Seeking the Next Level of Consciousness

There are infinite levels of experience and consciousness to explore.

“Rare is it to be born a human being, rarer still to have heard of Enlightenment, and even rarer still to pursue it.”  

Consistency, will and devotion are the most important aspects of inner transformation. Like water which slowly erodes rock, purposeful spiritual work eventually transforms one’s life situation and perception, opening the way to new levels of consciousness.

While moments of clarity and ecstasy often pivot our direction or awaken us from the sleep of illusion, it is the daily application of spiritual truths that creates a permanent foundation from which to work.

You are more powerful than you realize. Your words, thoughts and beliefs create your reality; therefore, observe them to ensure that the energy you add to your experience supports your growth rather than reinforcing any situation which appears to be blocking your joy.

At first, nothing may appear to change and indeed, things may seem to get worse. This often happens when we place our attention upon an aspect of our life experience or personality that we would like to shift. Resistance to change is an indicator that something profound is getting ready to unfold. Since all transformation begins within, find the tools that work for you and make them a priority in your life. Change will naturally unfold.

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