Life is a reflection


You are a powerful co-creator of your own experience.

“When we first meet people, we inevitably see them through the filters of our associations, expectations, and projections. Over time, as the filters diminish, we may feel betrayed or deceived. ‘You’re not the person you were when we first met!’ Of course they’re not – in fact, they never were.” ~Ezra Bayda~ 

There are billions of people on the earth with whom we can play. No matter what your soul is ready to experience, you will draw in the perfect people, circumstances, teachers and lessons to facilitate your spiritual work. At times it can be challenging because the ego wants to thrive through creating struggle; however, the possibility of growth, healing, love and spiritual insight is always there. We have the ability to rise above limiting thought.

As we awaken and move into higher levels of consciousness, we discover the power of intention as well as the subtle but powerful ways that we often sabotage our own efforts. Slow down and take the time to ensure that your thoughts, words and actions support one another.

Those who are stuck in fear or anger trigger the fear and anger of those with whom they come in contact. These energies often collide and wreck havoc in their daily experiences. Conversely, those who choose love draw love into their experience. When you learn how to consciously direct the type of energy you send out into the world, you play an empowered role in your own awakening.

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