Listen to the messages from your body

True healing requires acknowledging and experiencing the very distress that arises when we hold to cherished outcomes or give away our energy to others. Clinging creates pain and tension in the body, which in turn is an indicator of the pain or imbalance carried in the energetic field.

Your physical body is always in communication with you and every cell is filled with Divine Intelligence. It is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs and responds to what we say and do.

I once allowed a client to drain my energy. This person called me on a daily basis (sometimes paying, sometimes not) and I failed to clearly define boundaries in our communication and interactions. This went on for a few months until I found myself dreading each time the phone rang (sign number one and I was blind to it). Then, while walking, I hurt of right knee and began to experience a great deal of pain. Next, I hurt my right shoulder working out and still tried to “hide” it as pain now radiated all down the right side of the body (sign number two, and my ego was still unwilling to let me see the truth). I continued to function day by day, off-balance, uncomfortable and now ego-driven since “spiritual healers don’t let themselves get so far off-balance”.

Finally, the Universe found a way to get my to acknowledge what my body was attempting to bring to my attention. Uncharacteristically, my husband decided to have me help him stretch prior to a workout. He asked me to squat down and placed his outstretched leg out, with his foot on my right shoulder and said, “Now, stand up really slowly.” Of course, I was too weak to move at all. Finally I had to admit out loud that I had hurt myself and couldn’t do what he wanted.

All at once the realization hit – the right side of the body represent the energy that we give out to others and also can represent the men in our lives. In my case, it was a combination of the two. Immediately, I began to set things right in the physical world. I took the time to write a fact-based email to the person in question outlining how much we had spoken, how much he had been charged, and explained that we needed to change how we interact going forward in order for me to assist him in the healthiest way possible. I took full responsiblity for creating the situation, and I also took full responsiblity for correcting it.

My pain was gone within three days. That particular person chose another psychic (I hope!), and now I see him as the amazing teacher that he was. Learning how to define boundaries is a very important lesson – one that we continue to practice. Often we give away our energy, seemingly for altruistic reasons, but the body will let us know when we aren’t seeing clearly.

Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” is a great resource for deciphering the messages of the body. Like any other resource, it can point you in the right direction and ultimately, you can find your own truth and create healing where needed.

Today my intention is to be grateful for the constant flow of communication and love from the Universe. Everyone and everything is my teacher.

Your unique Path of Transformation

Ultimately, each of walks our own unique Path of Transformation alone. While we interact with one another, seek knowledge and new perceptions and learn from the valuable reflection that show us the way, its important to allow your path to be yours – not one that you’ve read about and are emulating and certainly not one built from societal or parental expectations.

Once you become aware of this, you might be surprised at the freedom of it. The life experience is a blank slate that is really very simple. We need to learn to live in accordance with the unknown and become conscious in each and every moment of what we are choosing to create.

Awareness enhances the beauty, passion and intensity within you. It releases you from the entrapment of the ego – possessiveness, jealously, greed and fear – and each moment strengthens your knowledge of the connection between you and the Divine. This movement toward wholeness is the natural state of your being. Though we may feel lost at times, there it waits within the stillness of your heart.

Be kind to one another. Find ways to show love, to serve and be compassionate. You cannot walk in the light of love and remain unchanged. But if you wait… the ego will find reasons to put off these acts of kindness, postponing the inevitable outpouring of love (and the resulting self-transformation) that wants to flow through you. Authentic acts of kindness, without attachment to outcomes, raise the energy of all those involved. Don’t wait! Be love.

Today my intention is to be quick to do good.

Awareness and the freedom of joy

Awareness transforms everything. Just go into total openness and see… become the watcher and observe without judgment. Once we become aware of the habitual way that unconsciousness works, we begin to see that we have alternatives. Think of the terms we use to describe the advancement of the soul – enlightenment, awareness, awakening, mindfulness, consciousness – we are simply waking from the dream, and seeing clearly, dissolve it completely.

Conversely, we describe those who have yet to awaken as being asleep, unconscious, ignorant or unevolved. The only difference between the two is the level of awareness.

Seek to teach those around you through your example. More powerful than any words, a life of peace and empowerment cuts through the darkness like a beacon that lights the night.

Our world is a dream, ever-changing, fluctuating, every moment completely new. Clinging brings pain. Enjoy the transformation in which you are immersed and all that surprises it brings.

Realize that consciousness has little to do with belief. It is the very personal awareness that comes from knowing and living your truth. Many seek to cover their ignorance with specific beliefs, and hide in the safety of repeating what they have been taught without truly learning the freedom of empowerment.

The spiritual seeker is often seen as a rebel. We remain constantly engaged in the art of observation, acceptance, and broadening perception. This is the gift you share with the world. Should you experience pain along your journey, observe what you are clinging to and realize that you can consciously choose the joy that acceptance brings.

Today my intention is to hold no cherished outcome. I am not subject to disappointment.

Being grateful when things aren’t working

This morning I stepped outside for a few moments of gratitude. In the darkness of pre-dawn I was greeted and serenaded by a chorus of frogs. So, I began my day by being joyful that they had found a place to reside in the midst of the drought we are experiencing.

Frog represents transformation through water and sound and in shamanic practices, their voice can call the rain. All our amphibious friends symbolize metamorphosis, and Frog inspires us to utilize the flowing qualities of emotion in order to create changes in our lives. My guides have asked me to pass along the following message: Seek that which heals the soul through tears, immerse yourself in the feelings which arise and allow them to lead the way to a new expression, intention and experience. Become the observer.

Take some time to specifically give thanks for the things that aren’t flowing perfectly (according to the ego’s demands and expectations) knowing that all is well. Sometimes we seek to accomplish particular goals and the Universe has other plans. Align with the knowledge that, as humans, we have very limited perception. You are supported and guided and if a door has closed, it is only to create a space of greater empowerment and possibility within your life.

Thousands of desires arise constantly from the mind and it can be easy to get caught in the web of wish-fulfillment. It is limited perception, thought-based desire that creates dis-ease and empty longing. Seek wholeness in this moment and see what you can experience fully with all your being. The gateway to power is the Now.

Today my intention is to trust the flow of my experiences. In the infinity of life, all is perfect, whole and complete.

Manifesting change

There is nothing to be gained from making life more difficult than it needs to be. Struggle does eventually provide insight and additional lessons; however, the pathway is traversed more quickly when we simply make the necessary changes, try new things and take one more step forward.

If you wish to manifest change within your experience it’s up to you to break out of the comfort zone you’ve created. Your soul will always attempt to meet any karmic obligations and there is great freedom in the discovery that all things work to our highest good.

When you allow the movement of the Divine to weave itself throughout your life, you may be surprised to discover how quickly problems are solved. Inspiration allows you to see more clearly and take actions which bring you into balance in mind, body and spirit.

It’s time for you to break through to a new dimension. Share your knowledge and be a living example for those around you. This moment is an opportunity to walk your talk and speak your truth with integrity. Practice compassion, be loving and witness the beauty which unfolds in your experience.

Today my intention is to walk in respect and gratitude for the many blessings of my life.


Chaos and breakthroughs

The challenges that we face help us to enter the unknown parts of ourselves in order to grow in peace, gain greater understanding of our skills and talents and create transformation in our lives. Honor the lessons which emerge from the darkest beginnings knowing that from the chaos, new facets are being brought to light.

Have faith in the process of your awakening. There are times when the soul simply delves into the shadow aspects of the personality to grow spiritually and move forward on the Path of Transformation. This is why noticing any judgment that arises is such a powerful practice – we see the perceived dysfunction (both within ourselves or others) as an indicator that the possibility of a breakthrough is at hand.

Our conscious awareness creates the space in which a transformation can occur. Notice the moments when you may feel triggered by others in your life, news stories, memories of the past, etc. That movement of emotion is merely capturing your attention – something new is ready to emerge.

All aspects of your spirit contain amazing beauty and there is no need to fear the process, no matter how intense it can become. You are on a journey of discovery and soon will enter the phase of rebirth where you welcome an entire new reality.

Today my intention is to bear witness to the reflections which abound, knowing that new aspects of myself are waiting to be discovered. I am willing to emerge into a state of higher consciousness, love and empowerment.

Creating change in our lives

Imagine the changes that you can create in your experience if you choose to begin right now. Release procrastination, the “shoulds”, old fears and take one conscious step forward. You can create the life of your dreams.

Begin by understanding how powerful you are… life is not meant to be a struggle, but in our quest, we’ve forgotten the effect we have on the world around us. Our thoughts determine how we process each and every experience; therefore, observe the timbre of your thoughts and ensure that they support the changes you wish to manifest.

Deepak Chopra teaches that we can “live the questions” as part of conscious breath work and meditation. They are:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What’s my purpose?

There’s no need to know the answers right now, simply live the questions and create a space that allows your inner knowledge to shine forth in your life. It’s hard to create change when you have no idea what you want to manifest. If you don’t know what you want, master what is right in front of you. Begin where you are and new choices will present themselves when it’s time to move to the next level of your growth.

If you do have a direction in mind, take every step forward that you can on the physical plane and allow the universe to take care of the rest. Think of the magic, miracles and coincidences that may happen to aid you on your journey and set the stage by being willing to recognize and accept the gifts that come your way.

Most importantly – let love and joy guide you. These two aspects help us to navigate through any challenges which arise more quickly. We find the flow of energy and enter it, rather than fighting against it. You can make amazing things happen in your world, but it is up to you to get the energy moving with your thoughts, words and actions.

Today my intention is to engage life’s magic. There is much more to the world around me than meets the eye.


Be quiet, and loving and fearless…

Be quiet, and loving and fearless… ~ Buddha

Quietness without love is simply non-participation. Stillness can be a celebration, a silence that sees all and bears loving witness. But love is only possible when we are fearless – fear and love vibrate on opposite ends of the spectrum. Love empowers while fear weakens.

We often look to our relationships to heal our anxiety. Even as we understanding that happiness comes from within, that doesn’t stop us from hoping others will do it. We think that we need to be loved, but what the soul truly desires is to love.

The purity and beauty of your soul never fades, dear one, though sometimes you may not realize your divinity out of fear that you are not enough in some way. Recognize the divine energy within you – it is time to be present and honor that path which has brought you here now.

All of us come from the same source of love. We are just in various stages of discover and awakening. Be willing to receive the love, light and laughter of the Universe. You can choose to create a peaceful and joyful path – you deserve the grace which is available for you now.

Today my intention is to ascent to a new way of being. There are always new levels of love to explore.

Integration and wholeness

Acceptance of the dualities of life brings about the integration of apparent opposites. Night doesn’t oppose day, dark doesn’t suppress the light; rather, they work together to create a balance of contrast that represents wholeness.

Seek to integrate the various aspects of your personality. Like the myriad facets of a beautiful diamond, your energy shimmers with power which reflects the light of the Divine. The mystical union of opposites of what George Gurdieff used to call “the crystallization of being” – integration that leads to balance, understanding and joy.

You are so much more than the sum of your experiences and beliefs. Beyond the physical, radiant layers of energy emanate from you sending waves of love and information throughout the Universe. None of us walks this journey alone and what helps one, helps all. What harms one, harms all and each of us is responsible for our own joy.

Compassion is the natural response when we reach a space of higher consciousness. We seek to heal, to release judgment, to share our gifts and relax into our deepest truth. You can choose to live beyond the illusion and reside here as a loving witness.

Whatever the present moment brings is what is needed for our spiritual walk, and if we allow it, our raising awareness. Part of my daily practice of writing the Wow Moments! entails waking in the night, looking for inspiration, playing with Kizmet and Minky, enjoying the meditative energy of my sacred space… all these nuances are equally important and help me to tap into my truth in my own unique way. Doggy playtime is no less sacred than meditation. If I perceived the puppies as a distraction or an obstacle to my work, then I’d create a far different energy and reality for myself. Embracing what is – opposites, unexpected happenings, joys and sorrow – allows the integration of the spirit.

Today my intention is to be gentle with myself. I choose to allow joy and love to dissolve any boundaries that keep me from experiencing wholeness.

The spiral of spiritual awakening

You soul’s purpose will call to you many times throughout your life. As you progress on the Path of Transformation, your heart will direct you to the circumstances, people and situations that will life you up to your highest potential.

For the last two nights, an owl has spoken to me in the moonlight. To many, Owl represents higher wisdom, the mystery of magic and vision and portends a time of seeing clearly into oneself and others. She seems to enjoy keeping me company in the quiet hours of the morning as I write.

Embrace your unique way of being in the world. Release the expectations and beliefs which no longer serve you. Perhaps they were passed down through family or culture or accepted at an early age; however, it’s time to trust the wisdom of your heart and honor the changes that have the ability to set you free.

Spiritual awakening can be visualized as a spiral of energy. Starting slowly, we begin with the lessons and challenges which seem lengthy to process through. As you raise your frequency, these shifts come faster and faster as you assimilate new energy and move to the next phase.

Awakening is never an outside search, through that’s where it begins for many. Rather, it is an exploration of the heart’s knowledge that is accessible once we release the layers that distract us from hearing its song.

All the experiences, knowledge, perceived mistakes, wisdom and adventures of your past have had one purpose – to bring you awareness of your ability to love. New patterns are waiting to be expressed through you and on this new level, you may come to realize the perfection of your life’s journey.

Today my intention is to step into mastery. I trust the process of my awakening and release all that no longer serves me.