The blame game

The ego loves to judge, blame and criticize. Purposely choose not to participate in such behavior.

“Blaming is an addition. Justifying ourselves can keep us lost in our stories for hours, days, and even years. Blaming puts the focus on the perceived faults of the other and lets us evade the necessity of directing our attention inward. Blame always separates, always disconnects. Overcoming addiction to blaming is an absolute prerequisite to experiencing the connectedness that is the essence of who we are.”  
~Ezra Bayda~ 

When we find fault with another, it distracts us from working on our own dysfunction. Our collective society is currently caught in a mental-emotional trap where it seems that no one will ever be happy with any situation. Social media has provided a way to hide behind a facade while spewing anger at specific people, situations, institutions, companies or more broadly, differing categories of politics, religion or race.

All judgement is self judgment projected outward. It’s important to stay aware and consistently observe the energy that we send out into the world. When the need to blame arises, choose to be silent. Examine the situation to determine what has triggered your ire and focus your attention inward. Bring higher consciousness to whatever you choose to think, say or write. This is an opportunity for you to evolve.

Ultimately, when breakthrough occurs, all we will experience is gratitude for the other. What formerly manifested as reactivity is transformed into awareness and healing.

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