Releasing expectation

Attachment creates suffering.

“Disappointment is always a reminder that you’re still attached to something. Take that disappointment as opportunity to investigate.” ~Ezra Bayda~ 

Consider the moments in your life when the mind has attached to a specific outcome. How much energy was wasted by planning, worrying or attempting to get life to conform to a specific idea of what is “right?” The entire process is draining and is created by the ego to distract from the power of the present moment. 

The Now is always your doorway to higher levels of consciousness. When you can quiet the mind and seek instead to experience what life has to offer with an open heart, you’ll discover the many opportunities to rise above the mundane. 

Everything unfolds in the way that is most appropriate for our awakening. Rather than resisting what is, practice seeing life as perfect in its perceived imperfection. There is always far more happening on your behalf than you may realize.

Visualize the minor chakras in the soles of the feet opening to receive the grounding energy of mother earth. Affirm that with each step you take, you become more and more open to the highest truths:  you are loved, guided, supported and protected each and every step of the way.

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