Suffering consciously

Think about all that you’ve learned so far on your spiritual journey – the tools of awakening you’ve tried and sometimes discarded, the basis of how you view your life, the facets of strength you have discovered as a result of facing challenges, the wisdom of surrender and acceptance, the power of gratitude. Looking back at my own journey, much of which was initially walked blindly and with a lack of consciousness, I see the perfection in every moment. I am grateful for the lessons and friendships I’ve encountered each step of the way.

What about those moments when gratitude seems far away? Sometimes we walk in darkness with the belief that all the tools we have cultivated have either deserted us or no longer work with the strength we were used to. But something is different this time around…. we’re conscious of the fact that we are suffering. We actively apply what we’ve learned or seek new ways to address whatever challenge arises with the knowledge that we’ll find a way to grow through the process.

That’s the difference between someone who has experienced awakening and someone who has yet to access the knowledge that lies underneath the drama. The conscious approach becomes something of a dance with the Divine, a tango of immense passion filled with talent, surrender and synchronicity. Lifetime after lifetime we perfect this dance. Spiritual awakening is a process and one that takes constant practice and application.

Mastery begins with knowing who you truly are beyond the mechanisms of the ego and what is witness on the physical plane. It is merely an inner connection that allows us to take full responsibility and share our light as we live from a place of integrity.

Today my intention is to see the beauty in the dance and walk with an open heart.

When lessons repeat in our lives…

Sometimes there are layers within layers of energy around a particular pattern or challenge. We feel that we’ve learned the lesson or integrated a new perception only to get hit by it again in another form. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t learning what you’ve intended to learn; however, it does indicate that more energy needs to be cleared around the issue. Use whatever you feel drawn to in order to aid you in this process – meditation, crystals, music, movement, energy work, etc.

Don’t give up on yourself or the processes of your awakening. Have faith in your abilities and the direction in which your higher Self leads you. Cultivating awareness will allow you to recognize when there are truly no more charges around a particular person, circumstance or topic and there will come a day when you realize that you have set yourself free.

One of the indicators of your transformation will be the effect you have on others. People may begin to respond to you differently, to enjoy being in your energy or look to you for clarity and advice. Each of us has the ability to become a light for those around us. As we transform, the world around us is transformed.

Today my intention is to open my heart to endless love and peace.

Your power lies in the present moment

Authenticity requires the sharing of energy… to do good, to serve, to show compassion. The more you evolve, the more subtle the ego must become because you are learning how to observe its antics and not fall prey to them as you may have in the past. For the awakening soul, the ego may appear as procrastination. We have loving ideas, high ideals and ways to share grace; however, we find reasons to put things off until tomorrow. And tomorrow.

If you wait, the mind has time to distract. Be your authentic and loving self Now and this immediate flow of energy and connection with the Divine will bring you joy.

When we choose to live in harmony with out true nature, things flow more smoothly. Allowing gives us the opportunity to get out of the way and see what miracles and beauty the Universe has to offer. Tapping into our ability to create without procrastination begins to sow the seeds of infinite design in our lives.

Your power lies in the present moment – pay attention! How can you share kindness now?

Today my intention is to remember that I must let go in order to receive.

Living in your integrity

     Each of us walks such a unique path as part of our awakening; however, the lessons and challenges all point to one thing: We are one and all struggle due to a perceived separation from one another. Whether it’s getting lost in fear, anger, judgment, denial or expectation, no one is harder on you than you.

     When we walk in our integrity, we find the answers that lie within. There’s great freedom in being honest with one’s self, owning our own “stuff” and releasing the expectations of society, family or past history. Awakening is a collective response to treasures that have yet to be discovered.

      Listen to the voice of your heart. It’s constantly communicating with you through the body. When your choices create imbalance, look for ways in which you may be out of integrity with yourself. For instance, if you get sick whenever you see a particular person or find yourself in a similar type of situation, you might be trying to avoid seeing whatever it is that is being reflected in you. Take the time to be mindful – go within and ask yourself if you hold any of the attributes you’re trying so hard to avoid. Work on clearing them – awareness, meditation and Radical Forgiveness are good tools for this – and you may notice that future interactions no longer affect you physically. This is your indicator that the energy has cleared. The person has acted as a healing angel for you.

     Walking your talk and speaking your truth with integrity is your unique and authentic way of being in the world. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who is comfortable with who they are. Peace emanates from them. No energy is wasted trying to please the perceived desires of others. Instead, they allow the light of the Divine to experience itself through them and it’s incredibly beautiful.

     Today my intention is to seek balance and experience the wonder of connection.

Dancing with the Divine

     Yesterday my life changed. Again. Each step we take up the ladder of consciousness opens our perception. Things shift, the world takes on new texture and now I find myself integrating this higher frequency.

     I was transported into such a state of Joy and Oneness that I found myself weeping with gratitude. All that played in my mind was “Thank you, God” as I found myself dancing in the presence of the Divine. I saw the beauty of my life and all the players in it from a new dimension – the perfection, the love and the gifts took on new meaning as I was given a glimpse of the future we will share.

     I went back and reread the last two Wow Moments that were written during the days I played with teachers from the Oneness University. The first was Witness the reflection of Love and the second was Whatever is experienced fully transforms into Joy. When we set an intention, do the work and allow, we receive what we have asked for. It’s challenging to utilize language to express what it’s like to expand so quickly and powerfully. Words, limiting things that they are, barely begin to touch the power of the Divine. All I can do at the moment is smile through tears of Joy.

      Today my intention is to hold space while I integrate this expanded energy. My desire is to do whatever it takes to remain at this higher vibration (what you put in determines what you get out!), not only so that my blissful experience of Joy continues at this amazing level, but primarily to share it with you as we walk the next steps of our journey together.

Whatever is experienced fully transforms into joy

There is nothing to be gained from making life harder than it needs to be, and yet we sometimes find ourselves doing just that. in the midst of chaos we often spin a bit further into confusion before we remember to breathe and go within.

The Divine puts in place the synchronicities which encourage your awakening and empowerment in order to allow you to fulfill your purpose in the physical world. When you open yourself to accept assistance and guidance, you create a space in which a transformation can occur. One of the greatest gifts you can offer yourself is to cultivate healthy detachment and trust. As we release any expected outcomes, we open ourselves to experience greater ease and joy on our path.

Say “Yes” to life. Whatever is experienced fully transforms into joy, while conversely, resistance slows the process. During your gratitude moments today, choose something and give it your full attention. Notice any thoughts that arise and pull yourself back into your experience. This awareness will open your heart and energy as you become the observer. Awareness is a process. These few moments connect you to Love.

You are a gift, dear one. You are Divine. Your sojourn here holds great purpose and life is waiting to be experienced by you.

Today my intention is to be grounded, centred and silent enough to connect with compassion. From there, anything is possible.

Witness the reflection of love

Last night I sat in the presence of Love. All those who seek greater understanding go through the process of learning how to find the source of love within. In this manner, authentic teachers are invaluable. They demonstrate the joy of awareness through their unique way of being in the world. When you find yourself responding favorably to someone whom you admire, remember that they are merely a reflection of you and begin to seek those same attributes within yourself. You will find that for which you seek.

The Divine wishes to support and assist as you ascend to the next level of awakening. Pay attention to the opportunities (sometimes disguised as challenges) you encounter which allow you to bring your spiritual knowledge into tangible manifestation.

Whatever life offers is exactly what is needed for your soul’s growth. Begin weaving the energy of greater awareness by watching how you respond to the Now. Whatever arises, allow it. Seek stillness and embrace your unique gifts and way of being in the world. This is the moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to open my heart chakra and expand into Love.

Discover the potential within you

No matter what unfolds in your life experience, you can choose acceptance and peace as a response. Taking responsibility for our own joy requires nothing less than opening ourselves to the limitless possibilities inherent within every situation. Resistance and judgment are merely indicators that old patterns or outgrown beliefs are rising to the surface. We can choose to see them as teachers, bless them and release as we step into the higher frequencies of joy and acceptance.

Divine energy is available for you now. Give yourself permission to enter a state of grace. Ask for assistance from those who love and support you and know that you will be guided toward mastery in all things.

Advanced spiritual seekers are willing to surrender in order to merge with higher sources of knowledge. In doing so, something wonderful begins to happen – we begin to discover ourselves as powerful, living expressions of the Divine. The power of unconditional love is waiting to experience itself through you.

This is the moment to realize your true nature and to be a loving witness to the sacred energy and potential within you. Joy is the path of your destiny. Take the time to pause and breathe in this present moment – what are you creating right now? Transcend beyond the ordinary and seek wholeness with all existence. Infinite heights, depths and expansion await your discovery.

Today my intention is to open myself to infinite possibilities.

The destructive energy of guilt

Guilt is one of the most destructive mind sets in which we can become trapped. When we miss the mark, wrong another or make unhealthy choices, we get lost in the stories of the mind and miss all the beauty that life has to offer.

Of course we all long to be the best version of ourselves that we can be; however, it’s good to remember that guilt is debilitating and serves no higher purpose. It does not compel us to be better. It solves no problems. It does not heal our relationships, and in fact, it blinds us to all productive possibilities.

Should you encounter a memory or circumstance in which you feel you “could have” done better, simply observe it, own it, love yourself and learn from it. It’s natural to fumble our way toward ecstasy from time to time and you are perfect in your imperfection – that is part of the learning process.

Offer yourself the gift of understanding. The Path of Transformation requires integration, participation and passion. Spiritual maturity provides us with the knowledge to consistently enter the realm of creation. We learn from the past, share our knowledge and enrich the lives of others. You are already a masterpiece, a magnificent and intricate work of art, It is merely waiting to be recognized.

Today my intention is to honor the processes of my awakening. Each situation and circumstance in my life has something to teach and holds great value.

Transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs

     In moments when blockages seem to keep you locked in old patterns and you find yourself at an impasse on the Path of Transformation, it’s time to do something… anything!… to release the energy and move forward. There is great power to be found within the intense shake-ups of our lives. We move into a phase of breakthrough, where old limitations and beliefs are shattered. When the dust settles, whatever remains provides a strong foundation for the next phase of your life and you’ll be amazed at the vitality and empowerment you discover.

     The object of spiritual awakening is to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs. The greatest adventure you can experience is to face a challenge from a high level of consciousness. Yes, chaos is possible ( and likely guaranteed) but through willingness and awareness, it transforms your experience into one filled with meaningful insights and empowerment.

      It’s one thing to have spiritual knowledge, it’s quite another to apply it successfully to life situations when you need it the most. You are discovering and cultivating the tools that transform your experience to one of mastery.

     You have an opportunity to share your insights, love and laughter. With this newfound freedom, allow yourself to be liberated and rise above. The divine light of your soul is one of purity and radiance – you are being asked to recognize the divinity within you and present it to the world through your conscious approach to life.

     Today my intention is to remember that I can be the light, or the mirror that reflects it. I am willing to share my gifts, love and insight.