The transformative power of grace

The awakened person lives in gratitude and joy, content within whatever the present moment offers. This peaceful sense of connectedness comes from inner understanding, unlimited richness and spiritual maturity and is not tied to any desired outcome or reliant upon the decisions of others.

When we become aware that all desire is future based, we discover the true spontaneity of gratitude and see blessings wherever we look. Even in the face of direct opposition or dysfunction, the awakened person is not caught within the trap of someone else’s story. They simply listen with an open heart and respond in the same way – seeing the other’s pain through the filter of compassion.

No matter what has been troubling you or unfolding within your experience, allow grace to infuse the situation. When we approach each moment with a pure heart and sincerity, we open the door for healing, empowerment and liberation to flow throughout our life. Grace is always available for those who are willing to receive it.

Choose to release the struggle and return to the depths of your hearts knowledge. Grace doesn’t mean that valuable lessons disappear, but that we bear witness to the knowledge our soul desired to understand and are then lifted to higher levels and a new vibrational experience. The higher the vibration, the more clearly we can see.

To accept grace, we must be willing to let go of any deep feelings of unworthiness and step into a position of empowerment and personal responsibility. Only then will grace transform your life into an expression of pure love. Surrender creates ease within the flow of life.

Today my intention is to embrace whatever unfolds with an open heart.

See the voice of the ego as a teacher

When we walk through our life situations with the core belief that things will work out just as they should, we have greater access to self-confidence, independence, strength and courage. It’s only when we fall prey to the voice of the ego that we begin to doubt ourselves… What if I fail? What if I get hurt? What if I disappoint?

It’s important to recognize the mechanisms of the mind, and at the same time understand that it’s purpose is to provide illusions for us to work through on the Path of Transformation. The ego is not the enemy (that’s just another story made up by the ego in order to make itself important), it’s simply one of the aspects of the human experience.

As you increase in wisdom and self-worth and taste the freedom and expansiveness that is discovered, you’ll begin to view the ego as a teacher – nothing more, nothing less. At that point, we begin to rise above the stories and illusions and walk forward in courage and truth.

True joy begins within. It is not a by-product of physical attainment or emotional fulfillment. By design, all aspects of life are fleeting by and our power lies in staying balanced throughout it all. Seek your own source of inner strength. All paths are unique and sacred and part of our awakening is to discover our own expression of the Divine and allow it to experience the physical plane through us. Know that each conscious act and decision sends waves of love throughout the Universe and as we evolve, we aid the planet’s evolution as a whole.

Today my intention is to teach by example.

As you change, the world around you is transformed

No matter what challenges may arise, no matter how frightening things can seem, remember that you are loved and guided throughout your spiritual journey on the Path of Transformation. As you discover your strength, you may notice that this shift in energy evokes strong reactions in others – both supportive and resistant – and this acts as an indication of your awakening.

As you begin to react differently to the events of your life, people notice. Often it may in the form of encouragement, hearing others say, “I can’t believe how well you’re handling this” or asking your advice regarding their own life situations. Yet, in other moments, people of a lower frequency may react in jealousy, fear or anger. These perceived negative responses rise to the surface in order to be healed. You have the choice: engage with them in the drama (thus dropping your own vibration down to match theirs) or allow yourself to shine knowing that your presence is sparking an opportunity for growth.

The more you align your energy with the Divine, the more power your words and actions have. Love, compassion, forgiveness, willingness and joy flow through your authentic approach and you do make a difference.

Lower vibrations do not need to be feared; however, you can certainly choose not to place yourself in toxic situations. Sometimes we have a greater impact simply by remaining conscious, demonstrating detached compassion and providing a space in which a transformation can occur. Every moment has something to teach – it’s up to each of us to utilize whatever arises within our experience as a vital and important weaving of our own soul’s light. Whatever you seek will be found.

Today my intention is to live in the light of consciousness.

You are right where you need to be

Endlessly seeking to be perfect reaffirms the limiting perception that we are somehow less than perfect. High ideals can be a distraction on the Path of Transformation. When we week instead to raise our vibration, thus providing ourselves a higher perception and broader viewpoint, we discover additional ways to be in the world and have a greater chance of choosing attitudes and responses that align us with joy.

Can you simply observe yourself and others without judgment or analyzing? There is great beauty in recognizing the incredible potential to which we bear witness. Imperfection is perfect. The unfolding journey is perfect. The act of learning and awakening is the goal. How can we do anything else but cheer one another on?

Weave the intricate tapestry of your future by expanding yourself in love today. You will draw in that which is needed for your souls growth… recognizing the opportunities, teachers, circumstances and laughter that will light your way. Consciousness requires nothing less than a constant state of awareness and intention. Bring your vibration to a level where you are willing to receive and you’ll discover that joy is a magnet.

Today my intention is to be a loving reflection of the peace and Presence in others. As I discover my own potential, I see it awakening all around me.

Releasing the limitation of expectation

People who long to play it safe or attempt to control the outcomes of  live events carry a great deal of turmoil deep within. This nervousness penetrates their facade of joy because the ego knows that it cannot let up its rigid approach; however, sometimes the freedom of spontaneity and vulnerability is just what is required to break free of old patterns.

It’s amazing how difficult it is for many to learn how to go with the flow. We’re taught that struggle and hard work bring success (and granted, what you send out into the Universe through conscious actions and decisions certainly will return) but somewhere down the line, that determination clouded the ease and grace that can easily be embraced.

When we release our attachment to expected outcomes, nervousness disappears, there is nothing to fear and we are able to experience life with an open heart… learning, expanding, opening to infinite possibilities. When we plan too much, we set limitations. Seek higher expression of your heart’s delight, dear one. There are new concepts to explore, friendships to be made and healing to be experienced.

Wholeness brings the possibility of unlimited movement. No matter what direction we choose to go, joy and spiritual maturity create the foundation of our journey.

Today my intention is to honor the energy of hummingbird by drinking the nectar of life and allowing joy to guide me.

This too shall pass

This too shall pass… whether you are enjoying expansion and joyous transition or facing significant challenges, this truth remains. It’s a delight to fully celebrate moments of breakthrough while riding the waves of positive energy; however, it’s also important to understand that everything is cyclical. Beyond the perception of good and bad, there is simply experience.

Share your joy with others and participate fully in whatever the present moment requires. Too often we try to hold on to that which is fluid instead of experiencing what is. Whether we are celebrating or learning, this too shall pass.

The only constant in life is change. We live magnificently within the flow of experience – living, dying, rebirth, expansion. All contrasts and apparent opposites have their part to play and it can be exceedingly helpful to observe the patterns we encounter. Learn to flow with what is without clinging and embrace the transformation.

The quiet pauses allow us to gather our energy for the next moment of movement. Much like the tidal flow of the ocean, the power and healing lies in movement – the highs and the lows blend together to form a natural, mysterious playground of life.

Today my intention is to approach each moment with appreciation and gratitude.

Trusting the process of awakening

The Divine plan is unfolding throughout your life, though it isn’t always predictable. Where would the fun in that be?? Even when clarity eludes you, know that you are being guided in the right direction. in the moment when our plan crumble and we find ourselves practicing and perfecting the art of surrender, know that what remains is more than enough.

Sometimes the events of our lives take us in a direction that seems the opposite of what we desire. Seeing beyond the stories of the ego will open you to the process of faith. With patience and experience we discover that the Universe had a plan that offered greater rewards and joy than we ever expected – the key is getting ourselves out of the way.

The art of acceptance teaches us to trust the processes of our awakening and enables us to walk forward with the least amount of struggle. Allow the circumstances of your life to unfold and seek the blessings that are available for you Now.

Today my intention is to seek to experience life with grace and ease knowing that I am safe and that I am loved, directed and supported each step of the way.

Act with integrity, do your best, accept what is

What kind of gifts will you allow yourself to receive now? Examine the coincidences and synchronicities of your life and view it from the highest possible vantage point. When we take the time to step, breathe and observe, we provide ourselves the space in which a transformation can occur. Those “aha” moments become the gifts of our lives – we have a breakthrough, release something that no longer serves us or simply find our way back into joy.

Remember that there is no such thing as an accident. Life provides the necessary experiences for our growth and every moment has something of value to teach. We are constantly in the space of self-discovery.

With each conscious step forward, you’ll find that your thoughts, words and actions have more power than ever before. For this reason, it’s important that we learn to take responsibility for what we create as we send our unique expression of energy out into the Universe.

Know that each step on the Path of Transformation has purpose. Even though we may not always see clearly, strength lies in the ability to know that all things work to the highest good for all involved.

Act with integrity, do your best, accept what is. Everything else will fall into place as it should.

Today my intention is to align myself with the light, love and laughter of the Universe.

Nothing is more important than your joy

There is nothing more important than your state of consciousness Now and nothing is more important than your joy. In these meditative moments we have an opportunity to set our intention and expectations for the day. The more aware you become of the energy you share with the world, the more personal strength and power you have the ability to access.

If there is unhealed anger within you, realize that you have the capacity for great gentleness. Spiritual growth is an alchemical process – energies are transformed into consciousness and the expression of your choosing.

Notice how the “normal” expectation of life can often be expressed as justifiable anger – advertising wants you to be angry with your body image, home or car so that you’ll constantly feel compelled to fix or change them, politicians want you to be anger with their opponent so they can stay in or take control, humans love to justify war, causes and judgment. So much energy gets wasted by the mechanisms of the mind. It’s easy to become distracted from a higher state of consciousness without consistent spiritual practice.

Find your own way to step outside of limiting expectations. Embrace the power of love which longs to flow through you into every experience. Whether you create sacred space through gratitude, meditation or conscious breathing, know that you inner growth and transformation extends outward and changes the world around you. Such a big concept – that’s why we begin within. Notice your state of consciousness Now and do all that you can to align yourself with joy.

Today my intention is to celebrate love and friendship.

The interconnectedness of evolution

Your energy adds something unique and powerful to the whole. Even though we each walk our own path, there are many who play their roles to perfection in order to help us grow. Everyone has a part to play.

Because of our interconnectedness, there is a spiral of support which flows throughout our lives and in our acceptance of kindness and assistance, we are also helping others. Many believe that one aspect of spiritual growth is to manifest everything on their own; however, older souls realize the value in knowing when to ask for help or provide it understanding that the Universe can work miracles through anyone or anything.

See yourself as Divine light. If there is still any self-judgment, observe it, look past the story and bring yourself back (again and again, if necessary) to acceptance. Grace is yours; however, you must be willing to receive it.

The only difference between a murderer and a master is that they are in different stages of their souls evolution. With greater awareness, we command greater self-responsibility. We learn to see without judgment, walk without being paralyzed by fear and stand in our integrity.

See yourself through the filter of limitless possibility. Imagine each through, word and action flowing out into the Universe with incredible force – only to return ten-fold. It’s time to drop any fear and reach out in love toward one another.

Today my intention is to be willing to receive.