Let your life be your message.

“To be a seeker is the beginning of the gamble. You are risking your life, you are risking your ego. You are risking because you are dropping all your securities, all your safety arrangements. You are opening windows – who knows who is going to come in? The friends or the enemy – who knows? You are becoming vulnerable. That’s what seeking is all about.” ~Osho~ 

Know thyself. Throughout our history of awakening, the great masters have shared insights that provide a glimpse into the mystery. There are two aspects to the experience of awakening – the Oneness that connects us, and the very unique human expression of that Oneness. 

The paradox lies within cultivating the ability to recognize the Divine in one another while accepting the differences between us as vital and important aspects to the process of awakening. Contrasts allow us to learn. Dark and light are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other. 

Consider the person, or type of person, that you see as “wrong.” You may notice a lot of judgment arising regarding the role they play on the planet. Yet, how would you know that you are judgmental without their willingness to reflect it to you? 

By going within, by knowing yourself – all your skills, insights, foibles, challenges and potential – you bring something unique to our planetary collective experience. Let yourself shine. Honor your gifts and recognize that the process of your awakening is a sacred, beautiful dance between you and the Divine.

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