The only way to dispel darkness is to turn on a light

I think of all the times I’ve tried to walk through the room in the pitch black of night and stubbed a toe, bruised myself on a piece of furniture or a partially opened door (usually with mumbled expletives) or on one memorable occasion, had a moment of fear because my hat rack looked like a man standing at the foot of the bed.

In the darkness, we can complain, stumble and become frustrated, physically harm ourselves… yet sometimes we do it anyway, knowing that it’s possible to turn on a light but choosing not to do so.

Once we turn on the light, all the things that felt like obstacles now become clear as day. They are easy to navigate and might not be perceived as obstacles at all – merely a dresser, a pillow on the floor, a shoe. We then easily reach our destination.

As we look at our lives on this planet, it’s exactly the same. The darkness is merely our limited vision, being utilized without the light of consciousness. Fighting the darkness, shadow boxing, wishing it was easier, stubbing our toes and then complaining…. these are all ways that we humans approach our challenges… until we choose to turn on the light of consciousness and see things as they truly are.

Today my intention is not only to ensure that I approach everything with a conscious awareness and unconditional love, but to also remind others where the light switch is. It’s so much easier, but some still might prefer to navigate through the dark for reasons of their own – and that’s ok too. The light switch isn’t going anywhere…

Transformation and integration

It’s time to release the struggle and receive the flow of healing which can touch each and every area of your life. Holding an attitude of openness creates a space in which transformation can occur and there is great power to be discovered when we cultivate the art of acceptance. It allows us to rise above life’s challenges and integrate the fullness of who we truly are.

Transformation is desired when we seek to have a better life. It is a journey for those daring souls who can drop all belief, unbelief, doubt, reason, mind and simply enter into the pure existence without boundaries and bring about tremendous spiritual awakening. This kind of approach allows you to focus and learn from your unique strengths, abilities and way of walking through life and changes how you respond to those around you. Every situation provides an opportunity to rise above the repetitive drama and challenges experienced by humankind.

The greatest adventure of our journey in this world is to consciously transform darkness into light. We begin to understand our potential and share that passion with those around us through our awakened outlook, words and actions . You can be the light that sparks new knowledge and inspiration in others. Light always illuminates the darkness.

You are the union between the Divine and the physical plane. Be a conscious witness to the perfection and beauty held within the contrasts of life. Celebrate all aspects of your awakening and allow the tapestry of your existence to be woven with love.

Today my intention is to be content and complete.

Mastery and empowerment

Each of us stands in the power of our own hard-won truth. Mastery comes from the balancing and integration of inner knowledge gained from the lessons and challenges we’ve experienced and from leaving behind the limitation of old conditioning and judgment.

Compare your perception and responses to life now as compared to those you experienced six months, a year or five years ago. The progression is often so subtle that we don’t truly realize the impact of our journey… Too many people become frustration by the ego-generated idea that they haven’t yet reached enlightenment without realizing the cumulative effect of the journey of transformation.

Once you find empowerment in the idea of self-responsibility, you’ll become more determined to live in your integrity. Sometimes, this appears rebellious to others; however, you have earned the right to walk courageously in the world. You are already a masterpiece, there is no one or nothing that you need to become, you need only to get yourself out of the way and allow your brilliance to shine.

When there is no difference between your inner truth and how you present yourself to the world, you have stepped into the role of conscious creator. Offer others the gift of understanding and share the light of the Divine which flows through you into all that you do. Your light has the power to transform the darkness simply by the expression of your love and truth.

Today my intention is to utilize the skills and lessons of my life and express them thought my thoughts, words and actions.

The filters of perception

We process every experience and personal encounter through the filters of our perception. We project our fears and desires onto those around us and invariably encounter miscommunication, perceived betrayal and challenges that stem from that original limited view. “You’re not the same person I fell in love with!” … of course not. In fact, they never were.

This is why many people may encounter the same situation and have vastly different experiences. The point of view from the level of love is far removed from that of fear.

The higher your personal vibrational frequency, the greater your perception. When we honor another’s path we are trusting that, from the clear view of Enlightenment, the situation is perfect for their spiritual growth, the outcome will benefit all and there is a gift to be discovered.

Expanded perception also leads to difference choices and responses. The ego has far more control when our view is limited – in the dark, the most mundane things can become frightening. We stumble over obstacles and become disoriented. However, the light of consciousness shines through the darkness ever more clearly as we walk the Path of Transformation.

Many things can be used to raise your frequency such as energy work, prayer, meditation, yoga, spiritual study, eating in alignment with your body’s needs, crystals and paying attention to the type of energy you allow within your experience. Listen to the messages from your body. Feeling heavy or low is an indicator of low vibrational frequency, while lightness, joy and inner peace indicate greater awareness. When we are operating from the higher vibrations, we no longer choose to carry the weight of negativity, and in fact, it cannot reside there and often dissipates completely.

You can discover life’s wonder and mystery no matter where you are. Whatever you choose to do, do it consciously. Pay attention, listen and practice the art of acceptance. From there, anything is possible.

Today my intention is to be the presence of love.

Bless those who challenge you

Other people are not here to validate your worthiness. Nor are they required to accept you as you are, fill the emptiness inside or understand your point of view. In fact, the more we attach to the idea of pleasing others, the more we lose ourselves in the process.

Those that have changed the world have done so in the face of opposition. Their inner sense of confidence and strength propels them ever onward as they live their truth as best they can. Eventually, like-minded individuals are inspired to learn the value of integrity, sometimes joining together, sometimes following behind and aiding in the transformation of consciousness.

Consider the idea that those who oppose you the most on the physical plane support you the most on the spiritual plane. These daring souls are willing to risk losing your love and affection in order to help you to develop a sense of courage and empowerment. Bless those who challenge your point of view for they are actually assisting you in the process of defining, refining and living it to the best of your ability.

When we choose to see everyone as our teacher, it brings freedom and limitless possibilities into our experience. The role of a teacher is to help you to stand on your own two feet and aid you in seeing the one thing you are unwilling to see. Bless those who challenge you and seek the guidance of your heart. Every event provides an opportunity to witness the vastness of your being.

Today my intention is to see only love.

You set the stage

The more quiet the mind, the more focused you become. Tasks flow more smoothly and you’ll begin to realize that you do have enough time to live a life which is empowered, fulfilling and peaceful. Indeed, this is your true birthright.

Consider the amount of Divine energy which flows through you each moment of the day. Worry, frustration, thoughts, doubts, anxiety and all the patterns of old conditioning siphon off that precious energy. Picture the difference in the flow of a hose filled with holes and kinks and one that is working properly. When we learn to place all of our attention on the task at hand, we are directing the flow of consciousness into whatever we choose to do.

When you begin your day with gratitude, mediation and loving, healthy choices, you set the stage in which a beautiful day can unfold. If you wake up and immediately begin to anticipate problems, catch up on the news, chase the kids and don’t take the time to nurture yourself, you set the stage for a day filled with chaos.

The Universe will provide you with any experience that you wish. Why not seek peace within first, set an intention and then look for opportunities to celebrate who you are and how far you have come? Perhaps you’ll find yourself sneaking a wink in the mirror as you realize that you love and accept yourself completely in this moment.

Today my intention is to embrace every aspect of my journey with joyful enthusiasm. I am creating the life of my dreams and living it Now.

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

Even the most mundane aspects of life can be transformed into powerful spiritual work. Daily tasks provide an opportunity to bring mindfulness to the little things we do and when we practice working, loving, eating and even walking from a higher state of consciousness, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Should you find yourself feeling challenged by someone who is caught in lower vibrational energies such a grief, fear or anger, you can utilize a compassionate, non-judgmental neutrality and observe how it shifts the entire interaction. When we create space within our relationships, we honor the other person’s path while seeking our own lesson. The ego may often want to try to solve their problem, and that is simply a distraction which blocks us from seeing ourselves clearly.

I’ve discovered that when I hold conscious space, often the person will vent, talk it out and come to their own solution. Patience, and the willingness to accept someone where they are creates a space in which a transformation can occur.

Don’t try to fix your friends and family – there can be moments when our breakthroughs are so beautiful and empowering, that we desire to share them with those who are so obviously suffering. Actions speak powerfully and when your love and peacefulness is recognized, people may ask for your guidance. Then, you can share without being attached to the outcome. Many times your words will plant seeds that spark awareness of the Divine.

Today my intention is to be grateful. I choose to receive the blessings that life has to offer with an open heart.

Your journey of joy

Do whatever you can to make your spiritual journey one of joy. It’s important to reinforce what you learn, and in fact, I’ve discovered that which each new concept, healing approach or insight, the Universe sends the perfect situation in which I can utilize my awakening knowledge.

Should you notice that same magical assistance in your experience, trust that the person in front of you has agreed on a soul level to aid you in the process of applying new skills. Whether you are refining healing or teaching abilities, forgiveness, patience or manifestation, take a leap of faith and do your best.

We all periodically act as teachers for one another. When you choose to look forward with enthusiasm and joy, life becomes an adventure to be lived and experienced. You are loved and supported by the Divine each step of the way.

Every aspect of life comes down to relationships. We have relationships with people, our past, work, objects, food, the weather and anything else you can think of… and relationships offer us a mirror of what is going on inside.

Pay attention to how you respond to everything in your experience. Do you get frustrated, are you impatient or do things flow pretty easily most of the time? Life is merely a reflection of you. Do your inner work when necessary and remember to celebrate the wonderful changes you have already created in your life.

Today my intention is to live completely immersed within the Now, knowing that my future is bright, joyous and secure.

The power of personal responsibility

Honor yourself as an awakening aspect of the Divine. When a teacher is needed, one will appear to assist you or pivot you in a new direction. Otherwise, each day is up to you. Find your own style of connection and flow your intention and energy into every moment. If something is not bringing you movement forward, understand that it may be time for exploration. Allow yourself the opportunity to connect with the strength of who you truly are.

We have had many amazing teachers in this world; however, the true power of spiritual awakening resides in finding one’s own truth through unique experience. For this reason, we’re gifted with several ways of looking at enlightenment. In this infinite Universe, there is room for you to be uniquely you – an expression of the infinite in physical form.

We all experience life through the filter of our unique perception. Events, whether considered positive or negative, are simply events which occur in our human experience and limited vision and each of us has the option to choose how we will respond to whatever life presents to us on the Path of Transformation.

Once we take responsibility for our own state of consciousness, we begin to realize that what we have considered to be “reality” is merely a reflection of how we see the world, what we expect, what we believe or what we fear. When we choose to surrender to a situation, stop trying to force those around us to change and go within for the answers, we begin to heal.

Today my intention is to bring a conscious awareness to all that I do.


Mindfulness is the art of slowing down and becoming consciously aware within the Now. Its meditative energy flows through your actions throughout the day creating greater ease and joy. This is a time of releasing expectations, attachments and being at rest in the fullness of who you are in this moment.

No matter what you choose to do, bring the energy of mindfulness to it. Notice the sensations you experience, where the ego attempts to wander and welcome stillness in a way that you haven’t before.

Imagine how it feels to welcome whatever unfolds joyously, balanced, open and loving. Take time to sit with a tree and notice the breeze caressing you and be at ease. The more you practice mindfulness, the peace will flow through your experience.

Act with integrity, do your best, accept what is… and then observe what unfolds. You’ll discover that limitation was an illusion, that freedom is here you for Now and, in fact, always has been.

Today my intention is to slow down and savor this moment and all it has to offer.