Loneliness vs Aloneness

Feelings of aloneness can arise when we are not in partnership with another or when we feel misunderstood by those around us. In those moments, we have a choice: we can feel lonely or we can celebrate the freedom that solitude can bring. The human condition carries the need to be accepted, loved and desired as we seek the approval of family or friends. If you are in a period of aloneness in your life, be aware of how you are choosing to experience it (and remember, what you fight, you strengthen).

All relationships can be distracting – especially the good ones. because of this, the soul will often arrange to have moments alone to do serious work. We have a better change of a life-changing “aha” moment when we can focus on our inner awareness. Ultimately, each of us much learn the beauty of being comfortable with our aloneness while allowing those who grace our lives to add their unique flavor to our experience.

Loneliness is absence of the other. Aloneness is the presence of oneself. ~Osho

Embrace moments when you have the opportunity to be led by the sense of adventure. When you move into the unknown with the trusting spirit of a child and allow yourself to be open and vulnerable, even the smallest things of life can be doorways of the greatest moments on your journey of discovery. The search helps you to grow. Experiencing new things allow you to discover new aspects within yourself. Stepping into the challenge of the unknown opens the doors of possibility.

Today my intention is to seek the new within every experience. Like a child, I am willing to walk through the Now with a sense of excitement and adventure.


Raising consciousness

There may have been times when you’ve felt different from those around you – unique perceptions, reactions or viewpoints – and that may mean that you are meant to be a pioneer of raising consciousness. If you had been completely comfortable in your world, would you have begun the search for answers?

Old souls realize that there is more to life than meets the eye and as a result embark upon their own unique journey to discover greater depth and meaning. As you create more balance and love in your experience, it becomes easier to help others, if only by your example.

Let go of the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve your growth. This may mean standing apart from traditional thought or mass consciousness while you bring in the new energy of a passionate life, living in your truth in the field of joy. Others will come and meet you there.

Many ask, “How can I create joy?” There’s no one way – simply choose it again and again in every moment until it’s a natural reponse.

Today my intention is to remember that I can choose how I respond to the events of my life. No matter what unfolds, I can choose joy.

Living in harmony with the Now

To live in harmony with the Now is to ride the waves of energy which flow through your life in a state of Oneness and of Wholeness. The mind constantly seeks to pull you into the memories of the past or the expectations of the future as if they are reality. There is nothing but this moment – the Now. When we live in the world through our experience rather than through the stories of the mind, we become attuned to the Divine. In harmony, all of existence will rejoice with you and you will be able to recognize and receive the blessings which are available for you.

The key to create inner joy is to live in acceptance, contented with whatever life brings. From this space, anything that you choose to do will have great power and momentum. Either one lives with desire or in gratitude. One who resides in a state of desire is never happy with what is – he or she becomes frustrated, complaining, blaming others or life itself for perceived shortcomings. The Now is never quite enough and their energy is used to strive for some better, more fulfilling moment.

Know this – your soul is always in the process of awakening. It will naturally draw in the perfect situations and circumstances to fulfill its purpose. Are you able to view those who oppose you as your healing angels? Their job is to aid you on this journey. In gratitude, we discover ways to shift our perception and create freedom from anger and resentment. When you are completely present, your life will have a new quality to it… one that is your divine right to embrace.

Today my intention is to slow down and be, sending love and gratitude throughout my life in any way I can.

All that I need is already here…

For the awakened and liberated soul, there are no enemies… no walls, no limitation, no fear – only love and the myriad ways that it can be expressed. Each of us is a work in progress and there are times that we feel and live our divine connection and others where we recognize there is more to learn. That’s it – there is no judgment regarding how quickly (or not) we evolve, no recriminations about perceived imperfection except those we create within ourselves.

Love yourself enough to be gentle with yourself throughout the process of your awakening. Celebrate your breakthroughs and simply choose to be the observer, cultivating clarity. In awareness,we see the constant ebb and flow of life. All earthly things come and go; however, consciousness is eternal and unchanging.

You have the opportunity to experience life more aware and open than ever before. Spiritual awakening is a process of continuous growth and this moment is a gift – how will you choose to use it?

As our primary teacher, the ego works very subtly to stall this progress. It creates doubt, confusion or busyness so that we forget to take the time to meditate, rebalance and remember our divinity. The ego keeps us engaged in the illusion by creating desires that are never fulfilled – once one is achieved, another immediately takes it place.

Patterns repeat themselves mindlessly until we become mindful. In awareness, we engage life from a higher perception and see more than ever before… and on it goes.

Today my intention is to expand, rejoice, celebrate and see the possibilities.

How trust releases limitation

There is a tremendous amount of exhilaration to be experienced when embarking into the unknown. Infinite possibilities await when we choose to walk forward in faith in spite of any fear or trepidation. Trust isn’t about planning for every contingency and then progressing only when it’s safe – it’s the free fall that opens our hearts and minds and  allows something immense to open within our lives.

In the space of infinite possibility, nothing can be taken from you. When we hold no cherished outcomes, we stop limiting the experience with our expectations and instead discover the authentic treasures which reside within the present moment. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary when there is no mind to hinder pure receptivity.

Living aligned with the flow of energy around us creates a space of perfect harmony with life itself. This awakens a heart filled with gratitude for whatever life brings without egoic expectations or demands. We simply become receptive and see any apparent obstacles as opportunities to shine. The walls between us dissolve and compassion becomes the natural way of expressing our joy.

There is an art to being free-flowing and receptive without becoming passive or apathetic. In every moment we have the choice to resist or accept. Purposely cultivate trust more and more while remembering that all things unfold perfectly. Seek joy within and it will be expressed in the world around you.

Today my intention is to go with the flow.

Trust your inner knowledge

Sometimes you are closer to your divine wisdom that you realize. On those occasions the Universe tends to send confirmation – the perfect book falls into your hands, you hear the same message again and again, knowledge makes itself known to you – it can be a delight to watch the synchronicities unfold.

Our conditioning often leads us to place more faith in others than in ourselves. These loving messages are meant to strengthen your knowledge of your unique path so that you can follow the inner prompting of your heart.

Your journey will lead you on the Path of Transformation in the way which is most appropriate for you. Learn to trust yourself. Your spiritual maturity may have greater depth than you realize.

Today my intention is to listen to the messages from the Universe.

The Celtic Vows of Friendship

Cultivating the art of acceptance is a life long process. The greatest gift you can give another is to allow them to discover their inner truth in the way which is most appropriate for them. In doing so, we create the space in which a transformation can occur.

Energy is wasted when one feels the need to defend their beliefs. This egoic reaction distracts us from doing our inner work as we extend our focus outward trying to make others understand (and hopefully adopt) our point of view.

It’s a much more powerful statement to simply live an authentic life. When we walk our talk and speak our truth with integrity, we create an impact much greater than mere words can achieve. Be the light which shines in the darkness. Plant seeds of kindness and nurture them with love.

The Celtic Vows of Friendship

  • I honor your path
  • I bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place
  • I drink from your well
  • I hold no cherished outcome
  • I will not negotiate by withholding
  • I am not subject to disappointment

Living by these guidelines gets easier with practice. They are a wonderful measure of how adept you are at the art of acceptance. Should you notice that you are experiencing a struggle with a particular aspect in a given situation, go with and observe where you may have missed the mark. Greater awareness begins from there.

Today my intention is to love what is.

The journey of your soul

I often view spiritual transformation as a three-fold process that unfold as we rise through the levels of increasing awareness. Initially, we walk thought life seeing and experiencing only the illusion. We live fully immersed within the stories of the mind, concerned with pleasing others, attempting to be what we think we should be, sometimes struggling, sometimes succeeding and satisfied within our limited view.

When we begin to emerge into a new vibration and experience life through new filters, our priorities transform right along with us. We learn that it’s ok to say no to the demands of others, we balance our joy and our work, and often move away from the collective story we once embraced in order to discover our personal truths and strength.

But that isn’t the end, for there are always new levels to explore…

Ultimately, we face the aspects of  ourselves that we may have rejected or repressed. We find the courage to walk through the shadows of the soul, discover empowerment and emerge – radiant and innocent, nether acquiescent nor rebellious – a child of innocence born of experience living in alignment with our purpose.

This moment can be a beautiful time of growth and change if you allow it.

Be slow to anger and quick to love. Seek wholeness within and be willing to open to new ways of thinking and being as you look back over your life, seeing both the dark and the light, the highs and lows, times of connection as well as the moments you fumbled your way towards ecstasy, realize that all are part of the whole. Equally viable and powerfully integrated into the miracle of experience and awakening.

Today my intention is to remember that expansion flows in all directions allowing a unique journey for each of us… multiple roads that all lead the way home..

Change – from should to could

The thing that I love most about change is how authentic desire creates greater ease and grace during the process. People struggle with transformation when they aren’t truly ready to shift… and this applies to physical changes like releasing unhealthy habits or staying in toxic relationships to emotional and spiritual transformation such as releasing anger or judgment.

The ego keeps us trapped in old patterns with the usage of the world “should”… I should quit smoking, I should lose weight. I know I shouldn’t get so mad or be impatient… if you notice yourself utilizing the word should when discussing change, immediately realize how it’s trapping you in the very pattern that you wish to release. It’s subtle, but like any egoic reaction, when we’re told that we should do something, the ego rebels and wants to do the opposite. This is even more powerful when the should is originating from within.

Change the word should to could. “I could move into forgiveness if I want to, what’s blocking me?” In that manner, the search, as well as the transformation, begins inward just as it needs to in order to facilitate powerful shifts in your experience. It’s hard until you realize that it’s not hard at all.

Be ready to experience something new and amazing – when the soul is authentically open to shift, things change quickly. All the pieces seem to fall into place and it’s a delight to follow that energy wherever it may lead.

Today my intention is to remember that all change begins within. When I come from a place of pure motive, joy and desire all life flows to be with ease and grace.

Infinite possibilities

Life is filled with infinite possibilities. Divine grace can flow through any situation and it’s up to us to accept the gifts that are available. All too often we limit ourselves with our beliefs, expectations or the words we use and find ourselves unable to see beyond that limitation.

Observe your words and thoughts today and notice where you may be clocking the energy of transformation. Past experience doesn’t have to dictate the energy you choose to embrace in this moment. You can choose to break free from perceived limitations into the power of Now.

See yourself opening to the infinite. Our sojourn here is to amass experience and rediscover the knowledge of our divinity; therefore, it stands to reason that the soul’s desire is to break free from the known and explore various possibilities. Take a risk and offer yourself the same love and support that you would extend to a child who is learning new things.

We are always in the process of expansion and there is much more to life than meets the eye. This is the moment of transformation. If you want things to change, change how you respond to them.

Today my intention is to be grateful for all the blessings that dance through my life.