You are love

All the energy that you send out into the Universe returns to you.

“Can you imagine living in a world where paying too much, giving too much and trusting too much would all inevitable make you more? Yeah, everything makes you more in time and space. Especially spending, giving, and trusting in excess.” ~Mike Dooley~ 

We live in a world of limitless possibility. Whatever you choose to send out will return to you ten-fold. Mindfulness calls upon us to recognize the power of intention. When you pay bills, send that money out with gratitude. When others succeed, celebrate with them. When you have an opportunity to share your gifts, light up the world with your passion and joy.

Place your focus only upon that which you wish to experience. Love yourself through self-approval and self-acceptance. Spend time with those who support and reflect the very best in you.

It’s important to nurture your entire being – mind, body and spirit. Your soul will thrive when every choice you make is beneficial to your well-being in some way. Healthy food, yoga, conscious breath, meditation, forgiveness and gratitude are practices that lift your energy higher. Weave mindful moments throughout your day and you will be able to tap into your infinite potential.

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