What is love?

Make your practice this: Harm no one… including yourself.

“Truly healing suffering requires experiencing in your very cells, the distress that arises when you hold to your requirements that life be other than it is.” ~Ezra Bayda~ 

When considering the various levels of consciousness, love and judgment are at opposite ends of the spectrum. They cannot coexist. Observe any judgmental thoughts that arise and recognize that this is a moment filled with infinite possibility. Why are you choosing to limit your experience with the expectation of bad behavior or challenges when you can instead accept life as it is and create greater joy?

Judgment is always ego-driven. When combined with a feeling of victimization, it creates pain. When combined with hatred, we are seeking to inflate our sense of self-worth. Whether aimed at someone else or directed inward, judgment says that the situation is wrong.

Love calls upon us to look past idiosyncrasies. Rather than seeing them as flaws we begin to recognize them as unique expressions of the divine as well as aspects that may be ready to be released. Our love creates a space in which a transformation is possible.

For each of us, our struggles are simply vehicles of awakening. Let’s support one another through this very important process. By choosing to see the best in others, you may help them to see it in themselves.

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