Soul agreements and task companions

Soul agreements, like karmic agreements, are arranged prior to birth.
“A task companion relationship is very compatible, without a lot of arguing, bickering or dealing with intense (karmic) issues.”  
~From Michael, the Basic Teachings~ 

When two souls are ready to interact, a magnetic pull begins to emanate. Threads of energy, synchronicity or coincidence draw them into each other’s sphere and typically they recognize one another from a deeper level of inner wisdom. It’s important to be conscious enough to creatively weave these new threads into the tapestry of your journey and observe how the patterns evolve.

Most of these soul agreements or task companions are those with whom you have extensive past-life history. There is a level of comfort and trust and those involved are willing to explore what they can do together. Sometimes we’re able to fulfill those agreements easily and others may try to interact but eventually part ways without a lot of fanfare. The lack of drama shows the difference between karma and a soul agreement. Karmic lessons are typically intense and bring lessons or healing to the surface through contrasts or conflict, while soul agreements are generally loving, easy and approached with a deep level of comfort.

Each person you encounter plays a specific role in your development. Whether they grace your experience for a moment or for a lifetime, honor the sacredness of those who enter your life situation. These loving souls are your family.


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