The Path of Enlightenment

Amazing things begin to happen when you choose to live with an open heart.

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”

Each new day holds the seeds of infinite possibility; therefore, choose to experience it wholeheartedly. Seek to bring an unprotected heart to your meeting place. Let the light of your soul recognize the light in those around you. Whenever you interact with someone caught in distress, be a source of love.

Judgment, of the self or others, serves no valuable purpose and distracts us from seeing what is ready to be healed. As we walk the path of enlightenment there will be times when we rise above and others when we miss the mark. Every situation offers a moment to shine or a moment to learn – both are crucial for the awakening soul.

Gentleness, no matter what form it takes, touches the heart of the Divine. Your journey is unique. Embrace the world with your love and express it in a way that expands your spirit. Real joy is found here and now, in this moment. Breathe it in and explore…

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