What is truly important?

The peace you are able to experience in the present moment is a barometer of your current level of consciousness.

“We taste the profundity of existence by simultaneously holding both the suffering and the wonder of being alive.” ~Ezra Bayda~ 

When you really pay attention, everything and everyone is your teacher. Life presents endless opportunities to explore the vastness of love, acceptance, forgiveness and healing. Choose to see yourself as an awakening master who walks purposely in the world. 

Many are lost in thought. They see the world’s challenges as things that are “wrong” – within their family, relationships, society, health or work – rather than as opportunities to learn. In the present moment you have two options: resist or accept. Resistance creates disharmony in your experience. Acceptance opens up worlds of possibility.

Nothing is more important than your joy. Whenever you observe yourself reacting or being triggered by your life circumstances, realize that by consciously changing your responses, you bring a new energy to old repetitive patterns and thus, begin to break free from them.

Walk gently, be kind, breathe and face life with an open heart.

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