Consistent Practice

Find what brings you peace and balance and allow that to be your expression of life.

“Laziness means that you have dropped out of the creativity of the universe – you are standing aside while the universe goes on creating, day in day out.” ~Osho~ 

Consistent practice opens our energy to new ways of expressing the creative force of life. Whether prayer, meditation, yoga, mindfulness or gratitude, the key is to make it an ongoing, consistent aspect of your daily journey. 

As with anything we do, practice makes it easier. It tones those spiritual muscles and makes our journey effortless. Even extreme challenges don’t seem to disengage those who have a powerful daily spiritual routine.   

Many people are very focused when they begin to awaken. They discover various tools that create greater joy and satisfaction and when life begins to go well, some forget to continue making their spiritual practice a priority. Life takes over for a time until a challenge disrupts their peaceful balance and reminds them to begin again.   

A flash flood can move things and create dramatic immediate changes in the landscape; however, it is the slow, consistent drip of water that alters the shape of a rock. Find what works best for you and do it until it becomes an easy routine. 

This nightly communication with my angels and inspirational writing began as an experiment. It has created ease and grace in my experience and played a greater role than any book, workshop or course I’ve explored in my development. I do not set an alarm or purposely seek inspiration. It simply occurs one day at a time and is a joyful expression of my way of being in the world.  

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