The world is your reflection

All that we experience is a projection of our inner state of consciousness.

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” ~Rumi~   

Whenever I see someone caught up in anger, judging, blaming, attacking or spewing hatred in it’s various forms, all I feel is compassion. Imagine going through life carrying the weight of all that self-hatred. Imagine being so afraid to take personal responsibility that the world appears to be a dangerous place filled with evil people.

This type of behavior indicates that the ego-mind has repeated negativity often enough to trigger what Eckhart Tolle refers to as “the pain body.” Once the pain body is in control, it seeks to steal energy from others by getting a reaction.

As you clear the layers of negativity from your own experience, you’ll notice that you react less to others who are in the grip of unconsciousness. This healthy neutrality provides greater objectivity and awareness when dealing with those who are temporarily insane

When someone in your life leaves you feeling tired, head-achy or drained, observe your own reactivity. Even if your actions are measured, chances are that your thoughts are still allowing psychic vampirism to occur. Do your best to move into compassion. See the other as someone who is currently unaware of their own potential and beauty and become a reflection of their sacredness. There is no greater gift than helping another to find their way out of fear.

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