The expansion of consciousness

There is a clarity that is rooted in the deep stillness of consciousness which awaits us all. It lies beyond the desire to understand with the mind and brings a higher understanding of the harmony that connects us all. As we become more spiritually aware, we experience this clarity with greater frequency and recognize it as a wonderful gift.

We are sharing a brief moment within the infinite expansion of consciousness. This world is merely the beginning of an amazing journey from separation to wholeness – one that takes us beyond all limitations of time and space into the unknowable.

Sometimes these thoughts are too expansive to understand from our human perspective… and that’s ok. While immersed in life it’s easy to become distracted by the intensity of the world around us. This is why stillness, mindfulness, gratitude and meditation are so important – each provides an opportunity to step out of the mind and into communion with the infinite, if only for a brief moment.

Be open to the opportunities to celebrate in life. The temple of the infinite is all around us… in the trees, the wind, laughter, love, friendship, a dog’s smile… the wisdom we seek is everywhere – both within and without, if only we remember to step out of the mind and into the harmony and consciousness which is available Now.

Today my intention is to choose to recognize the magnificence of my being.

The realm of infinite possibility

This moment is all there is. In a world of pure energy and limitless potential, we have the opportunity to choose how we respond to the stimuli of experience. It is time to find your own source of inner wisdom, understand your unique gifts and challenges and see beyond the obvious.

Sometimes the journey of discovery can be intense. As we discover that the world is our reflection, things begin to take on new meaning. A powerful or emotional response to a person can indicate that we are recognizing our own attributes (both those we consider challenging as well as those we consider empowering) and in that awareness, a transformation begins.

For many, it’s easier to see their own perceived shortcomings than it is to recognize their own beauty. Take some time today to be conscious of how you respond to life. What situations make you feel comfortable? Which test your ability to remain true to yourself? …and how do you dance within these two polarities?

Your vibrational frequency determines the filter through which you see the world. The way to reach the truth is to learn how to be fully present, dropping old stories and beliefs and simply experiencing this moment and what it has to offer.

Today my intention is to remember that I live in the realm of infinite possibility. I trust the process of my awakening.

Finding the fullness of who you are

Our infinite Universe has a limitless supply of all that you desire. There is enough love, abundance, joy, health, radiance and fulfillment for each and every being on the planet. It is our birthright to immerse ourselves in life in such a way that we can simultaneously tap into the depths of understanding and wisdom while enjoying all the beauty that life has to offer.

The wonder of spiritual awakening is learning to balance all these varied aspects of experience while leaving the ego behind. As each layer of blockage or limitation is removed, we discover new realms of contentment. Wholeness allows you to be rich in physical experience, rich in discovery, in meditation and in consciousness.

Today my intention is to nurture myself and create a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Empowerment and responsibility

Be courageous enough to step into your truth and live life on your own terms. The enlightened being cannot be enslaved and seems rebellious to the uninitiated; however, empowerment is just a matter of discovering one’s true nature and living in accordance with it. When we embrace all the unique aspects of who we are, the blend becomes magnificent and we break the chains of societal expectations and conditioning.

Sometimes this innate consciousness triggers fear in those who do not understand it. Many times this is an indicator of your development – recognize any opposition or resistance from those around you as a sign that your energy is shifting. Ultimately, the freedom you embody creates movement in the lives of all that you touch.

Be a light unto yourself. Each of us must develop the capacity to walk through the darkness in order to emerge strengthened and courageous. Then we can share our light with the world.

Today my intention is to recognize that every moment provides an opportunity to become more of who I am.

Being a conduit for love

In order to create peace within our experience, we must first cultivate it within ourselves. From a quieted mind comes thoughtful expectation, conscious choices and the ability to respond to life from a higher frequency. All of us have known what it is to be afraid or to doubt our own worthiness – these imbalances were usually the very things that set us off on the journey of transformation and it can sometimes be challenging to remember what it was like to live in an unconscious manner.

Allow compassion to flow through you when dealing with someone who has yet to awaken. Harmful behavior (whether toward oneself or others) is typically a by-product of fear or not understanding one’s true divine nature. The power that you emit is absolutely transformative and it can be a powerful practice to witness the effect you have when being a conduit for the love, light and laughter of the Divine.

Today my intention is to share my gifts, to reach for new knowledge and open myself to receive to all that life has to offer.

The power of acceptance

What adventures lie ahead? Miracles await discovery, new dimensions are waiting to be explored and unfound facets of your personality are ready to shine. When we choose to see infinite possibility in the world around us, life becomes a mystery to be lived rather than a business to be managed. If there is one change you wish to make as this new year unfolds, let it be that you become more aware of any limiting thoughts and words and make a conscious decision to make joy the top priority in your life.

Limiting behavior includes complaining… if something bothers you, change it. If it cannot be changed, change your response to it. Whatever we put our energy into grows stronger, so complaining in any form is an act of self sabotage – it robs you of joy in the present moment. Certainly things will arise that can inspire us to shift consciousness. As soon as you notice the desire to mention how something bothers you, take a moment to go into silence. Ask yourself if you have the power to change the situation. If the answer is yes, make the conscious choice to speak about the solution or new approach rather than the problem itself. If the answer is no, become aware of the ego’s desire to speak and begin the process of moving into acceptance. This process will transform your life and your experience in magnificent ways.

Today my intention is to love what is.


Now is the time to recognize whether or not you allow yourself the extraordinary gift of being at ease with who you are and where you are. All of existence wishes to welcome you – the moon and stars, the earth and all her creatures, the rocks and mountains and waters are our brothers and sisters. In this dance of life it’s important to take a moment to be at ease in the present moment. Take the time to savor the exquisite tastes and textures of life in your own unique way.

In my area of the world the wind is blowing tonight. Great gusts of pure energy at once seem to test and cleanse as I reside safe and warm in my sacred space. So it is with life – we have the ability to create a sacred space within us that provides shelter throughout the storms of experience. Each of us, as divine and infinite beings, has a dignity that blends with that of existence itself. We are the vehicle through which the Divine tastes the physical world and love falls upon us from all directions.

Challenge yourself to become aware of what you may be clinging to – does your strength come from within or from a perceived fortress of safety around you? Loosen your grip and discover the freedom and expansiveness that sharing can bring. This is the moment to become one with life.

Today my intention is to be open to the creativity that wishes to express itself through me. I am willing to step into union with the Divine, comfortable in the mystery of existence.

Your soul’s mission

Each of us chooses to come to this planet to accomplish the same thing – to awaken to the divinity of Being and the Oneness that connects us all. All of existence weaves together in a tapestry of experience, lessons, insight and awareness that will guide you throughout this process of awakening. There is a primary inner purpose – to awaken, and a secondary outer purpose – whatever role you have chosen as the vehicle for that awakening. For some this means family, for others it may be teaching, artistry, healing, building… thankfully, there are infinite ways to live in one’s truth while remaining aligned with our inner purpose.

When you place more importance upon the outer purpose (the transitory experience of this lifetime), the inner purpose suffers. This often creates repetitive patterns and blockages that plague us until we clear them and return to the true purpose of our earthly experience. There is nothing more important than your state of consciousness in the present moment. All joy, clarity and freedom come from this state of inner balance and flow into all that we choose to do.

“Your entire life’s journey ultimately consists of the step you are taking in this moment… This step is primary, the destination secondary. And what you encounter at your destination once you get there depends on the quality of this one step.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Today my intention is to take one more conscious step forward.

Guilt and self forgiveness

Guilt is one of the most destructive energies in the Universe. It steals the joy from the present moment and blocks one’s ability to be happy. It is quite one thing to feel badly when we have wronged another or missed the mark, seeking to redress the imbalance and put things right, if possible; however, extended guilt (getting lost in the story) creates clouds of self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness that lead to self punishment… usually in all sorts of creative ways.

While we all ultimately seek mastery and perfection, it’s important to remember that you have always done the best you could with the knowledge, soul experience and insight you had at the time. This is true of everyone. Part of the process of spiritual evolution is to learn from our mistakes, move forward and approach similar situations with a greater degree of consciousness the next time they come around.

The seeds planted by experience take time to mature and grow. Be patient with the process of your awakening. The world has forgotten the beauty of patience. There are many ways to connect to the power of peace within the present moment such as gratitude, meditation or fully immersing yourself in conscious breath work or loving action. Seek beauty and balance in the midst of every step of the process: action, patience, integration. In the silence, the seeds of transformation continue to grow and the flame of awareness will guide your journey.

Today my intention is to seek the Divine in everything. This moment is sacred and I will allow my mind and thoughts to enhance my life.

The harmony of “no mind”

When we forget that the mind is simply a tool and allow it to dictate the flow of our lives, we allow its judgments and opinions to block our ability to receive all the good this world has to offer. The fathomless beauty of experience needs space to explore. Intuition, compassion, kindness and acceptance dissolve the obstacles we carry within us. As we immerse ourselves in the flow of experience with no expectations, no demands, we find it easier to experience gratitude and enthusiasm for whatever life brings.

Listening is one of the best ways to control the antics of the mind. It allows us to enter the sacred space of the Divine, momentarily forgetting about the “little self” and our attachment to the false illusions of the role we play in this lifetime. This Yin, this beautiful receptivity opens the crown chakra and creates a space in which a transformation can occur.

No matter what you choose to do, whatever your preferences, simply approach the present moment with the wonder of a child. Trust the process of life knowing that ultimately it will lead you to your highest good. Every moment provides a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who you are.

Today my intention is to remember that the present moment contains a doorway to the Divine. I am willing be still and receptive.