Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

Beauty can be found in the simple, most ordinary aspects of life and it can sometimes be easy to take them for granted. Gratitude creates a space of awareness and aliveness in the present moment. When you choose to be fully conscious, even the most mundane tasks begin to take on a sacred quality. There’s a reason we’ve traveled through time and space to be here – enjoy the wonderful aspects of being human.

Your unique gifts can be discovered by slowing down and keeping things simple… one step at a time. Find your freedom by becoming one with whatever life offers – whether walking in a garden or standing on a subway, there is magic to be discovered. Oneness comes from feeling fulfilled and there is no need to wait for such moments. They can become your natural way of experiencing life. That is the art of Zen – living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

Balance and awareness can allow you to participate in situations from a higher vantage point, one step removed from the emotion and drama, alert to the nuances of the bigger picture. Drop all judgment, all attachment to the details and be available for whatever comes your way. If you stumble, find the humor, pick yourself up and walk on. This is the art of joy.

Today my intention is to be still and silent while honoring the wisdom and joy available in this moment.

The energy of Now

When we share our gifts, we too are blessed. Kindness, whether in the form of tangible assistance, energy or forgiveness, opens the heart chakra of the Divine and that love will certainly return in the most miraculous ways.

There is an endless supply of energy, love, light, awareness and healing available for you. On occasion we may feel cut off from that flow; however, in the moments of perceived lack, we are being given the opportunity to heal any aspects of scarcity consciousness that we may still carry in our energetic fields.

As your energetic vibration increases, it may take some time to get used to the new frequency. Sometimes we get so focused on giving to others, that we neglect to nurture ourselves. Should you find yourself feeling limited, take some time to re-balance and open to receive. When we honor all things as sacred – even limitation – the lesson is absorbed more quickly and the perceived blockage dissolves.

As a spiritual being, your energetic vibration and connection is vital. We channel the most Chi into the Now when we are in balance. Worry about the future or regret about the past divert your precious energy into non-productive thought forms where it is given away to the object of your thoughts. What brings you joy? How can you nourish and replenish yourself? Allow your choices and inspiration to be led by love.

Today my intention is to nurture my spirit and open myself to receive and share the love, light and laughter of the Divine.

Trust the process of your awakening

When we truly love ourselves, everything in our life works. It’s often difficult to see the pain that we carry. For this reason, our human experience is set up as a series of reflections. Our beliefs, fear and expectations are mirrored by those around us and on a larger scale, our global challenges are seen in the collective patterns that we witness around us.

People often lament about the challenging times in which we live. They strive to make things around them better by recycling, organizing fund-raisers, striving to achieve a cause, educating, etc. However, unless we do our work on the inner and create the changes first within ourselves, we will continue to see the patterns repeat in our lives and experience.

We can begin by understanding that this moment is perfect. Whatever needs to unfold will, and because our infinite Universe is ever-changing and evolving, we can choose to consciously participate in the dance. Every moment is a new beginning and we have the power to change our circumstances by changing our response to them.

No matter where you are on the Path of Transformation, remember that you (and everyone around you) are doing the very best that you can in this moment based upon soul age, experience and knowledge and the unique journey of your soul. As you evolve, so will your choices and perception.

Today my intention is to trust the process of my awakening. All that I need to know will be revealed at the perfect time in the perfect way.

Inner stillness

When we cultivate stillness within ourselves, we are less likely to react to the unconsciousness of others. More than ever before, it’s time to trust your inner wisdom and the guidance of your heart. Sometimes this requires being comfortable seeing life through a filter that is far different from those around you while honoring beliefs, lessons and viewpoints that are incongruent with yours.

Everyone with whom you interact wants the same thing – acceptance. Since we are all on a path of constant transformation, acceptance doesn’t mean that change will not happen. Rather, the space of non-judgment ensures that growth is possible.

As your journey takes you deeper into your own spiritual maturity, rest assured that divine guidance is always available. Whatever teachings or new concept make themselves known to you, honor your inner guidance first. The gift of wisdom is yours.

The role of a spiritual teacher is to connect you with conscious awareness of your own inner light. First, look inward and transform yourself. When your life is aligned with peace, joy and balance, you have more to give those you love. The Buddha once said, “Life in joy, in peace, even among the troubled.” For this reason, those who grace our lives (whether they bring love or challenge) are wonderful teachers.

Today my intention is to celebrate life and share love.

The gift of acceptance

Each time we greet another person on our journey with kindness, dignity and respect, we help all those around us. Every action sends waves of energy out into the world and the reverberations are infinite.

The key to tapping into this incredible power is mindfulness. Become aware of the energy behind your thoughts. When you pay attention, you’ll notice when certain thoughts are created by fear or a low sense of self-worth. They will be attached to a particular outcome, defensiveness or anxiety. In those moments, slow down and listen to your body. Breathe more slowly and purposefully release the identification with the thought that is not aligned with joy.

Once you become aware and observe, the next step is to rest in loving-kindness or not knowing the outcome of a particular situation. With consciousness, old behaviors can be transformed until the pattern is released. Ultimately you will set yourself free from fear. It is in this space that we can recognize and honor the sacredness in another.

Today my intention is to joyfully take one more step forward.

Our sacred journey

The journey is more important than the destination. The path that you walk is a sacred place, filled with adventure, new discoveries and old friends. As you move from one place to the next, growth is assured. There is no need to struggle or plan too much (though if you choose to do so that’s ok too…). Consider embracing the new with an openness and acceptance that will allow you to learn whatever your soul is ready to learn.

This attitude of openness ensures that new opportunities, friendships and experiences will enter your life. The journey is ever-changing and life is about walking the pilgrimage with joy.

No matter where you reside on the Path of Transformation, search your life for the evidence of the hard-won truths you can claim as your own. There is great power in being courageous enough to take responsibility for who you are as you live aligned with your true nature.

People are often afraid of the own divinity. They find it easier to see their perceived flows and faults than to allow their limitless potential to be expressed.

Live in communion with life. Become one with the experiences that come your way and walk the path with humility. Look deeply into the eyes of another – a love one, a child, a friend, or simply hug a tree and realize that the love is returned. The sacred works through all forms and calls you home again and again.

Today my intention is to be a presence of love.

Awakening perception

In an infinite Universe, no matter how much we know, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. What we see on the physical plane is only 1% of the total picture. Therefore, as we expand our awareness, we are presented with an entirely new perception… one that changes our version of reality completely.

It is safe to be patient with yourself. It is safe to explore aspects that were previously unknown to you, for the situations in your life are always unfolding and you have yet to perceive all the circumstances completely.

There will come a time when the cosmic dance of creation becomes crystal clear in a given situation. Only then, will the appropriate course of action (or non-action) present itself, and in that moment you will become the dancer, participating consciously and fully in the Now.

Be patient, too, when aiding others on their journey.Don’t rush the process – each of us comes to understand new knowledge at the perfect time. The unveiling levels of understanding allow us to interact from the level of love.

Today my intention is to accept new revelations fully and completely while still realizing that there is much more to discover.

Nothing is more important than your joy

Meditation, wakefulness, watchfulness, mindfulness, consciousness… these are the gifts that you carry from one life to the next. Our greatest journey is the one that leads into the unknown. This world provides a means to experience the beauty of physical life – your preferences, relationships and soul connections, experiences – but there is nothing more important than your joy.

The world in which you life is one of your creation. All life is a projection of our thoughts and beliefs. The spiritually awakened one lives totally immersed within the present moment, enjoying it totally. No matter what you choose to do, do it mindfully.

Love is only possible when you are fearless. One who is afraid will hold back, not wanting to be hurt… How can we truly connect with one another by approaching our interactions with a timid heart? Seek joy within each interaction. Give fully of yourself. Dance in the life of the Now and watch the beauty unfold in the song of your life.

Today my intention is to seek stillness, to offer compassion, most importantly, to celebrate our connection.

Loneliness vs Aloneness

Feelings of aloneness can arise when we are not in partnership with another or when we feel misunderstood by those around us. In those moments, we have a choice: we can feel lonely or we can celebrate the freedom that solitude can bring. The human condition carries the need to be accepted, loved and desired as we seek the approval of family or friends. If you are in a period of aloneness in your life, be aware of how you are choosing to experience it (and remember, what you fight, you strengthen).

All relationships can be distracting – especially the good ones. because of this, the soul will often arrange to have moments alone to do serious work. We have a better change of a life-changing “aha” moment when we can focus on our inner awareness. Ultimately, each of us much learn the beauty of being comfortable with our aloneness while allowing those who grace our lives to add their unique flavor to our experience.

Loneliness is absence of the other. Aloneness is the presence of oneself. ~Osho

Embrace moments when you have the opportunity to be led by the sense of adventure. When you move into the unknown with the trusting spirit of a child and allow yourself to be open and vulnerable, even the smallest things of life can be doorways of the greatest moments on your journey of discovery. The search helps you to grow. Experiencing new things allow you to discover new aspects within yourself. Stepping into the challenge of the unknown opens the doors of possibility.

Today my intention is to seek the new within every experience. Like a child, I am willing to walk through the Now with a sense of excitement and adventure.


Raising consciousness

There may have been times when you’ve felt different from those around you – unique perceptions, reactions or viewpoints – and that may mean that you are meant to be a pioneer of raising consciousness. If you had been completely comfortable in your world, would you have begun the search for answers?

Old souls realize that there is more to life than meets the eye and as a result embark upon their own unique journey to discover greater depth and meaning. As you create more balance and love in your experience, it becomes easier to help others, if only by your example.

Let go of the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve your growth. This may mean standing apart from traditional thought or mass consciousness while you bring in the new energy of a passionate life, living in your truth in the field of joy. Others will come and meet you there.

Many ask, “How can I create joy?” There’s no one way – simply choose it again and again in every moment until it’s a natural reponse.

Today my intention is to remember that I can choose how I respond to the events of my life. No matter what unfolds, I can choose joy.