The paradox of heightened experience

Don’t hold back out of fear. Trust the processes of your awakening.

“Spiritual practice is a mixture of struggle and integration, of confusion and clarity, of discouragement and aspiration, of feeling failure and going deeper. Don’t imagine that the spiritual path is a straight line to a fixed goal.”  
~Ezra Bayda~

We must simultaneously enter deeper into the experiences of life, yet consciously remain detached and aware throughout the process. The contrasts of dark and light blend together to teach us the nuances of compassion.

Immerse yourself in the present moment. Feel what you feel without judgment and honor the sacredness of the passion that propels you onward to new levels of adventure. Rather than seeking freedom with reckless abandon, choose to bring awareness and mastery to your encounters.

Expanding consciousness calls upon us to be more alert. We notice our habitual patterns and utilize different actions to break free from stagnant conditions. Through intensity, we learn how to respond to life rather than be reactive. The paradox of heightened experience is that it simplifies things. By exploring all the facets of a given situation with a clear mind and heart, we discover, ultimately, that everything is love.

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