Breathe Quietly

Just a little bit of insight and understanding can bring great transformation to your life.

“Listening and action are one in the heart. Love knows, and acts accordingly. The heart has an intelligence of its own.” 

In our mad, mad world we are constantly being pulled in multiple directions. Many pride themselves for their ability to multi-task. They fill their days with projects and goals, spending any empty moments on social media and neglect the most basic task of all – self care.

It’s important to slow down and reside fully in the present moment. There will always be more to do, more to learn, problems to be solved and goals to attain; however, nothing is more important than your joy or your state of consciousness. Remember to give yourself moments of lightness and ease. In the midst of cacophony or turmoil, just be. Allow.

Life can be unpredictable. The only thing over which you have any control is how you choose to respond to the people and events you encounter. Honor the processes of your awakening for they will lead you to profound places of insight and discovery.

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