Living with a sense of adventure

I see life as an adventure to be lived. Sometimes we walk fearfully through the shadows, we face our dragons and push forward with a sense of trust. The light up ahead beckons us and often we are drawn by a sense of wonder into the unknown. In order to live the life of your dreams, you must begin living it now – from where you are, with what you have. The smallest steps forward can become the biggest adventures.

Truth is a personal realization – what’s true for you is a unique by-product of the journey you have chosen to walk. There are no guarantees and while we can sometimes feel lost along the way, it’s the search that helps us to grow. Be willing to take risks and stretch out of your comfort zone – there are no limits to the qualities you will discover within yourself.

Human nature is to cling to what’s familiar, even if it’s painful, restrictive or boring. And what is it that chooses the known over the unknown? The mind. Stories based upon fear cause procrastination or outright stagnation. Life is an adventure. Invite new experiences in, find new things to explore and leave the past behind.

Today my intention is to be willing to take a risk. I am willing to live life with passion and faith.

Wisdom and freedom

Sometimes it can be easy to forget your connection to the Divine. Life gets busy, people bring intensity into our experience and the physical movement through time and space overwhelms the senses. Gratitude and meditation reconnect you to the source of love. In silence we can hear the heartbeat of the planet and step beyond the perception of limitation.

If you desire freedom, meditation is the key. Silence waits to be explored. In the realms of the infinite lies the wisdom of the ages, often too profound to be put into words and so we must express it through living a peaceful, conscious life.

If you are authentic, compassionate and meditative, the Divine will express itself through you. This is why we say there is no need to search outside of yourself for happiness. It rises from within and is the by-product of living aligned with grace. Holding a space of gratitude creates a magnetic effect which draws in more for which you can be grateful.

Today my intention is to remember to take time to be. All that I need is already here.

Finding the light within

Times of great transformation are often proceeded by times of great sorrow or introspection. When we experience our pain without judgment, blame or pity, it opens a world of possibility that we don’t seek out when things are going well. Use the challenges which arise to make yourself more aware and notice when the ego attempts to simply add such moments to its treasure trove of stories.

In meditation we can see past the pain to the fact that our vision is strong enough to remain intact without the need for others’ approval or understanding. We can choose to take responsibility for our own choices and enter a new realm of experience. As you walk the Path of Transformation, you’ll discover that the way is lighted by the beauty that shines from within you.

Be content within yourself now. Feel your connection to the Divine and watch how it is reflected by the world around you. The dance of awakening is the primary moving force behind every situation and circumstance and you are loved beyond measure. There is no end to what you will discover.

Today my intention is to remember that peace begins with me. The more  balanced I am, the more I have to share with others.

Conscious suffering

Suffering has no value unless it is conscious suffering. Whether self imposed stresses, fear, guilt or anxiety, it’s important to recognize when we are holding our hearts back as a form of protection. Any of these challenges can be the doorway through we enter more deeply into life.

When you understanding that suffering is a teacher rather than the enemy, it becomes something to learn from rather than something which needs to be conquered. It’s human nature to feel pain and we can transform it into powerful aspects of our awakening without becoming lost in the drama.

It’s important to nurture yourself. The longing for wholeness must begin within. Inner exploration and inner understanding can be accessed through conscious breathing. Slow down and accept the breath of life. Feel it expanding your heart chakra and simple be with whatever the moment offers. Don’t try to change… just become aware knowing that awareness heals.

All perceived problems come from limited thought patterns; therefore, be conscious enough to focus on solutions, desired movement or transformation rather than the problem itself. Your energy flows where your attention goes and in the midst of suffering, it is also possible to choose joy.

Today my intention is to release all control to the Divine and be at peace within myself.

Spiritual experiences

There are times when we are blown away by a new perception which changes everything and moments when it seems that miracles unfold and we witness the Divine plan in operation all around us. These spiritual experiences are sprinkled throughout a lifetime and filed away in journals or carried in memory.

But “experiencing” is learning to live a life filled with wonder itself. We recognize the sacredness of the moment and see it within everyone and everything we encounter as we become one with the world around us. Let nature be your guide. Watch it as it naturally unfolds in its majestic splendor – without fanfare – and hear the whispers of love that call us home.

All my healing work begins with this silent invocation: Sacred Mother, I come in honor of this person, this moment and this space as sacred. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service. In love we create a space where transformation can occur. What would your daily interactions be like if you chose to bring this attitude of reverence to each situation? Set your intention and live empowered by experiencing the sacredness of the present moment.

Today my intention is to remember that everyone and everything is my teacher.

Releasing old patterns

Everyone has a filter through which they view the world. Their energetic vibration and long-held beliefs are displayed again and again until they are recognized. Whenever you notice a repeating pattern that limits joy in your experience, realize that the first step is becoming aware of it. From a space of awareness, you can consciously choose to break free from outmoded patterns of behavior and leave them behind.

For many, intense emotional/mental/physical/spiritual disruption is the only thing that awakens them from the dreams created by the projections of the mind; however, we can circumvent this process by consciously continuing to do our spiritual work in times of relative peace. This is the moment of transformation. No matter what comes into your experience, you have the courage and fortitude to face it with faith… and while nothing is guaranteed on this journey of the soul, the changes you create within will surely play out in your daily experiences.

In this way, we become conscious co-creators of our own awakening. When you reach toward the light, it also reaches out to you. Love will always meet you where you are and walk forward with you from there. Seek to constantly clear limiting patterns that sabotage your happiness. One tool is to step back from the situation and observe the thought – perhaps saying, “My ego is in fear mode” or “Anxiety is arising”. Rather than absorbing the limiting thought or emotion, just see it and experience it as the observer knowing that the infinite, Divine truth of who you are is not defined by these fleeting ideas of insecurity or doubt. Something greater is waiting to break through, shattering the patterns of limitation and opening the door to a life of empowerment.

Today my intention is to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity.

The infinite value of compassion

The journey of your soul ultimately leads to greater compassion and understanding. After facing a challenge, we discover compassion for others who are going through similar upheavals in their lives. We may be called upon to offer assistance, insight or non-judgmental viewpoints and in doing so, we share the gifts of our discoveries. It takes many lifetimes to experience all that there is to experience on this planet. Older souls (even when they have no conscious memory of past lifetimes) tend to carry this sense of peacefulness and understanding with them – it is a natural by-product of the awakened soul. This is why strangers may often seek you out and share their life stories – your energy and wisdom makes you a compassionate listener.

In a world where so many feel unheard and struggle with inner pain and imbalance, the greatest gift that we can offer is our full attention, unconditional love and acceptance. Purposely ask yourself how you can bring compassion to the situations in which you find yourself today. Can you show love? Can you remain balanced while others around you slip into dysfunction? Can you see past the roles being played to the Oneness that binds us? Being aware and fully present takes conscious effort; however, the results are worth it – both for you and for everyone your life touches.

Today my intention is to walk in the light of love.

Letting go

Faith is about letting go and trusting. Fear is about clinging and protection. As we cultivate the art of surrender, we discover the ease and grace which comes from going with the flow of life. The world teaches that surrender is weak, it allows someone to get away with something, we have not proven our strength or conquered the situation. A higher point of view is that only those who can release the need to control are authentically aligned with their inner truth – surrender is the highest aspect of courage.

When we dance on the edge of the unknown, we demonstrate another aspect of faith. In the process of exploration, we release the need to maintain security knowing there is nothing to fear. The things that people struggle for are fleeting – fame, money, success, power – while the things gained by letting go are sublime – peace, graciousness, inner strength, love.

If you find yourself exhausted it means that your energy is being drained or wasted by too much effort. Seek the grace that is found in surrender and acceptance and allow things to unfold. This will open you to the mysteries which surround you. Let all that you choose to do be an expression of the Divine. Whether at work or play, allow your soul to be at ease in the Now.

Today my intention is to remember that life is happening all around me. I am willing to participate.

The dreaming mind

There are dreams and desires that play scenarios in the mind. The “What ifs?” and “If only’s…” distract us by constantly projecting an imagined future, replaying the past or distorting our perception of the present moment. When we project our desires and attachments, others simply become a screen that reflects our projection to us, for a time. And then we awaken from the dream thinking “This isn’t what I thought it would be…” and of course it isn’t. It never was.

To be aware means that you are shattering the illusion and flaming passion for life as it is rather than an projected image of what it may or may not be in the future. The ego is a by-product of illusion. As we awaken, we begin to recognize this and experience it’s mechanisms less and less. This is the joy of awakening – discovering the beauty of the Divine within ourselves and everything around us and seeing through the dream.

Bring consciousness and presence to this moment. No matter what you choose to do, give it your full attention and complete the task. When we bring our acts to completion, we stop carrying them around with us energetically. This lightens the load of thought and allows you to enter the Now with authenticity and awareness.

Today my intention is to rejoice in new growth and leave reservations behind me.

Explore, inquire, trust

In this infinite Universe, there are always new ideas and experiences to explore. Don’t allow yourself to become stagnant or too “certain” during the pilgrimage. We are in the midst of a great mystery and the ideas and beliefs that we cling to the most are often the very ones that require our attention. Releasing judgment (which is simply attachment to ideas that have been created from our past experiences) allows us to fully immerse ourselves within the present moment and witness all that it has to offer.

Your life is a blend of all the roads you have walked so far… each step offering new perspective, insight and direction. Everything (and everyone!) plays a part in your spiritual growth and there is always a subtle process of cause and effect at work behind the scenes. Your path is profound and unique and love is the goal. Be courageous enough to open up and share your gifts along the way.

As you work to heal your own wounds, you’ll discover that there is nothing to fear and no need to hide. Anxiety and attachment will fall away and bliss will emerge on it’s own from the wellspring within you. This is the journey of your soul.

Today my intention is to honor all paths as sacred.