A note about spirit guides

You are never alone.

“These friends and helpers offer assistance in a variety of ways. They can act as teachers, healers and providers of knowledge both for yourself or for other people through you. You may have one recognized spirit guide or literally hundreds. Sometimes you work with only one, or perhaps with a variety, each specializing in a different area.” ~Jose Stevens~ 

Everyone has spirit guides. Many are members of your soul group who are between lifetimes. Some intentionally choose not to incarnate because they want to walk by your side and be of assistance throughout your entire life in spirit form. Others are those you’ve loved who have passed, and after a time of rest and life review, are free to provide love, insight and assistance. Spirit animals may walk with you as well – if you notice an attraction to a particular species, learn all that you can about it. This will help you understand the messages they have to share.

Spirit guides live outside of the limitations of time and space; therefore, they are often able to provide information about the past, the future or movements of energy in different levels of existence. One challenge that we face is learning how to interpret the messages or communicate with these loving helpers. Begin with visualization and meditation. We must learn to quiet the mind in order to receive clear messages.

Guidance may come mentally, physically (feeling tingles or other bodily sensations), via images or pictures, or through touch. Healers are often led by feeling warmth while working on others. In our digital world, many enjoy interpreting messages of repeating numbers. Shamans work with animals and earth energies.

Some are repaying a karmic debt by helping. Others have evolved and no longer need to have the human experience; however, they choose to assist those of us who are still seeking enlightenment.

Experiment and discover what style of communication works best for you. Then, cultivate a relationship with your guides. You are never alone.

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