Victimhood vs Empowerment

Everything that unfolds in your experience is an opportunity to awaken.

“Looking with a mind that’s awake shows the pulsating, shimmering beauty of life. Looking with mind engaged in thought shows only your thoughts.” ~Ezra Bayda~ 

When something goes “wrong” the ego creates a story in order to lay blame, justify actions, give up, procrastinate or generally move one into a position of victimhood. In moments of unawareness, we allow these stories to repeat unchecked in the mind until we come to believe them or we may repeat them to all who will listen in an attempt to have others agree with that mental position. Both scenarios solidify the story.

Whether this occurs in a personal relationship, through the collective experiences of gender, sexuality, politics, religion or familial patterns, the approach to healing is the same: taking personal responsibility.

The journey from victimhood to empowerment begins within. When we choose to honor the moment as sacred, see the challenge as an opportunity to grow and immediately drop the story line, we begin to shift the energy in a way that allows us to transform repetitive behavior into conscious awareness. Events that are seemingly random are, in actuality, a response from the call of your soul. When we are ready to heal a particular issue, life will facilitate a circumstance that provides an opportunity to break free from old energy.

Despite appearances, you are never a victim. You are a soul seeking to awaken and have more support, guidance and love around you than you can imagine.

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