The power of living from the heart

Yesterday, duck came to visit. He momentarily landed in the yard (seemingly to rest a moment) only to quickly be chased away by my not-so-zen doggies. As a creature who is at ease in the water, duck teaches us to be comfortable with our emotions. The highs and low of emotional responses are the epitome […]

Ego-free communication

One of the greatest skills that you can develop is the ability to engage in ego-free communication. Many people are so engrossed in their own stories that they miss an opportunity to truly connect, never realizing that the reason they feel unheard is because they are not taking the time to listen themselves. When entering […]

Your divine purpose

You have a divine purpose and are now called upon to follow your hearts passion. Old souls often feel that they don’t fit in and that can sometimes be challenging; however, that uniqueness is a gift. You’ll find empowerment when you unplug from mass consciousness and release any beliefs, expectations or thoughts that do not […]

Mindfulness and transformation

The way to elicit positive change and transformation is mindfulness. Make inner peace and balanced health your first priority – quiet the mind, meditate, and spend a few moments completely free of distractions each day. When we focus on making conscious choices and make an effort to only use words which support our intentions and […]

The source of your power…

Expanding consciousness has no limitation. We begin to see past the trappings of the mind and connect to the Divine in our own unique way. This can be challenging for those who are unused to walking forward in confidence without a map; however, this constant act of awakening allows you to advance ever closer to […]

The dance of awakening knowledge

Your life is a dance of awakening knowledge. Open yourself to new perceptions and shift to higher levels of awareness in order to receive the messages of love that await. No matter how much we learn, in an infinite Universe we are consistently finding ways to remove the veils which block our ability to see […]

The magnificence of creation

There is magnificence in creation… When we open to the spark of inspiration which clears passageways of new energy, we begin to learn new aspects of our strength. Whether the goal is to heal family relationships, try a new recipe, engage in higher studies or write the first line of a poem, the power of […]

The world is our reflection

The world is our reflection. At any given moment, you can measure how much you have evolved by witnessing your response to the people and events you encounter in your day to day life.  Circumstances, whether blissful or challenging, are fluid and it’s important to develop an inner sense of connectedness, peace and balance in […]

This moment is sacred… love the journey

There is perfection in this moment and you are right where you are supposed to be. The Divine seeks always to aid, uplift, awaken, expand and guide you on your unique Path of Transformation. It is time to learn how to flow with what life offers. This ease and flexibility allows you to enter advanced […]

Psychic vampirism and what it can teach us

Ever wonder why being around certain people is draining? You might find yourself feeling tired, headachy or off balance after an interaction and need time to regroup. This is a phenomenon called Psychic Vampirism. When people are vibrating less than 200 – demonstrated by acting from shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger or pride […]