Being at ease with the unknown

The ego wants guarantees. The heart wants to explore.

“The little self, driven by fear and a craving for comfort, identifies only with ‘me.’ The true self, driven by nothing, identifies with the unbounded awareness that we truly are.”  
~Ezra Bayda~ 

Transitions call upon us to walk forward in faith. Without attachment, we can learn how to explore whatever the present moment brings into our experience while allowing the future to take care of itself.

Observe how often the mind projects its worries or attempts to draw your attention into future expectations and choose instead to purposely bring yourself back into the present. This moment is filled with infinite possibility and layers of energy that are just waiting to be explored. How conscious are you in this moment?

As we evolve, we begin to recognize these opportunities to expand our awareness and cultivate faith in the process of our awakening. The spiritual world and your physical experience are implicitly entwined. The human experience is what awakens the soul.

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