Lead Gently

Be receptive and allow others to find their own path.

“Imagine yourself as the great ocean that allows and encourages the smaller streams to come to you.”  
~Wayne Dyer~

In your interactions, even when you may feel that you know best because of your experience, beliefs, state of consciousness or knowledge, choose to lead with humility. The Tao te Ching teaches that we should be like the ocean – remaining low, receptive and accepting.

The consistent use of these energies encourages others to come toward us. Rather than operating from ego or impatience, we can cultivate the ability to lead gently. This allows those who grace our lives to learn at their own pace and work through their unique interpretations of their life experience. Ultimately there is no right way to awaken. Each much carve his or her own path back to the Source.

Practice receptivity. Without thoughts of when or how, await what flows to you with an open heart.

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