Sacred Dance

Let your life be a dance with the Divine.

We can whirl out of nothingness,
scattering stars like dust….
The stars made a circle,
and in the middle,
we dance.

Every step you take on your life’s journey can be transformed through a conscious, evolving relationship with the Divine. Your joyous movements are a sacred dance, and your expression of joy is unique. Allow your heart to reside in the wonder and mystery of being alive.

When you honor the journey as sacred, something beautiful comes into being. Your interactions flow with a give and take of energy as your spirit expands with the love, light and laughter of awakening.

Release the heaviness of the mind by seeking to fully experience the present moment as it is. Truths will reveal themselves. The way forward will make itself known, and those who grace your experience will be inspired to explore life’s music in their own unique way.

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