Love and Compassion

When you encounter those who interpret life differently than you, practice being a good listener and find compassionate understanding.
“Consciousness is not a destination at which we finally arrive. It is an ongoing, ever-deepening, infinitely expanding process, a journey that perhaps has no end.” 
~Shakti Gawain~

Unconsciousness is simply a lack of awareness and understanding; therefore, the way to raise consciousness is to purposely cultivate greater understanding of ourselves and of one another.

Everyone has a unique story. Their life experiences often determine how they interpret the world. With this in mind, consider how it must feel to be judged as “wrong” and how defensiveness can so easily come into play. If you can hold space for another and help them to feel safe where they are, you will be giving an incredible gift.

New perceptions and viewpoints can often change us in ways we’ve never imagined. When we choose to cultivate compassion, we create a space in which a transformation can occur.

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