another. Allow love to be the operating force in all of your interactions.
Today my intention is to bring wisdom, love and peace into all of my experiences.
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