Dissolving Ego

Give up all desire, demands and expectation and what remains? The joy of being.
“If the only teacher you have is your suffering, you will need a substantial dose of it for the ego to dissolve. But if the power of spiritual teaching is already at work, then a minor event can dissolve the ego.”  
~Eckhart Tolle~

Anything can be the impetus for dramatic change. The evolution of your soul is in progress and all that is required is to immerse oneself deeply within the present moment. There is nothing to learn, nothing to attain… just be.

Who would you be without the dramas of your life? What lies beneath thought generated fear? Peace resides just beyond the illusions of the mind. Without distraction, you can begin to access the limitless possibilities of being and live as a unique expression of the Divine.

The source of all joy and peace resides within you. Set an intention today to allow the ego to dissolve. Do not try to remove it, just allow. Observe what arises. You are not the thoughts nor the content of your experience. You are the awareness. You are expanding. You are love.

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