Infinite possibilities

When you’re ready to create vibrant and wonderful new changes in your life, it’s important to focus upon the end result of happiness. Happiness implies that things are flowing well… good health, friendships, financial flow, satisfying work and excitement on the Path of Transformation. Think big! The Universe has to expend the same amount of energy to manifest changes – whether large or small – and where we place our attention, the energy flows.

As we create the space in which something new can emerge, we need to do our part by taking conscious steps forward. Explore outside of your comfort zone, ensure that every possible avenue is open, be ready to receive a miracle and then release attachment to how things “should” unfold. Many times the Universe, in its infinite wisdom and vision, has so much more to provide than our limited expectations can conceive.

When operating from high vibration energies of happiness, joy, enthusiasm or gratitude, we draw in the circumstances that resonate with our frequency. Nothing of delight has ever been created from fear, doubt or worry, and in fact those very energies actually repel all the good that wants to flow into your experience. In essence, when we reside in fear, we are telling the Universe that we aren’t yet ready to receive (typically because of doubts regarding our worthiness or the fear of failure).

Begin now. Find joy in the little things and allow it to expand outward throughout every area of your life. Open the heart chakra and be kind to yourself and others, making healthy choices that balance mind, body and spirit. Visualize yourself as a joyful aspect of the Divine and live fully present, powerful and aware. All that you send out into the Universe will surely return to you.

Today my intention is to celebrate the beauty of the day and honor the path of my awakening by sharing my gifts.

The energy of your intention in motion

From time to time you may face challenges that alow the ego to slip in and momentarily take over your state of consciousness. This can be felt as anxiety, fear, confusion, stress or simply feeling off-balance. Part of the human experience – which is ultimately the expanding experience of the Divine – is to learn how to utilize the tools we have discovered in order to create transformation within ourselves and within our perception.

View all challenges as opportunities to apply your new skills and spiritual knowledge, dear one. You have the ability to change how you respond, how you think and consciously direct the flow of your energy back to joy.

There is nothing more empowering than witnessing the incredible results of your energy and intention in motion. The creative aspect of the awakened manifester is recognized by unshakable faith despite moments when things appear to be blocked on the physical plane. There is nothing more important than your state of consciousness and as you outgrow old conditioning, you may discover new facets of beauty that are ready to shine.

Allow the healing energy of the Divine to help you to create positive new habits and patterns more aligned with what you’d like to experience in your life. Be patient with yourself and stop believing the stories that bring you pain. You are allowed to transform what you experience and it begins, always, within your thoughts and where you choose to place your energy. The Universe loves and supports you at all times and is ready to help you become more powerful than any perceived limitation or past programming.

Today my intention is to surrender any doubt or struggle and open to the blessings of the Divine knowing that infinite possibilities await. I open my heart to the limitless joy of love.

The journey is the goal

Your unique Path of Transformation is a sacred place and the journey itself is the goal. Each step that you take is important and each moment has meaning and purpose designed specifically for your spiritual awakening.

During times of movement and change, cultivate an attitude of acceptance. This opens your energy to receive new friendships and experiences into your life. So many people focus only on the destination and do not take the time to enjoy the pilgrimage. They rush from place to place, only to create a new goal the moment one is reached and often forget to savor the delights of the journey.

The old patterns of conditioning are ready to be transformed into the stepping-stones of the past. As you emerge into the light of your true potential, your individuality will be able to shine like never before. Be dedicated to freedom. Listen more, speak less and become the wisdom which you seek.

Let your higher guidance know that you are ready to see clearly. Prepare for new information and inspiration by consistently releasing those things which no longer serve you… and then, simply pay attention. Walk your adventure with faith. Be kind to yourself, offering supportive self-talk and insight, and create a space in which something new can emerge.

Today my intention is to be the love I wish to see in the world, to slow down and enjoy this moment and the beauty it has to offer.

Infinite possibilities, infinite choices

Here you stand at the precipice of a brand new day filled with infinite possibility… how will you use it?

There are new dimensions of the Self to be explored, friendships to discover, wonders to see and old wounds ready to be healed.

Let your choices be led by joy and intention. Share your gifts and consciously send out love whenever you think of it – it helps tremendously, and you can make a difference by shining a light in the darkness.

This moment is filled with infinite possibility… why do what you’ve already mastered? Step outside your comfort zone and see what you discover.

Today my intention is to learn something new. I am willing to dance with the joy of life.

The quest for love

As you develop your inner richness and maturity, you’ll find that others will be drawn to you. In a world filled with busyness, opinion, drama and all the games which people play, the advanced spiritual seeker provides a calm space of respite.

The quest for love is actually a desire to achieve wholeness. Initially, we look outside ourselves for someone to make us feel complete. This distracts us from the true work of discovering our inner divinity and balance. Relationships offer a beautiful opportunity to practice finding that inner balance, and as we expand more fully into love, those who grace our lives will surely transform as well.

When we bring a sense of wholeness and peace into our interactions, it becomes easier to remain aware and fully present within the Now. We can connect with one another from the level of spirit.

Old souls typically break the chains of society’s repressive conditioning and opinions. They rise above unconsciousness and begin to live aligned with their true nature. Those who have yet to awaken find this upsetting… so used to misery, they see the enlightened person as unique and mysterious. In a space of love, consciously hold up a mirror and allow those with whom you interact to witness their own infinite potential.

Today my intention is to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity. Let me be a loving reflection of the peace and presence in others.

Self approval and self acceptance

Whatever you fight, you strengthen. What you resist, persists. What you put your attention on grows… all these statements point to one idea – our energy flows into whatever we focus upon.

When you truly desire to create change, realize that fighting the (perceived) negative is a waste of time. The more you dwell on something, the more it is created within your experience and it takes up permanent resistance within your life.

Empowerment lies within the act of creation. Hatred manifests nothing; however, consciously opening to new experience shifts the energy so that change can be accepted immediately. No matter what the problem, the answer lies within learning to love the self. Loving yourself makes you feel good. It’s time to retrain the mind to receive.

Self approval and self acceptance are the keys to transformation. Let “I approve of myself” become your new mantra – this will bring up any old beliefs buried within the subconscious. Repeat it to yourself continually throughout the day. Observe the responses your ego provides (likely that you can’t approve of yourself yet because you’re still ____), notice them, consciously release them and then turn back to approval.

Let all of your choices be led by joy. This ensures that you will plant seeds of beauty within all aspects of your life experience. As you nurture the changes that begin to emerge, celebrate the whole of existence that resides within that tiny seed.

Today my intention is to use positive thinking, affirmations and conscious expectations to create the transformation I desire Now.

Dream the world into being

In each and every moment we are dreaming the world into being. When we aren’t consciously shifting the dream, we struggle within the collective consciousness of fear and unconsciousness. You can shift your experiences with grace and courage and birth a new reality of joy from the matrix of creation.

It is said that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it. As we become more conscious, we make choices that are more conducive to a peaceful state of mind.

This morning, just prior to waking, I became aware that I was dreaming. Simultaneously I watched my dream as it unfolded, noticed the comfort of my bed and began considering what to write to today’s Wow Moment. And so it is with our awakening to higher consciousness – we learn to direct the flow of energy and create change.

In the process of your exploration, realize that you have the courage to dream a new world into being. In order to spot opportunities, we need to cultivate mindfulness and discover grace within the present moment.

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” ~ Mary Ane Radmacher

In everyday life you can engage in empowering acts that make a wonderful difference in the world. Perhaps you choose to forgive more quickly, say “I’m sorry” when you’ve missed the mark within a relationship, or set aside thoughts of judgment. It takes courage to honor another’s path and become more aware and responsible for your own. Validate your own actions and you’ll discover that you don’t need approval from anyone else because you have consciously stepped into the dream and participated in transforming it.

Today my intention is to dream from the level of soul.

Accept the gifts that life has to offer

The blessings that flow into your experience are a result of past work, effort and intention and you deserve to enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer. Be open and willing to receive this energy, for it is merely a return of what you have already sent out into the world.

Sometimes blessings are easy to spot, while others lie hidden within a perceived challenge. For this reason, an attitude of acceptance is a wonderful quality to develop. It allows you to move more quickly through the events of your life and reap the rewards that come from the process.

Gratitude cultivates a blessed state of mind. It gets us in the habit of looking at situations through the eyes of the Divine. The more aligned with are with the energy of Gratitude, the more open we become. Even when you are unsure of the reasons behind the circumstances of your life, trust that you are loved and guided each step of the way.

Today my intention is to be grateful for the abundance of gifts in my life.

Healing emotional wounds

Allow your wounds to be healed. When emotional pain rises to the surface, it is at that moment that it is ready and available to be healed. These deeply buried wounds of the past are repeatedly reflected in our life experiences until they are cleared.

In order to receive healing, we must choose to become vulnerable and open to the love of the Universe. Openness and acceptance create a space where we can dissolve the struggle and suffering once considered so necessary by the ego… and from this state of wholeness, we can help others to become whole as well.

When our energy is no longer tied up in defense, blame, regret, reactivity or trying to fix others, we become a channel for the power of the Divine and all that incredible life force flows into the present moment.

Procrastination tangles our lives within the gray and lifeless landscape of the mind and we can become caught in the web of endless decisions, ideas, worries, doubts and confusion. Clarity begins with your conscious state of awareness. Take responsibility for the choices that have been made thus far and choose to transform the situation (or your perception of it) into something new. When you feel stuck, begin moving forward in any direction and break free of stagnation. On the physical plane, this can be accomplished in many ways – changing a limiting habit, cleaning our closets or rearranging a room, taking a risk or finding reasons to be grateful… fortunately the options are infinite. All transformation first begins in the transformation of our thoughts.

Spiritual awakening is a process and it’s powerful to remain true to your unique journey. Joy is freedom that you can create for yourself in this moment. Every circumstance is meant to awaken your innate knowledge of the Divine energy that lives within you. You can choose to recognize this divinity and merge with the love of the Universe.

Today my intention is to remember that I am an infinite being on a journey of discovery. I am loved, supported and guided by the Divine every step of the way.

Simple messages of love and kindness

The higher the vibrational frequency of energy, the simpler things become. Whether someone’s personal story, the teachings we discover in books or through spiritual teachers or the language of the heart, one can determine the type of message based upon excessive input or the lack of it.

Ego-driven stories contain a lot of detail. There’s blame, defense, back story and drama. Those with lower frequencies seek to absorb energy from the people around them, and thus, this is why some people seem tiring or draining to be around.

The most loving gift you can give another is spaciousness. When we move into detached compassion, we allow those we love the ability to do their own spiritual work. Part of the journey is to learn to take responsibility for the choices we make and transform then when necessary. You can teach by example by consciously presenting your own energy in its highest form at all times.

Gossip too, is a lower frequency which is based upon excessive story. Refrain from sharing anything which is not supportive to yourself or others. The more aware we become of the energy that we send out into the Universe, the simpler things become. Delight in the successes of others and success will certainly be drawn to you. Share stories of breakthrough, strength, love and forgiveness only and see the effect it has on your own experiences and consciousness.

Today my intention is to be the change I wish to see in the world.