Seeking conscious adventures

It’s easy to get lost in the routine of our lives, to stay on familiar paths and seek out those who support us in our beliefs… but life is an adventure to be lived. You can choose to experience this moment with conscious intensity, constantly dropping the past and seeking the gifts that await discovery.

If your situation is not one that allows you to expand into new friendships and circumstances each day, use the beauty of old friendships as best you can – learning together, trying new things and allowing room for change.

The ability to find serenity, peace and comfort in the midst of change is a wonderful skill to cultivate. Invite new adventures into your life and heed the call of the unknown.

Today my intention is to learn something new.

Time and Now

Most people look at time in one of three ways: past, present and future; however time is only past or future, life is the present. Those who are unconscious will continue to repeat their patterns – an angry person will continue to get angry, a victim will find ways to feel victimized and so on. As we awaken to our divinity, we begin to discover that the past is merely a collection of memories, the future a series of dreams and Now is the place of fulfillment, discovery and joy.

Here, in this moment all things are possible. We can live, love and play outside of time in the immense stillness of consciousness. When you live with intention and awareness, the present moment transforms into something of your own creation.

Existence is ready to speak to you from the innermost aspects of your own being. That knowledge is infinite and limitless waiting just under the sounds of life and thought and memory. Seek out the answers that you carry, for in the stillness, all things are possible. You’ll know that you’re on the right track with you feel a harmony, a joining into wholeness – if their is discord, perhaps you have mistaken the voice of time for the inner voice of your own wisdom.

Today my intention is to be fully present, passionate and grateful as I remember to listen.

Letting go

There is a subtle beauty to be discovered in the art of releasing those things which no longer serve you. Whether old ideas, tangible items, beliefs, patterns, friendships or an outdated self-image, letting go creates a space in which something new can be experienced – even if that something new is simply spaciousness itself.

In surrender, we discover empowerment and faith. When you can trust the processes of life enough to step out of the egoic role of perceived director, you may discover the ease and grace which with you can flow with life. The stronger the person, the easier it is to surrender. Trust yourself, be confident and let go of all that limitation and doubt. Only then will you taste the thrill of discovery and dance with delight in the face of the unknown.

You belong to all of existence and the Divine wishes simply to experience life through you – through your perception, your enjoyment, from the dawn of your awakening to the discovery of your destiny. Be capable of receiving love in whatever forms it may appear knowing that untold gifts await.

Today my intention is to allow life to unfold in its natural, perfect way.

Going with the flow

Trust allows you to see life as a friend rather than the enemy. Trust allows you to go with the flow and stop fighting the currents around you. Stop fighting and become one with life, enjoying the ride wherever it may take go and see this physical experience in time and space as an adventure. Begin with complete acceptance of the Now and realize that you can fight against the current or work with it – we conquer through surrender.

Water can find it’s way around or over obstacles. It can erode the strongest stone eventually creating permanent change. Life is simply a series of experiments – either discovering something new, reaffirming what we already know or learning from the blockages we encounter.

Trust life, enjoy the small things. Let the beauty of life astound you by simply experiencing it without a mental dialogue or categorizing likes or dislikes. Once we have spent enough time gathering knowledge, exploring the wilderness, carrying the burdens of expectation or going astray, wisdom is possible. Life become simple and we are simply aware… becoming the flame of awareness.

Today my intention is to choose to make things easy.

Participating in life

In order to get the most out of life we need to engage with one another. It’s one thing to observe a beautiful dance, appreciate the artistry and witness the passion, but it’s quite another experience to feel the flow of the music as you lose yourself in the present moment while cultivating new skills and your own unique moves. Spectators play it safe but don’t have the opportunity to discover their own abilities.

Look for the essential things in life. Get off the couch, away from the computer and put down your phone from time to time. Be an engaged participant in your own experiences and let the thrill of discovery take you somewhere new. Has your life been a celebration?

When we engage with one another with an attitude of willingness and receptivity, each one of us makes a unique contribution to the evolving dance of wholeness. This is why we chose to be here Now, to live, learn and share. We could not have dreamed a better Universe.

Today my intention is to engage with an open heart.

Creating new energy

I learned something new recently. One of the aspects of house hunting that has played a significant role in my search has always been to check the vibration of the street address to see what type of energy the household will bring to my experience. Those of you who have studied tarot or numerology with me know that means that I have chosen to avoided spaces that vibrate to 15 (restriction, frustration, feeling trapped) and 16 (emotional upset, chaos, confusion). During our recent search for a new home I began to feel more open to those numbers and suddenly a new idea popped into my mind, “I wonder if you can change the street address of a house?”

It took about a millisecond on the internet to discover that yes, that is relatively simple and in our area this happens a few times a year. This opened a whole new way of thinking. I began to feel excited about the possibility of consciously shifting the energy of a space to something empowering and supportive. We purchased a home that originally vibrated to a 15 and shifted the numbers in such a way that the new vibration is now a 19 – expansion, abundance, growth and joy.

Changes in perception change everything. The willingness to ask questions, explore solutions and open to new ideas can lead us wonderful places. I am grateful for my previous way of thinking – the idea of limitation has served a valuable purpose and now can be discarded. What else is possible?

Today my intention is to create the world of my dreams knowing that there is always something new to learn.

Visualizing change

All transformation comes from within. In order to create change in our lives, we must first be able to visualize the end result. No matter where you are, begin from there and act as if you have already manifested that which you desire. What you may have learned from others as part of your conditioning is not necessarily the truth of who you are. It’s time to find your innocence again.

All too often humans remain unaware of their divinity and potential… until someone comes to act as a mirror, reflecting limitless possibility. This is a gift that we can give one another – reflecting the light of consciousness through our actions and words, sharing love and acceptance and simply living our truth in effective ways. Beyond the ideas of right and wrong, each of us is a blank slate upon which the Divine can express itself. There is no need to remain afraid of change, for truly it is the conditioned thoughts of limitation (and nothing more) that block you from seeing possibility. It’s not so much a matter of change as it is a release of the things which limit your perception.

Today my intention is to allow the flames of my individuality to be expressed. By walking my talk and speaking my truth, I have the opportunity to be the change I wish to see.

Repressed emotions and illness

Society teaches us to control our emotions rather than delving into them as part of transformation. There they linger, sometimes hidden in the subconscious, sometimes riding just beneath the surface waiting to be triggered, blocking the flow of healthy energy. Transformation is the opposite of control – in control we suppress, in transformation we express; however, no one else needs to be involved in your expression. The next time intense emotions arise, take a brisk walk around the block or purposefully do something physical to release the energy. Then simply observe yourself to see where it goes.

When we involve others in our expressions of anger, we risk triggering their wounds and compounding the situation. If you happen to express emotion with an enlightened person, they will help you process in a healthy way. It’s best to cultivate the ability to observe, feel, process and release whatever arises within us. Otherwise, the absorbed energy knocks the body out of balance and we manifest physical issues that help us to understand where the blockage is.

Awareness is needed, not judgment. The openness which with we greet the present moment determines our ability to fully experience the adventures of life. Heed the call of the unknown, explore the mysteries of joy and love yourself enough to consciously learn from each situation as it arises. You are a master in the process of awakening.

Today my intention is to accept this moment as a gift.

Courage and understanding

Each of us has a world of potential at our disposal. These seeds are ready to expand into our awareness. Without courage, one remains encapsulated within a hard shell, never experiencing the wonder of life, blocked from all movement. When we begin to drop ego, release our defense mechanisms and become one with the earth, we tap into the courage required for movement. Willing to take a risk, we stretch towards the light of consciousness.

The next phase is the sharing of our gifts – the flowering of love and the willingness to be grateful allow us to explore the realm of beauty, to give our treasures back to the earth (and those who follow along behind)… and finally, we explore the joys of fragrance as our senses become more subtle and merge with the Universe.

When you step into understanding, you are free. Authentic understanding goes beyond experience. The heart never asks “why” or “how”, instead it listens and takes action. Even the tiniest spark of understanding can bring about a tremendous awakening to your life. Allow the seeds of potential within you to grow. Nurture them, give them space to be and open yourself to the light of love…

Today my intention is to be willing to take a risk.

Unlimited movement

You are meant to live an unlimited life. To live without limitation means that you allow room for surprises, movement and passion. The Tao speaks of purposefully being like a river – endlessly moving, flowing with ease, alive to life itself. When life is too predictable, there is no dynamism and we become stagnant; therefore, the soul craves and creates movement to ensure that we are consistently in the process of allowing the Divine to express itself through us.

Infinite possibilities await. Within the contrasts of all that we experience lies the wisdom of the ages. As we become more conscious, our ability to choose what we wish to experience becomes more profound. We choose how we respond to life, how we think and act and how we process new information. Those who are still unconscious have no knowledge of this ability – to them, life presents experience and they are in a constant state of reaction, fear or regret. Allow your choices to be led by love

Start being blissful now, don’t wait. Live each moment as if it were your last – embrace the gifts, share your light and celebrate the uniqueness of your journey with the knowledge that nothing is more important than your joy.

Today my intention is to seek the stillness of my own being. All that I need is already here.