Fall Madly in Love With Life

Open your heart to the moment and be the loving witness of all that you see.

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.  
~Nelson Mandela~

Are you willing to fall madly in love with life? The journey is not about creating a static, uniform approach to each moment… there is no right way to live and yet people often try to do what they perceive they should instead of exploring their unique destiny.

This moment is filled with wonder. Meditate, find your bliss and allow love and life to unfold naturally. Being alone will be beautiful. Spending time with others will also be beautiful. Your interactions will simply come from a place of love. Healthy relationships have a great deal of space within them. It’s up to us to fill that space with gratitude, openness, kindness and support as we engage with one another without expectation or demands.

When we function from the level of mind, we become exhausted. Our energy gets depleted by the effort of keeping it all together. This doesn’t just apply to being a workaholic, but also in all the ways we plan for contingencies, worry about the future and create safe and unnatural routines.

Life is a mystery to be lived. The willingness to step into the unknown and accept a little bit of healthy chaos into our experience allows us the freedom to fly. Find your own truth and learn from your experiences. Your vibrant, empowered energy will send ripples throughout the Universe as you participate in a conscious dance with the Divine.

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