The voice of the heart

       We are so accustomed to searching outside of ourselves for answers that it can sometimes be difficult to trust our inner guidance. The voice of the heart speaks in whispers while leading us ever onward on the journey of the soul. As you develop a deeper trust in yourself, you’ll find greater wholeness and balance in your daily walk.

       Consciousness is the light which transforms the darkness in order to help us see more clearly. Never underestimate the beauty and majesty of your awakening. Whether you shine like a beacon in the night or the gentle flame of a flickering candle, the light of the Divine shines through you.

       Many people hide their vulnerability and pain under the armor of anger. Resentment and frustration build within them ready to explode at the slightest provocation. When others lash out in anger, choose to see past the ego-driven behavior to the soul which is engaged in the same journey of awakening.

       Forgiveness must begin within. Knowing how quickly the light of consciousness can change everything, we have daily opportunities to teach by example. One moment it’s there – all the baggage, hatred, struggle and despair – and the next, discarded.

       The source of all life resides within you. This vast amount of energy is available to access when beginning a new project, seeking inspiration and movement forward, or contemplating the healing triggered by interpersonal relationships. You are asked to rise above the stories of the mind and become aware of your infinite nature. You have the ability to transform the energy of the past into light, love and compassion.

          Today my intention is to awaken my true potential.

The light of consciousness

The most important aspect of awakening is observing ourselves. You are not asked to be any different or hide your emotions, merely to notice how you react and think while you objectively view your personal patterns of behavior. Shining the light of consciousness transforms that which is observed.

When we begin to understand how our beliefs are played out repeatedly – how we think we should be or how others should be – and see clearly without judgment, the layers of illusion begin to dissolve.

Demanding that others be anything different from what they are blocks our ability to interact with an open heart or develop any meaningful, authentic connection with them.

Everyone wishes to be heard, understood, accepted and appreciated and we must be the change we wish to see. Begin within and expand these precious gifts outward. Your awakening consciousness will not only transform your vision but all of your interactions as well.

Today my intention is to be love.

Thoughts become things

For the past several days my guides have awakened me at 3:33 to write. In the dark morning hours, it’s a delight to take my gratitude walk while listening to the songs of crickets in the moonlight. The number 3 represents flow and harmony and the repetition indicates that I’m entering a phase where life will simply seem to say “Yes!” to the energy I’m sending out.

It’s important to be conscious of our thoughts, words and actions. Each creates a powerful momentum which will be experienced in the world of form and it’s helpful to ensure that all are in alignment with one another. For instance, choosing to apply for a job and then immediately saying to yourself, “…I probably won’t get it anyway…” negates the action. Dieting while hating your body is another example of contradictory energy, as is tying to solve relationship problems by telling the story of how you were wronged again and again to all who will listen.

When all aspects of the personality act consciously together in harmony, it can be surprising how powerfully and how quickly things can move. Take the time to be mindful of your thoughts and allow your actions to be led by joy.

Enthusiasm and the appreciation of beauty inspires that energy to expand and grow in our lives. Your perception of the world is a reflection of what is happening on the inner, and we can choose an empowered interpretation of the events, lessons and interactions we experience.

Today my intention is to remember that all things are possible.

Life responds to you

Life responds to you. The energy that you project out into the world always flows back, increased by the momentum of your passion; therefore, it’s important to be led by joy. The key is to approach every conscious choice and decision from a place of acceptance and enthusiasm while being unattached to outcomes.

This is where many get bogged down in repetitive patterns. It’s natural to be excited about a new project, not recognizing that the positive feelings are ego generated. That only becomes clear if we experience disappointment when our expectations are not met. Frustration or sadness ensue and the level of each indicates the amount of attachment we had.

When your decisions are led by joy and an authentic sense of wonder and trust, you’ll discover that the journey may lead you into unexplored areas of your development. Being unattached to outcomes allow you to participate fully in the unfoldment of your life without distraction or getting caught up in the web of desire.

Since your experience of the world is a reflection of you, you’ll find yourself simply honoring every path as sacred, dropping all judgment and supporting those around you with an open heart. The ease and which you can do these things directly flows from the ease and grace which fills your life.

Today my intention is to dance the dance of awakening with joy, enthusiasm, passion, acceptance and peace.

Spirit Guides

Everyone has a team of spirit guides, healing masters, helpers and angels that assist us from the higher levels. These may be souls who have passed on, ancestors, ascended masters or perhaps your essence twin (if that person isn’t currently incarnated). These loving beings exist outside of time and space and can be helpful in many ways.

Although everyone has these helpers walking beside them in each lifetime, many remain unaware of them. Old souls are more apt to recognize this assistance, call upon it consciously and employ it during the course of their daily walk.

You can contact your higher guidance through meditation and visualization. Often, they will communicate with you through one of the chakras, mental images, a quiet voice, energy that tingles throughout the body or heat flowing through the hands. There are times when these messages can be overwhelming – it’s ok to request a different form of communication or ask that it be less intense. They are learning the most effective way to help you just as much as you are learning how to receive.

The more you communicate with your higher guidance, the more accessible it becomes for you. Like anything, familiarity grows stronger with time and practice. They are ready and willing to help at every moment.

  • Take some time to sit quietly with your eyes closed
  • Focus on deep conscious breaths
  • Ask that only one or a few come forward today
  • Visualize your aura – you may sense a person, animal or loving energy near you
  • If you can see them in your mind’s eye, notice the dress or appearance. If you’re not a visual person, notice if there’s a change within your energy or if you feel a specific sensation somewhere on the body
  • Ask them what type of assistance they are capable of giving
  • Always thank them for walking by your side

During the course of your lifetime, you may experience love and assistance from myriad sources in many different ways. I have a few guides of whom I’ve been aware from the beginning of my spiritual journey and others that have appeared temporarily as I incorporated higher knowledge or expanded my spiritual work in new directions. A dear friend who passed away 12 years ago now works with me during all of my healing sessions, and many of you have expressed feeling the sensation of a second set of hands at your feet.

Know that you are loved and supported in infinite ways every step of the way. Even if you haven’t reached a place of conscious awareness, this assistance is there for you. Call upon it, welcome new friends and seek understanding with an open heart.

Today my intention is to celebrate all the aspects of my awakening – both seen and unseen – and accept the assistance which is so lovingly given.

The journey of your soul

Walking the Path of Transformation does not mean that we remove ourselves from life but that we delve into it more deeply. The awakened soul recognizes the value of all events – be they harmonious or challenging – and seeks to discover the gifts that reside within every aspect of the journey.

It is only the ego which demands that the present moment be other than what it is. We create suffering when we long for something to be different, never realizing the empowerment that awaits when we delve beneath the surface to seek the core of love. Judgment is nothing more than a distraction the mind creates to justify a lack of compassion or involvement and blocks our ability to consciously participate with an open heart.

Acceptance means saying yes to life – even the hard parts. The progressions of your journey can be measured by the amount of peace you create within your experience. Yes, the ego will still make its appearance when you least expect it; however, you may find that you notice it more quickly and bring yourself back into balance. This movement into consciousness is a result of the awakening you have experienced so far – compare the responses of today to those you might have had a year ago (or five or ten).

Now, contemplating the infinite nature of the Universe, consider all the spiritual work you have already done, the lessons you’ve integrated, the healing you’ve experienced, the gifts of love that you’ve shared with others… all that is merely the tip of the iceberg. The expanding consciousness which awaits us all is nothing like we imagine because it defies all boundaries, limitation and expectation. The infinite love of the Divine seeks to express itself within you and the best is yet to come.

Today my intention is to live each moment with an open heart.

Limitless possibility

There is great power in recognizing the repeating patterns of our lives. Subconscious programming causes us to play out repetitive cycles and the resulting events eventually solidify into false beliefs and assumptions that dictate future choices. It’s a vicious circle of experience which distracts us from realizing the beauty of being an eternal soul who has embarked upon a journey of awakening.

Karma is not punishment nor is it a trap from which one cannot escape. Once we reach the higher levels of understanding we find that instead of avoiding challenges, we turn and face them consciously, thus observing, recognizing and dissolving old patterns which no longer serve our growth.

When we learn to rise above the voice of ego, we discover an inner silence that we can enter and commune with the infinite silence of the Divine. In that space of wholeness we come to realize that we are already fulfilled and no longer trapped within the restrictive energy of what we see.

A world of possibility is open to you. The more relaxed your are within your experience, the greater your ability to recognize the wonders of limitless potential. Awakening is a process. Layer by layer the illusion is removed and your light shines more clearly from the depths of your being.

Today my intention is to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity.

The flow of change

The river of life is constantly flowing and changing, as are you. In each moment, the veils of illusion that once blocked your vision are being cleansed away. Evolution is the law of life and as you walk your unique Path of Transformation, every aspect of your being is healed.

Sometimes the shifts are subtle and it’s important to trust this process of change. Many find it easier to accept the big challenges, absorb new information and heal old wounds while still experiencing struggle within the minutia of simple day-to-day realignments. Every situation has something to teach. Take the time to balance and nurture yourself and consciously release the things which no longer serve you.

Maintain healthy boundaries as you go through this process. Those you love may seem to get triggered or resist the changes in you; however, that is a sign that you are evolving. As your light grows stronger, you have the ability to handle life with greater grace and ease. What heals one, heals all. The awakening of your soul is supported on every level and all of life celebrates your existence.

Today my intention is to be compassionate with myself and honor each step of my journey as sacred.

Falling madly in love with life

Are you willing to fall madly in love with life? The journey is not about creating a static, uniform approach to each moment… there is no right way to live and yet people often try to do what they perceive they should instead of exploring their unique destiny.

This moment is filled with wonder. Meditate, find your bliss and then love and life will unfold naturally. Being alone will be beautiful. Spending time with others will also be beautiful. Your interactions will simply come from a place of love. Healthy relationships have a great deal of space within them. It’s up to us to fill that space with gratitude, openness, kindness and support as we engage with one another without expectation or demands.

When we function from the level of mind, we become exhausted. Our energy gets depleted by the effort of keeping it all together. This doesn’t just apply to being a workaholic, but also in all the ways we plan for contingencies, worry about the future and create safe and unnatural routines.

Life is a mystery to be lived. Spontaneity, being willing to step into the unknown and accept a little bit of healthy chaos into our experience allows us the freedom to fly. Open your heart to the moment and be the loving witness of all that you see.

Find your own truth and learn from your experiences. Your vibrant, empowered energy will send ripples throughout the Universe as you enter into a conscious dance with the Divine.

Today my intention is to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity.

Expect joy

Expect joy. Seek to experience grace and ease within your life situation and realize that the answers you desire are within you. When we choose to change our thoughts, the world around us is transformed.

Your energy flows into whatever you focus upon; therefore, set your sights on happiness and retrain the mind to consistently dwell on the positive and what you wish to create in your life. One important aspect is to word your affirmations in the present tense. For instance, “I now accept a wonderful and fulfilling new job” has much more power than, “I will find a wonderful and fulfilling new job”. The second phrase is an expectation and the object of our desire remains just of our reach somewhere in the future.

Learning to love the Self dissolves the obstacles that block us from receiving joy. Criticism is self-defeating while supportive thoughts cultivate a sense of inner peace. It is your uniqueness that shines brightly and you are meant to be different. There is no one, nor will there ever be anyone with your gifts, perception and way of walking in the world.

Today my intention is to live the life of my dreams knowing that all is well and that I am loved and supported each step of the way.